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Zineception #3 : Staffan – Law And Order

By Tieuma


Reading the last issue of this serie, a friend of mine pointed out something interesting. I’m always naming those interviews after the last zine or the “most” reknown zine put out by the interviewees. In fact, I  just named it after the zine I knew or read first. It’s all about references, and those are mine.

Law And Order always was a huge influencee for me (maybe some of you have noticed Ahem…), in many aspects and I’m still amazed on the quality of these zines, which can hardly get better ! So after bumping many times into Staffan I finally decided to interview him … Through e-mail. Like I could have made it a long time ago, face to face, but no, I decided to do it the way I despise the most. How inapropriate is that ?

Every time I’m doing those interiews as portrait, I feel like I’m doing an history lecture you know, but don’t get me wrong I just want to pay respect to the people that brought to write stuff about hardcore. Then here lies my tribute to Staffan Chaffey. Again, someone told me it’s a little bit short, but it’s the purpose of the thing, short format for long stories, you know.

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