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Crucial Records #5 : Infest – Slave

By Tieuma

Dear readers, here’s the new intallment of this serie and I want to give a shout out to a friend who will recognize herself, because she inspired me to review this band. She found some while ago a first press of INFEST’s No Man’s Slave in perfect condition and, as I couldn’t choose between all the bands I wanted to review, it was clear for me I had to do INFEST one day or another.

Though, we won’t talk about the above said records but about ’88 Slave. In the first issue I told you about how subjective those choices could be, and to be perfectly honest, I think this review is a more sentimental one, and maybe if my hardcore education wasn’t link to this records, I would have choose another one, but let’s face it, choosing between all INFEST records is kind of hard, and if my arguments right here don’t convince you, I can totally understand as this review will more look like a fan letter than anything else.

Last note for xTJx : don’t worry, you’re not encroaching on my territory but better look over your shoulders the next few days. Just kidding here’s the review check it out.

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