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Control 2016 Promo

By Ed



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Can’t Shut Us Out : Jonny Payne – Control

By Tieuma


You know it, everyday there’s a new band popping up to remind you that UKHC is on top. Every band is putting killer records after another and it doesn’t seem they will stop that soon. They’re playing USA and left mainland where it was.  And to top it off, they even named themselves the New Wave Of British Hardcore. Just so you know they’re running the game.
But there’s plenty of other bands coming from the UK that aren’t linked with the New Wave. I’m thinking about bands like GETS WORSE, CLOCKED OUT or PERSPEX FLESH amongst others, who I think are still great bands for example and are a bit underrated. I know, you will say it’s not the same sound and maybe you’re right. But aren’t they bands whom helped UKHC to be where it is? Maybe they don’t do it the “right way”, I don’t know, I’m not living there and only know what I’m seeing through zines/sites.
Anyway, in this category of unknown-bands-that-shouldn’t-be, there’s also Durham’s own CONTROL. I did a little interview with their singer through mail, and I’m glad Ed got me in touch with him. Check this out

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