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IMPACT, interview with Ryan


IMPACT’s a brand new band from Staten Island NY which has already recorded their first demo and EP. These two releases sound really different: they came up as a youth crew band (singing absolutely not posi things though!) and now, they sound a bit rougher, they remind me that 90s vibe of NYHC bands. The kind of shit I love!

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Eternal Records & Take One Step.

By Ed


Eternal Records is a new DIY label from Bogor Indonesia with a total Straight Edge attitude and strong HC morals.


They have  just put out Take One Step – Still Carry On,who are again from Bogor.


A lot of heart in this record in my opinion like a lot of these asian youth crew bands its great to see.

Hes a great dude doing this label and puts a lot of time and effort into it so go check it out.



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