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By Ed


If you haven’t checked out Zoom yet you are missing out on some rad shit!

I sent some questions over to Chad and this is what he had to say.

DR: Hi ,do you want to introduce your band and tell us who’s in it, Where you’re from and when it all started?


-Yo im Chad i play guitar. Gene drums, Ritter sings and Dan plays bass. I’m from southern California where the demo and most the LP was written but it truly started when i moved to DC.

DR: The Zoom demo is rad is it souly a  MDR release?  you have a pretty unique sound in my opinion- do you want to tell us about the recording process and who you guys are influenced by as a band?

– Thanks man! We are actually NOT a MDR band but we are def affiliated. Zack distros the tape and John made the insert for me(thanks Johnny) plus they are both huge supporters of the band. The demo was releases on Trash King Productions and the LP will be a split release with Youngblood Records. Recording process was real simple for us. Gene tracked drums in my basement then me and Ritter did our parts at Joint Custody. We are influenced by whole grips of shit man. Anything from Death Side to Bach to The Damned to Cliff Burton to Void its all across the board man. People will understand once the LP drops.


DR: Where did the name Zoom come from?

– The name comes from an unreleased Clash song called “Kill Time”.

DR: Where were some of Zoom’s early shows and who with?

– First few shows were with TUI, Mindset, Stab, Mob Mentality Disengage and our gig buddies Barge among others. Not bad for a start.

DR: What was the main reason behind starting Zoom?


– I just wanted to do a band that perfectly represented myself and stood out from all the other cookie cutter bullcrap out there. No rip off shirts no down tuning no wannabe hard riffs no politricks no ass kissing. Just fast as fuck ripping punk that the kids can vibe on.

DR: Have you had the response you were expecting for the Demo so far?

– Response has def been cool! I never expected anyone to hear Zoom so its cool to know that people dig it. We obviously still prob havent been heard or people dont get it but thats why i like it.


DR: What are your goals with Zoom, and what do you want people to get from the band?

– My goal is to just do whatever the fuck i want musically and give people something to be stoked on and give them something no one else is delivering.

DR: What do you guys do, just hang out?

-Def. Dan and Ritter work together and hang at work eating cool snacks. Ritters got a baby he hangs with her. Gene does Give and he and Ritter own Joint Custody so they always hanging. Im always hanging no matter when i am man im permanent hangout.

DR: I ask every body this but who are you into personally in Hardcore right now?

– Ill just give you my top 5 fav bands right now: Give, Turnstile, The Flex, Fury, Power Trip and fuck it i cant not mention No Tolerance. Also i really vibe on this band from California called Blazing Eye check out their new promo tape it rocks. Also peep the whole NWODCHC all the DC bands they all rock and there is just too many to mention its a huge unstoppable army.

DR: thanks for your time.

anything else you’d like to add?

– Thank you for hittin me up man. To all the people out there: be kind and be yourselves. Zoom 8 song LP will be out in 2015 peace and love to everyone good or bad yall bad mamma jammas need some lovin also 🙂


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