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The Law Of The Pack : Al Pastor – Strutter

By Tieuma


Everything about THE IMPALERS and their surronding is quite a mistery to me. Every now and then there’s a new side project popping up from nowhere, like MAMMOTH GRINDER and HATRED SURGE (the original bands of the founding members) are not enough. It’s a bit hard to follow, and frankly, they are not the hype type of people, searching infos about them being a real marathon sometimes.

But a will ago, as I was browsing the interweb, I came across of them projects, STRUTTER. As always, I tried to snag infos where I could, but I wasn’t surprised to find litterally nothing, so this time I decided to get my infos at the source, I asked for an interview.

First, I wanted to do a complete interview, to grab everything I could, but I bailed out at the last moment. In fact, this interview is almost too long for this band. Not that I like when bands are hidding themselves, but really, it litterally reflects their mindset, so I left it the way it was. As short as it is, I hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll read below.

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Here’s an interview with Sam, Austin, Texas THE REAL COST’s singer, a young lad which seems to be pretty enthusiast to answer to the following questions and that’s pretty much why I enjoy writing interviews: realizing bands love playing music and chatting with ease about their bands and lifestyles! THE REAL COST is a youth crew band with a fucking old-school vibe and that’s really cool!

By Jean


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