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An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 2.

By Ed


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An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 1.

By Ed


I don’t really think anybody that listens to modern Hardcore hasn’t heard of either Soul Search, Fury Or Forced Order, even Whats Good. So here’s an interview with a dude heavily involved in the Hardcore scene, who’s in two bands that are signed to Rev and with numerous tours under his belt in Europe and beyond…






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Adam Rifkin: Stick Together

By: Ed

New Image

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Adam (drums) from Stick Together to find out they were playing a few shows in Sweden, including my adopted home of Malmö. This was total news to me, as there was little to  no advertising for this show here in the city, on the SWHC Forum (until i posted the flyer) or on the net (as one of the guys from Eisberg was saying). There was a small amount of advertising on a couple of groups for some the other shows in Sweden, but not for Malmö. It was at a venue even one of the local bands had never heard of… a really cool little community center type place with little to no stage, in a total residential area, with a library attached to it and within spitting distance of the prison (which actually isn’t an ugly building). It took me back to some of the 2003/04 shows I attended in Canterbury. UK.  It ended up being a really cool show with all the bands being good. Iron from Malmö were great, as well as Eisberg from Luxembourg/England. Anyway, I thought as the show was coming up I would save the interview until after they had played, as it was my first time to see them as well. The guys were great, pretty tired, but got to talk Hardcore with them for a couple of hours which is, believe it or not, a rarity for me. All in all a great evening, I just hope they have more shows there.


DR: Hi Adam how’s things? Where are you guys currently at?

AR: Hey man. Right now were in Boston for the afternoon. On our way to Maine for a show with DNA and then back to Boston for a show with Into Another and Supertouch. Very excited about the gigs. But I’m also very tired.


DR: Let us in on a bit of ST history,who started the band and where etc?

AR: Well Hoodrack always wanted to do a straight edge band. Hoodrack and I decided to start it together. We then got Justin to play guitar and he came with some songs and then the demo was done. Ned played bass on the demo, but he couldn’t always play with us live and be also wanted to play second guitar. So we got Ryan to play bass on our first tour and he was a good fit so he stayed along. And now. Here we are.


DR: You released No More Second Chances in Dec 2013, how was that received by the fans? I think it’s a great record- lots of substance


AR: Thanks man. Well it’s just the first two 7″s put together so it’s nothing really different. People like having it all on one record though. So it’s cool. I’m excited about our new lp. Hopefully it gets finished soon.

DR: I’d say you have a real Traditional Straight Edge Hardcore sound with that modern twist, who would you liken yourselves to?

AR: When we were writing the demo the plan was to be the 1988 straight edge band from NYC that never existed. So I think it worked alright.

st pic

DR: You just played a few shows in Europe, how was that? And who were you playing with?

Also how do you like the food here?! Haha…

 AR: Yeah. The shows were awesome. We loved it. We played the shows with cold world. We’ve all toured Europe several times before with our other bands before so we were fine food wise. I always enjoy it.

image (11)

DR: What are some of your main Lyrical focuses?

AR: There’s definitely straight edge songs. But I would say we write about things in the hardcore scene that we think are fucked up and just not really right.

DR: Is the writing a group effort?

 image (7)

AR: Hoodrack wrote the major majority of the lyrics. Justin writes a big chunk of the music and I write whatever is left.

DR: What are some of the labels you are affiliated with and that have released stuff for you?

 image (8)

AR: We have released a comp song on Six Feet Under Records. Our first 7″ was put out by Ned on Back to Back Records. And we exclusively put out everything in America through Triple B Records and in Europe through Control Records.

image (9)

DR: What are some of the other bands you guys are in?

AR: I am in Blacklisted, Life of Reilly, Gypsy, and Consolation Prize. Hoodrack is in War Hungry and Disengage. Justin is in Consolation Prize and Disengage. Ryan is in Dead End Path. And Ned is in Title Fight, Disengage, Big Contest, Noise Pet, and 3D.

image (10)

DR: The Straight Edge is a heavy influence in ST so who are some of your favourite Straight Edge bands past and present?


AR: Bold, Unit Pride, Confront, Chain of Strength, Youth of Today, and Integrity when they were a straight edge band.

DR: What are some of the other interests that run through the band?


 AR: We like malls, pretzels, and talkin shit.

DR: Where do you think the biggest Scene is in HC at the moment, East or West Coast USA? There seems to be lots of new bands from both at the moment.

 AR: East coast scene is probably smaller than usual right now. It’s on it’s way back up with. West coast is probably bigger right now. Shows are good out there.

DR: What’s Planned for ST in 2014?


 AR: We’re doing a week in Sweden at the end of May. Playing some east coast shows soon and then playing out on the west coast for the next Destroy LA Fest. Also our new LP should be out soon. That’s about it.

DR: Great Talking with you, anything else you might want to add?

AR: Thanks for the interview. Eat pretzels and listen to the worst rap that you can find.


Black and White photos were sent to me by Adam the others are Iphone 5 pics by me  from Fridays show.

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Stick Together: Sweden Shows May 2014

 image (5)

Stick Together & Eisberg are playing 8 shows in Sweden this month.

23/5 Malmö – Kirseberg Kulturhus

24/5 Jönköping – Kulturhuset

25/5 Göteborg – Skriket
27/5 Örebro – A-huset
28/5 Eskilstuna – Balsta musikslott
29/5 Stockholm – Bergsunds Strand 43
30/5 Umeå – Hamnmagasinet
31/5 Gävle – Gasklockorna

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Soul Search:Dorian Zambrano – Interview

By: Ed


Ive been a fan of Soul Search for around a year. Really like their sound.

Heres an interview i did with Dorian (Drums)By

DR: First off, Introduce yourself.

DZ:  My name is Dorian, and I play drums in SS.

DR: Who is in and does what in SS.

DZ: Omar sings, Aaron & Nick play guitar, Alfredo plays bass and I (Dorian) play drums.


DR: What made you start up? Were you all doing bands before SS?

DZ: Soul Search started in 2010. Pretty much me, Omar and our then guitarist, Ronnie, wanted to start a hardcore band, heavily influenced by NYHC, something that no one was doing on the West Coast. After a few practices, we wrote the demo.

DR: You have just signed to Rev, right? That must be awesome.

Tell us a bit about the new record.


DZ:  It’s crazy man, never thought I’d be on a label with some of my favorite bands. Some of the early Revelation roster is responsible for getting me into Hardcore, and now I get to be part of that label, pretty fuckin sick. Well the record is pretty much done. Me, Aaron & Alfredo were in the studio 3 days last week tracking it. We finished all the music. So now, only thing that’s left is for Omar to do vocals. Hopefully he does that soon. Our first release on Revelation Records will be a reissue of “Nothing But A Nightmare” remixed and remastered with brand new layout and artwork.

DR: Who was putting your stuff out before that?

DZ:  Thick Skin put out our demo 7 inch. Triple B Records put out “Bury The Blame”. We did a compilation 7″ on Flatspot Records. We were on the Americas Hardcore Vol. 2 on Triple B Records. Our “Nothing But A Nightmare” 7inch came out on Back To Back & Closed Casket Activities is putting out the Soul Search/Minus split 7″ that should be out very soon.


DR: what are some of the bands that influence your sound? Past and present?

DZ:  We are influenced by DMIZE, Merauder & Confusion.

DR: Did you guys play UB this year?

What other fests have you played?

DZ: Didn’t play UB this year, but we did play it last year. We’ve played Sound & Fury, Rainfest, This Is Hardcore, Destroy LA Fest & United Blood.

DR: Do you think you will get over to Europe this summer?

DZ:  Hopefully. We are actually trying to come out this year so hopefully it happens and we can actually go through with it. Only thing I’m worried is about promoters not taking us seriously this time around, lol, but I don’t blame them. Every time we’ve canceled Europe, it’s been for a reason beyond our control.

DR: What kinda places do you like to play?

DZ:  We’ll play anywhere.

DR: Who are some of the other HC bands local to you?

DZ: Fury, Forced Order, Disapproval, Whats Good, New Brigade, Enough Said, Stoic Violence, Slammers, Violent Situation, God’s Hate.


DR: Who do you like playing with the most?

DZ:  It’s cool when we play shows with our friends.

DR: What other stuff do you have going on other than SS?

DZ:  I play drums in Forced Order. Alfredo plays bass in Forced Order and guitar Fury. Nick plays guitar in New Brigade. Alfredo & I also play in Whats Good


DR: Thanks Bro anything else you want to say?

DZ:  We got a new LP coming later this year on Revelation Records. Expect us to hit the road pretty hard soon after that

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YOYO T- Soul Vice – Interview

By: Ed


I love finding new awesome Hardcore bands from abroad and I knew YOYO Tome from Tokyo, Japan, had this band  Soul Vice and they had just been signed to Back To Back Records. So I checked them out and actually posted about them around a month ago. I knew I wanted to interview them so I got in contact with YOYO with some questions and I have also been in contact with Tats, the drummer.

Good dudes, good music!


DR: First off introduce yourself,and tell us a bit about how Soul Vice got started?


YT: Hi, Im YOYO-T.

We have 6 members, C.S, Doc-P and me are on vocal, Boo(Gu.), Rebel93(Bass), Tats(Drum)

Member of DOGGY HOOD$, AS WE LET GO and DOMINATE. Therefore SOUL VICE is kind of project band.

When we started SOUL VICE Boo, C.S and I used to talk like g why dont we start new band for pleasure he and invited other homies then officially started.


DR:  So your Name ‘Soul Vice’…You must be big TUI fans?

 soul vice firstshow

YT: Of course we do love TUI!!

Ifm doing Hardcore label which is called BOWLHEAD, released their Japanese edition and conducted Japanese tour. I and them are very good friends since then. So I asked him to put his shout on our first demo. I liked the sound of the words g SOUL VICE so I put the name on the band.


DR:  How is the Hardcore scene in Japan I’m only just starting to get interested in it I don’t think ppl in Europe generally know much about it?


YT: I don’t think so because my homies SAND, DOGGY HOOD$, EDGE OF SPIRIT released from European label. Also they had European tour and got good feedback then. In addition to that NUMB, CREEPOUT, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE often go to American tour and guess they are known in Europe.

On the other hand, 80fs Japanese hardcore akaJapcore has an enormous popularity.  Most of the bands who visited Japan get some JAPCORE records.


DR: You’re on Back To Back now right? How did that come about with them being an American label?


YT: I been good friends of COLD WORLD and TITLE FIGHT because I supported to draw their design for their merchandises. When TITLE FIGHT came to Japan Neil of BTB came together with them and I just hanged out with him. I asked him to release and he answered  The answer made me very happy. We may release something in a few months or within this year.

DR:  Do you have plans to play out of Japan in future?


YT: Not at all so far. We definitely go if we would have a chance.

DR: What’s your favourite subject to write lyrics about?


YT: Not singing about deep meaning. Like chilling song as usual.

DR: You have some pretty cool artwork. I know Chun did you a piece- what other Artists have you worked with?

YT: I designed by myself except for first one which is drawn by CHUNONE. Because I like to design merchandises since before.

And we made long bill hat as double name with my friend who is doing brand called Winiche & Co.h, it was awesome and very satisfied with it.


DR:  What old school Hardcore/punk bands are you really into?


Should never lose STRAIGHT AHEAD as well!!

DR: What do you do when your hanging out not playing music?

YT: Get along together, drinking and having a night out. Party hard every night but very tired hahahaha


DR:  I’m really into Japanese Collectables- one of my favourites being Kinnikuman. Do you guys collect anything like that?

YT: Kinnikuman!! Very good old days!! I used to collect gum figures of Kinnikuman.

Collect nothing special recently. I spent a lot of money for drinking before collecting something hahahaha

DR: What kind of crowds do you like to play to?

YT: It would be great if we can play many different people as much as possible

DR: Is there much Straight Edge Hardcore in Japan?

YT: I Dont so much care who the SxE is because Im not SxE. But there are some SxE guys around me and get along with them


DR: I’m planning on coming to Tokyo in the Summer… what should I defiantly go and do? And where is cool for shows?

YT; You can enjoy Tokyo because a lot of cities and places although very small.

Antiknock Shinjuku is best venue for hardcore show.

DR: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

YT: Big shout out to DroidxRage for giving us this opportunity!! I really want everyone to check Japanese bands because a lot of cool bands in Japan other than us.


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Soul Vice Tokyo Hardcore




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