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by Jean If you’re into Belgium metallic hardcore and H8000, then you must listen to “Worship. Regret”, SKIN CRAWLER’s first full-length release – CD and limited colored “Chaos AD” tape on Kick Out The Jams (very limited) . I received mine a week ago, the same day I received “No Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” limited tape re-issue on Rising Nemesis Records Vinyl & Tape. Perfect soundtrack of the evening; thrash/death metal good vibes melted with hardcore fury. No needs to ramble on that record – you’ll read great stuffs further. I guess if, like me, 2015 is the year you decided to make it up with the 90s metalcore style – because of records like XREPENTANCEX first LP (and pretty much every Carry The Weigth release), GUIDANCE LP, DIGRESS demo or that ARKANGEL re-release (just to name a few) – you must listen to SKIN CRAWLER. It’s not like this record was just a good tribute to some kind of old-fashioned trend now updated: I guess this record is actually brilliant cuz I listened to it like dozens of time in a row on bandcamp the day someone posted it on a Facebook forum, had a break during several weeks and the next time I listened to it again I could’nt help ordering the tape…

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Not Afraid

By Ed


 A few words with Belgium’s Not Afraid.

DR:  First up, you’re a relatively new band, right? Do you wanna tell us a bit about the band and who plays in it, etc?

NA: We’re a hardcore band from Antwerp Belgium and we’ve got Christian on Bass, Gert ‘ssdshirt’ Jacobs on drums, Sike on guitar, Packo on vocals and Stief to the Positief on guitar.


DR:  You have a new record out called Locked Out on React. How was the recording process for that different to your demo? How is it being on/working with React?

NA: The ep we wrote on friday and recorded on saturday and then it got put out on sunday so to speak. We weren’t really committed to it. The LP is a different animal because we took our time writing each and every song all of us together. Plus all of a sudden Filip Powered is committing himself and his ideas to the record so you know he’s going to push it to edge. Also we decided to record with our good friend Krist, in his homestudio. Filip and Krist spent hours discussing the sound of the record as we were spending hours in our practice space. It really was a team effort.


DR: For those who haven’t heard Not Afraid, tell us a bit about your sound ,and also what can they expect from Locked out?

NA: Not Afraid sounds like a hardcore band. You can expect hardcore from Locked Out.


DR: You’re from Belgium- why do you think there is such a huge Hardcore scene there? Like every band plays there- we have almost no shows here in the south of Sweden and Copenhagen…

NA: Well geographically we’re in the right spot so we’ve got that going for us. The scene goes up and down, sometimes there’s no shows at all, then there’s an upswing, etc… The one thing I can say about people in Belgium is that when they put their hearts into something, they’re going to stick by it. All of the people I’ve met during the ’03-’05 era in Belgium still love hardcore, they might be less active in the scene, but it’s up to the youngsters to keep the scene going imo, once you’re turning 30 and you have a family to take care of you have different priorities.


DR: Have you been playing out much? Who with and where have you been playing?

NA: We’ve been playing out an ok amount, we’ve played shows with WildLife, a new band from Belgium, with Blind Authority and The Flex, from the uk, caught in a crowd also, we get around, keep busy.

DR: Do you think you have changed much as a band since the demo?

NA: When people think about Not Afraid, they should think about Locked Out, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing we ever did that mattered.


DR: What euro bands are good right now?

NA: WildLife and Survival both have record coming out on Powered so I suggest you start there.

DR:  Are there any euro zines out there that we need to check out?


NA: Yes! HashTag Hardcore fanzine by our brother Daanslide. It’s like the Push The Limit of this era in hardcore, or like the Town Of Hardcore of Europe.

http://hashtaghardcore.bigcartel.com/  for those people who own a credit card.


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Redemption Denied

By: Ed

 Redemption Denied – from Belgium/The Netherlands is one of the best Hardcore bands in Europe right now.

if you haven’t already  you need to check them out.



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Vigilante 2010 Demo E.P.

By: Ed

Control Records Number 11 will be the Vigilante Demo.



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