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2015 UKHC

by Jean


During the early 2000s, Belgium and Netherlands were kind like a Mecca for Euro hardcore. Bands like NO TURNING BACK or TRUE COLORS, just to name a few, were at their peak and, althought I guess that spirit still exists in all-time NTB audience considering their latest LP “Never Give Up” (released a few months ago on Take Control Records and Kick Out The Jams) and Gert Jacobs (TC) latest band NOT AFRAID, it seems in 2015, England has turned into the epicentre of European conscious punk music especially if, like your (French) servant, you’re into the whole current “concept” of UK Hardcore.
(NB: I’m not a geography teacher so forgive me if these bands do not actually cover the entire United Kingdom map like former punk bands in 1980s Finland for example).

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By Tieuma

I think this band doesn’t need no introduction, but in the case you were living under the huggest rock of all time, check it out there :

DISCLAIMER : This interview is an old one (recorded during UK Edge Day 2012, but it’s never too late isn’t it ?) I wanted to use it for other purposes, but it will go on this website then.

To set things up, the discussion was recorded just after VR show, and I will always remember how Mr.Pimlott looked down at my cellphone (which was my recorder at the time) and said :

Tom Pimlott : “Is this thing’s recording ?”

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure myself.

The picture up there’s from Fluff Fest, where he said “We’re Violent Rection, we’re just a Straight Edge band.”

So, this man is actually the singer of the band but used to be all the band himself on the beginning

T.P : “I started this mainly because where I lived, no one was Straight Edge”

DxR : “Where do you come from ?”

T.P : “A little city from northwest england. I didn’t knew anyone at the time to play with, and I had ideas for couples of songs so I tried it, and it kinda work, I guess”

Well, now signed on Revelation and toured the US, it kinda worked.

T.P : “Now the band have a solid line up for shows, and maybe recording ! Actually we will certainly record an LP next year, but we want to play show as much as we can and as fast as we can. When I first started the band, I didn’t expect anyone to listen to it, now there’s people buyin records and all, it’s amazing”

At the time, the project only had the demo and one E.P released, all recorded/composed by Mr.Pimlott

DxR : “What’s the idea behind Anti-social Straight Edge ?”

T.P : “I just wanted the band to sound mean, not like all those Straight Edge bands who are “posi” or “nice” I just wanted it to be violent and aggressive. It’s the other half of me, like I want to go on the streets, turn violent and kill everyone [chuckles]”

To give you a picture of the “good half”, outside Violent Reaction and offstage Tom is really shy and maybe the nicest guy I’ve met.

Tom also plays drum in Sectarian Violence, an international band, which is kind of ironic since he formed a band alone because there was no one to play with around him.

DxR : “So you play in a band called Sectarian Violence and another one called Violent Reaction, do you have any issue with violence ?

T.P “[laugh] No actually it’s kind of a coincidence since Violent Reaction is named after a song of my old band I used to sing in, which never got released. Actually Sectarian Violence started after I met Pat when he was in Never Again. I didn’t knew the other guys, and they asked me to play, luckily it went on really well. Plus this band takes me less time than a normal band, which is cool, and those guys are all awesome.”

 When you go on the facebook page of the band, everything is just “Fuck you”, which seems to amuse him, even though he said he’d change that, he didn’t (And I think it’s for the best, mean is cool huh).

T.P : “Thank for your interest and hope to tour europe and even more pretty soon. We’re actually trying to set this up with The Flex, crazy bunch of guys”

Well, if only he knew how right he was.

Oh and he also beats the drums in The Flex

Thank you for your time Tom, and see you rocking this Evil cover pretty soon.

And still sorry for my shitty accent though

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