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Real Talk With Nick Woj.

By Ed





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Crucial Records #6 : Cold World – Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First

By Tieuma

Since I grew up during the 00’s, COLD WORLD is a band that I saw coming to life, even though I wasn’t prepared for it in 2004 and couldn’t really appreciate it, as young as I was. The split with STRENGHT FOR A REASON was actually the album that made me discover how awesome the Wilkes-Barre band is. Since that time I started writing zines, or at least trying, and I wanted to do a COLD WORLD review, an interview or anything I could relate to this band.

I think this serie is the perfect place to do it. And I know many of you will get confused considering the records I did previously and how alive is this band. I’m saying that because some people believe if a band hadn’t split, you can cover them or consider them crucial yet, like you have to wait for it to be gone to praise them. Well, I’m gonna serve you with a band that’s alive and well and still kick the shit out many bands and surely deserve to be what I consider to be a crucial band with crucial records.

Now the band have put out a new release, on Deathwish Inc. Already a great records but still the best album they did is, for me, Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First. Let’s figure out why.

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Build And Destroy – Haroun Khan

By Ed


Little Interview I did with Haroun recently.

DR: What’s Up Bro how’s things?

HK – Everything is good my guy. Lots of stuff we’ve been working on is getting ready to drop so it’s a good time for us.

DR: First up tell us a bit about Build And Destroy, when you started, where etc..and who’s involved in that joint?!

HK -B&D started as a demo project in 2010. I just wanted to put out a nasty demo of some hardcore I felt like the Detroit scene was missing.  I already knew ill Will from RZL DZL was gonna play bass. I linked up with the sickest drummer named Mike Jurysta and knocked out the demo on the spot….  He didn’t know the songs. I taught them to him at the studio one by one and he recorded them right as he learned them. Later we linked up with shredder Eric Lauder, Chris Trestain and Robbie Mansel who are all a part of the team.


DR: What are some of the other bands you guys do?

HK – I play in Cold World, RZL DZL along with Will, Violent Minds, Pegasus, Ghoul Gang… Too many to mention.

Will plays in a dope band called Heat Lightning. Mike has a stoner/doom band called Stone Ritual and Eric and mike have a crazy thrash band that’s in the up and coming stages.

Besides that we fuck with rap music.

Rob is a banging producer under the name Black Noi$e. He makes crazy beats and He DJs for pop sensation MIA among other dope artists so he’s killing it. Him and I have a record dropping together soon that’s turning out dope. He has worked with a lot of big names so far and is just getting started.

Eric makes dope beats too and is working on a record with fellow Detroiter Rick Rude on a record called Commerce. It’s Flames.


DR: What have been some epic shows for you so far and who with?

HK -Probably United Blood fest being one of the best. Set was awesome and we retired our Harsh Truth cover there.  We also played with Andrew WK in Detroit and shit got really wild.  This Is Hardcore is def up there too


DR: What ever happened to the Map Of The Heavens EP?

HK – It’s actually done and being sent to the press as I type this. It’ll be out in the next few months. How ever long it takes to get pressed. It Turned out cool and we’re excited to drop it. Wanted to add a couple surprises on it for making people wait so long.

DR: So do you have anything new in pipeline?

HK – We’re writing for an LP right now. We wanna move quickly after taking so long with the 7″.  We’re in our groove now and feel a lot more confident. I think this LP will be some of the best stuff any of us have done. Continue reading

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Snails Pace – Demo 2014



New Lockin Out Stuff from Wilkes Barre/Boston featuring members of Cold World,Mental and Free Spirit.



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Cold World @ Aladdin Jnr 5/29/12

By: Ed


I recently did an interview with Andrew Kline and he hooked me up with some awesome pictures by Dan Rawe.

I later contacted Dan who basically said I could use whatever pictures I wanted for future posts.

So instead of using lots of random pictures, I picked a band, Cold World, from their set at the Aladdin JNR 5/29/12.












The pictures focus on Dan (Vocals) and Arthur (Guitar)



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War Hungry- Arthur Rizk Interview.

By: Ed


I wanted to interview Arthur as he is heavily involved in Hardcore and Metal, with both playing and producing music.

DR.Hey bro how’s things.

What have been up to recently?

A: Things are sick as they’ve ever been.  I’ve been on life vacation just mixing records and relaxing.


 “vietnam” by alex Cold World tour 2012

DR. What Do you play in WH and have you been with them from the start?

A: I joined WH in 2008 and have written everything since the bad seed 7″ with Mook.  I play guitars.

DR. WH have some new stuff in the pipeline do you want to shed some light on that?

A: Busy at work on a new Tape.  We will be releasing that and a new tshirt online at some point this year.

image (1)

DR. Your in a couple of other ..let’s say ‘known’ Bands, do you wanna tell us a what bands they are and what your deal is in them?


lockinout.”hamburg, look at my flag” by  arthur Power Trip tour 2013

A: The few relevant to this zine would be Cold World/RZL DZL/Power Trip/Pegasus

With Cold World I have been doing world tour guitar shit for the last 3 years.  I just finished recording a guitar solo for the new record which is literally being sent to DEATHWISH for production as I speak to you. LOOK OUT FOR THAT

RZL DZL I am drums or guitar depending on where we’re playing.

Power Trip I do occasional world tour guitar shit.

Pegasus is all Cold World members with the exception of DFJ from Rival Mob.  I play guitar along side my best bud Haroun from RZLDZL/COLDWORLD.  We have some new material and will probably be releasing a tape later this year. LOOK OUT FOR THAT

 image (3)

DR.you Produce some stuff, right?

What bands are you producing at the moment and where are the studios at?

A: This year was a big year for me I produced my favorite current band INQUISITION.  The record is called “obscure verses for the multiverse”.  I also produced the Power Trip LP “Manifest Decimation”.

Both records were some of the best received albums of 2013. I am very proud of both records.

I am mixing south american underground cult black metal band “GOAT SEMEN” right now.  They are fucking sick, black metal and death sentiment with true metal spirit and ass-stomping hard riffs.

Next week I start recording PRURIENT, a legend among the noise community. He is a trendsetter of sorts and people playing this style music usually pose on what he’s doing or has done. So we are working against the grain to make something unfamiliar to the listeners.


“4xl cat” by hannah Title Fight tour 2013

DR. Your into Metal… I’m trying to Find some new stuff to get into. what’s good in metal at the moment?

A: I am a huge classic heavy metal fan and right now there are a lot of great things happening. Iron Age frontman Jason Tarpey has a project called “Eternal Champion” that is along the lines of Manilla Road.


Brenden Radigan and DFJ of The Rival Mob just did a tape called “Stone Dagger


COBRA – To Hell LP




DR. What’s it like being in a few Different Bands Style wise and with Touring you must be mega Busy.

A: Its fucking awesome, I am so busy.  One week I am doing live sound on a Title Fight tour and then the next week I am playing guitar in Power Trip in Europe.  This year I am taking less touring offers to work on producing music.

 image (4)

DR. How was The Recent Power Trip Tour? where was your favourite place to play over here as it was their first time out?

A: Sometimes we would would have a badass show and a shitty town or an amazing town with a shitty show.  Stockholm was pretty badass all around with an amazing record store down the street from the venue and a sick show.  HelsinkiFinland (WITH RANGER) was the best show overall and St Petersburg comes in second.


DR.who are your all time favourite hardcore bands and Metal bands?

A: Leeway is my fav hardcore band because Desperate Measures bridged the gap between metal and hardcore for me and changed the way I listened to ALL music.

Death and Iron Maiden are my favorite bands because I’ve been jamming them forever and never get sick of them.  They have such a wide range of material with different sounds and different musicians but have always stayed true to metal.

DR.is there any new RZL DZL stuff on the horizon?

You need to Tour over here in Europe they are mega popular here.

 image (2)

A: RZL DZL only talks to approved press.  Lets just say 5 big things are happening this year.

DR.what do you do in your down time?

A: When I’m not playing guitar I’m usually acting like a greasy trailer park boy.

DR Thanks Arthur Any last words?

I’m on instagram @SALOMONSGATE to keep up on all of the topics discussed.

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