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By Ed


Our very own Nate Bean’s new joint!

The UK has really stepped up on the metallic hardcore front in 2015. Repentance, Renounced and Breaking Point all dropped big albums whilst Digress, Venom Prison and Day Of Rights all emerged with savage demos. You can add Severed to that list. They just appeared out of nowhere with a venomous three track demo entitled ‘Malice’ that draws heavy influence from late 90’s bands like Fear Tomorrow, Buried Alive, early Hatebreed, All Out War and Ringworm.  Have a listen here:  https://severedct9.bandcamp.com/

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Nathan Bean Joins DxR!

By Ed

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Droid Rage Zine has a new crew member for 2015.

Nate Bean!

Nathan has been an active participant in the UKHC scene since the mid 90’s. During his tour of duty he fronted numerous bands of questionable quality (On Thin Ice, Age Of Kali, Rot In Hell, Canaan, The Break In etc), wrote a couple of lousy fanzines and ran a record label. Badly. Since putting down the microphone for good in 2013 he has returned to education and established the multiple nerdgasm that is Corehammer.com. A typical Virgo, Nate enjoys windy walks, competitive eating and Chorus Of Disapproval.

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