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PROTESTER/RED DEATH/SHOCK LIVE REPORTS (05/31 @La Scène Michelet, Nantes, France; 06/01 @VOID//BDX, Bordeaux, France)

I’m not used to write such things. I pretty much hate reading live reports on French webzines especially when they deal with hardcore/punk bands or shows because columnists always write bullshit like those you can read on “real” rock & roll magazines, and I’ve never red live reports written in English. The most important thing I want you to know even if I guess you’ve already red the new on Facebook: after the Barcelona gig, PROTESTER and RED DEATH’s tour bus has been robbed. This really sucks, passports and personal effets had been stolen and the bands had to stay one more night in Barcelona to fix things as much as they can. Thanks to MINDSET’s post on Facebook and people’s from all around the world donations they could replace almost everything that has been stolen and keep touring Europe.

by Jean


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FRUSTATION… à la française

Among all the records I recently purchased features KICKBACK’s 2009 latest “interesting” LP, “No surrender”. The title says all… That’s important to me.

inconnu inconnu_2


I just HATE that sleeve – so upset the “Machete” version was only released in CD… But, nevermind, it sticks with the mentality of the band at that time…

“It shouts, but there is no hatred”

Ok, then it would had been nice not to shout homophobic stuffs like “Metalheads are just faggots disguised in tough guys.” (Can’t remember when this sentence was pronounced by their singer…)

Last year, in February, Rod Glacial published for VICE France a really cool interview of the band (the entire version is availiable on his own website FLUO GLACIAL) with awesome archive pictures which PERFECTLY sum up why I just love this band and why you need to read VICE instead of argueing they are just a fucking worldwide hipster morons organization especially when this same author Rod just published a excellent interview of STORMCORE’s singer David and global Rennes (Western France) glory days of metallic hardcore review (including the spirit, the mentality, the dancing, and probably all the shit they’ve been throught since…OH! And I just want to say to Rod that since I’m from Bordeaux, I can’t let him speak of my town with a HUGE mistake (just kidding): this is not “Stoneage” but “Stonehenge” – justice is done!) I invite you to read an english version of both interviews, otherwise what I want to deal with in this column will probably seem ridiculous…



Anyway, as I tried to explain you a few weeks ago in my NYHC article, France hardcore scene – IMHO (maybe what I’m about to write is total non-sense so I already apologize if an older french reader disagree with me) – was much more influenced By 90s NYHC scene, Cleveland’s Holy Terror shit, the emo stuff or Belgian H8000 than old school hardcore from DC or California. Mark my words, I do not speak for people who are 40 and more, but if I stare at an older generation than mine, the 30/35yo, it seems that they were more into the metallic side of hardcore than in the old school days, although they were bands like HEIMAT-LOS from “the outskirts from Paris” in the early 80s…


(my personal HEIMAT-LOS collection)

…or ASPRO 5000 from Bordeaux who, according to an old pal who plays drums in my band, were the very first local band who sounded like MOB 47 or even DISCHARGE!

I remember a few months ago this year, I was hanging in a pub with a friend, drinking soft drinks wearing a CRO-MAGS t-shirt and the owner of the pub (a 40/45 “casual dad”) came to me telling me that back in 1986(?) he attended to a MOTÖRHEAD show in Paris where the CRO-MAGS were opening for them but he’d NEVER listened to the band since or seek some informations about them. I try to introduce him to NYHC, the Krishna thing but a minute later he was already off the hook, dumbass!


I should have told him that if he is (or was at that time) into metal he must have been a SLAYER fan (I hope) and I should have told him about INTEGRITY and then STORMCORE…

In the itw of STORMCORE’s singer I’ve mentionned earlier, David points on a idea I respect a lot cuz even considering the fact we have between ten and fifteen years of difference, we both have felt the same thing considering the impact hardcore music had on us. I’ve been quickly bored to death with the “punk thing”: lousy fucked up kids with fucked up views on society’s weakness – and I still stand for this. I’ve always wanted to go further without being a hardline dickhead, but you have to understand that as a white privileged kid aware of all the injustice reigning in the world because – I have to admit it – I was lucky enough to have great parents who, because of their jobs, are still in touch with social prejudices and discrimination and told me what was REALLY wrong in our western world. When I realized the world wasn’t as marvellous as western society desparately tries to convince us, I felt sooo bad that the only thing which seemed “positive” to me has to be something really cathartic, something I should felt really enthusiastic about. At that time, I wasn’t into sports, but I was already into music. So the choice was really fast. I wasn’t old enough to attend to shows or focused on the TV shit (MCM, MTV, all that crap…) to be INTO the music but I was already able to feel the angst and frustration that other “thugs” were currently living at that time…

Yeah, I’m actually speaking of the impact of hip-hop culture at the very same time, that’s probably the reason why I’ve never been into the punk outfit but more into sneakers, hoodies, caps or (a few years back) the skinhead style…

I still think that, in France, hardcore is a 100% white kids scene and because I used to work with kids from the suburbs as a youth worker I’ve always try to motivate them to find their way listening to hardcore music more than r&b or shitty nowadays TV rap stuffs, but that’s hard!




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