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By Ed



Ecostrike Interview With Lennon (Vocals)

from earlier in the month.

All Pictures by Jeff Lasich

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XREPENTANCEX ” (how to digress)

“The Sickness Of Eden”
CTW Records (pre-order)


To start this review about XREPENTANCEX’s first full-length, I would like to share with you Tom’s opinion – this is shot from his own zine LOW FIDELITY (yeah I’m dealing with Tom from VIOLENT REACTION, ARMS RACE, OBSTRUCT, THE FLEX, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE).


Couldn’t agree more. Plus, I’m not really into the 90s metallic hardcore too. It’s not that I do not like or listen to that kind of music – I think there are awesome bands and subgenres: INTEGRITY/Holy Terror scene, CHOKEHOLD, CATHARSIS, 90s german emo/metal bands such as ACME (just to name one), some H8000 bands from Belgium (like CONGRESS or ARKANGEL – by the way, the first time I listened to “In Violation Of Asa” EP, I thought it was an excellent tribute to ARKANGEL’s first MCD “Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” which is my favorite record from their discography), or french bands from Overcome Records or – my all-time fav’ – KICKBACK!
BUT, “metalcore” also means stupid religious stuffs like those leading to FALL OUT BOY (ürgh) or VEGAN JIHAD (though I like VEGAN REICH’s “Vanguard”…).


Because I’m a curious guy, a few days ago I listened to RENOUNCED “The Melancholy We Hache” LP wich was also released on Carry The Weight Records. DROIDxRAGE co-author Tieuma selected it in 2014 top records. To be honest, I’m not fond of that record. It’s definitly TOO MUCH hah! Mainly because of the umbearable emotional parts. What I like with XREPENTANCEX is that their awesome musical skills allow them to compose just what I want to listen to speaking of metallic hardcore: this is (that’s typical when you deal with that kind of music) a huge tribute to SLAYER’s rythmic guitar riffs (like those featuring in underrated LP “Divine Intervention”), mosh parts are just increasingly efficient… Breaks are just heavy as fuck: I think nobody can’t help thinking of insane 90s moshpit mayhem kinda EARTH CRISIS’s ones while listening to this records. Anyway, starting year 2015 with this record is just soooo cool (beware: I’ve seen a teasing video of DC RED DEATH 1st LP test-press… I think it’ll be damn good).




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