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Jack Move

By: Ed

Toads cropped

band pic N&B

The Jack Move Demo is one of my favorites of 2014 so far and I find myself  being interested in all of Remi’s new projects.

I’d been following the progress  of JM  for some time and talking to Remi about doing a post about the band.


DR: first up when/ where did you start Jack Move?

We started Jack Move at the end of 2012, at that time we were jamming as a 5 pieces, but Chris, who also sings for Krigskade (shout-out to him) was finally not able to make it due to his busy schedule so the 4 of us continued that way.

DR: who’s in this band and what former bands was every one apart of?

Simon (Guitar) and I (Guillaume/Microphone) used to play in a band called Money Time with Alexis from Straight & alert/Raw Justice. Julien (Drums) used to play in the Paris Legends Get Lost and Last Quiet Time. Finally Remi (Bass) is currently playing in an obscure band no one gives a shit about, called Cut Loose.


DR: The demo tape is boss! Were you guys happy with it? I’m pretty sure it’s sold out now dude well done.

Glad you dig it man, it’s truly appreciated ! To be honest, it was not easy to get that specific kind of sound, I guess people (especially our sound engineer) are not used to that kind of Sound/Production. We sent him a few records we liked like the Justice Demo but he was not able to catch the exact sound we wanted. It was always too clean for us like a mix between Hatebreed and Korn.


Then we gave him the last Power Trip LP and told him: “Listen to the voice, that is something like that we need”, he just pushed the reverb to the max and here it is. I guess we are pretty happy with it, for a demo recorded in a little bit less than 2 days in a basement it sounds ok.


The Tapes are not sold out for now but we are close to it, I think we only have 6 or 7 left and Straight & Alert should have about the same amount, maybe less. So we will still have a few copies at the shows but not for long !


DR: How many shows have you played now and what bands have you been playing with?

We played only 4 shows until now. We played with the Mongoloids, Wrong Answer, Timeshares, DIG and few others locals bands, nothing too big at the moment.


DR: JM’s Style is my favourite kind of Hardcore,do the French kids really go off to that Crunch,Mosh style of Hardcore?

Not really, in France most of the bands play Beatdown or bad NYHC. If you play fast hardcore or do not play some kind of metal shit you’re a Punk (Something we are happy with !). But some people recently came to talk to us, telling us it’s cool to hear that kind of sound, it gives

us hope.


I am pretty sure we know almost every person in France who might be interested in that kind of sound, most of these people are “older” guys that were there when Youth Crew was hype (97/2000). Jack Move is more of a “by Friends and for the Friends” kind of band.


Kids don’t seems to get into hardcore by listening to punk or old school stuff nowadays (at least if they follow the same path as mine, but I am pretty sure I am not that far from the truth), they get into Hardcore by listening to Terror, Hatebreed and that kind of bands, so they need time to dig deep enough to check the bands we love and replace all the embittered old guys we are ! But we see more and more young faces at the shows, we see more and more people we used to see only at Metal or “Big” shows coming to smaller shows, singing along to Rotting Out and what not.


DR: Who came up with that Turtles Artwork For the Demo? It’s gnarly

Does it look like turtles to you ? If yes then Remi did it wrong ! (So now you know who came up with that stupid idea). It is supposed to be Toads ! Remi is a retro gaming nerd and came up with this idea to use this BattleToads visual. We thought it would be funny to put frogs on a shirt for a French band, but if it looks like Turtles then I guess the joke is a total failure…


DR: who would you say are big influences in JM’s Style?

Our main influence is the Boston Scene from the early 2000’s and everything that came out on Lockin’out Records at that time: Stop & Think, Righteous Jams, Mental, Crunch Time, Jaguarz… They really had their own sound ! Today, when you say “I want to play NYHC”, it means nothing and everything but when you say “I want to do some Boston 2K Jams”, everybody knows what you want to do.


We can also add Bands such as Lights Out, More To Pride (that is where our name comes from), and a bunch of 80’s Bands especially the NY Scene.

DR: are you guys thinking about doing an EP or anything for JM?


We’re planning to return to the studio before this summer, maybe for a EP, we already got some stuff ready but we still need some more materials, some people are searching for the light, we are searching for the perfect break ! Do not expect anything different than the demo, you would be disappointed !

DR: and any tour plans?


Not really, we all got full time jobs that make hard to set up a real tour for now. I guess it will be more “elongated week-end trips” than a proper tour. We would be more than happy to play anywhere, Promoters, if you dig the sound, get in touch !


DR: What are you personally listening to right on?

Guillaume: we all have various tastes in music beside hardcore, in my case these times I mostly spin old things like Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Indecision, Tear It Up, Mental, Zeke, Weezer… For the more recent things I got into I can name Inquisition (US black metal), Maraboots (100% french oi with a sax), Nails (todd jones is a genius), the Flatliners, and I really dig the demos of Nightrunners, Red Death and Freedom, they’re are fuckin’ rad.

Simon: I listen to almost anything I can get my hands (and hears) on (and most of the time really shitty stuffs..). The last Hardcore/Related stuffs I spent more than 10 minutes on were the Afflictive Nature 7” (they got some really ignorant breakdowns), the Machette EP (a French band of “older” guys, they play some metalic hardcore influenced by 90’s Death Metal/Hardcore and 80’s Horror Movies, give em a try, it is worth your time !), Ego Trip from England, if you are looking for a band that understood everything about Boston Hardcore, it is Ego Trip ! Then outside of hardcore I really liked the new Diamond Youth EP, I listened to the new Kaaris CD a little bit too much since it came out (THE French Rapper these past few weeks) and I am stuck on the new Schoolboy Q LP, the guy is high !

Remi : I stayed faithful to the Boston Scene, listening to old and current shits. Triple B stuffs such as Intent, Big Contest, Our Side (really digging this one). I often check Lockin Out Records, I am still expecting a possible LP of God (I mean Rampage). I can’t wait for the next World War 4 material too. In other styles, I regularly listen to Turnstile, Power Trip, Ancient Heads, Hounds of Hate. There are many more of them but that’s the bands that cross my mind right now.

 Photo 29-01-2014 19 48 43

Julien: Outburst, Foo Fighters, Anthrax, Ensign, Bitter End, No Warning, Killing Time, Know your Enemy, Lone Wolf, Cut Loose, Strike Back.

DR: Safe Man! Anything you might want to add?

Thank to you to give a shit about us and to let us speak our minds,

I know France is not the dreaming place for Hardcore fans (I am pretty sure if you ask people about France and Hardcore, 90% of them will answer: “Kickback” (and they are damn right) or Cordier Street).

Come to visit us and don’t be afraid to look out for shows in France (and not only Paris, a lot of people book shows here and there and most of the time they are more open minded and less jaded) and they will be more than happy to set up a show for you.

Finally, Here is a little name dropping to let the DroidxRage readers check those bands, we got some decent shits for everybody here so if you don’t know what to do for the next 5 minutes, try to google those names:

Cut Loose, Raw Justice, DIG, Hightower, Lion’s law, Lodges, Syndrome 81, Mad At The World, Wank For Peace, Backboned, Shock, Youth Avoiders, Short Days, Night Stalkers, Krigskade, Machette, Lasting Values.

 Photo 29-01-2014 19 46 12

peace JM

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Cut Loose -Interview with Nico G!

By: Ed


I’ve wanted to talk to Cut Loose since the first time i heard them, so i started talking to Remi who plays bass and is also in Jack Move. He sent my questions over to Nico G (Vocals), as he said his English wasn’t good enough (haha, it was fine in the emails!) so here is what Nico said:

DR: hey ……how is everything at present?


NG: Everything’s fucked up man. It’s Kali Yuga. Time to cut loose!


DR: where and when did cut loose start?


NG: Cut Loose started in 2013 inParis


DR: Tell me who Everyone is and what they do?

are you all from The same area or are some of you from elsewhere.


NG: This is Nico G., singer. I live in eastern France at the moment but we all know each other from the Paris hardcore scene. Nico B. plays the guitar, Remi the bass and Ben is drumming. We all have jobs and we’ve all been going to shows for fifteen years.


DR: what’s your favourite place to play shows,and where was the last show you played and with who?


NG: We only played a couple of shows so far, in small clubs and that’s the way we like it.
Shout outs to Raw Justice we played our first show with, and especially to Alexis who put out our demo tape last summer. Our last show was with Rotting Out in Paris.


DR: Are you pleased with how the Tape worked out?


NG: The tape did pretty well. It’s long sold out now.


DR:  What kind of hardcore did you grow up on,what are favourite Hardcore bands?


NG: Speaking for myself, I found out about hardcore with nineties bands but the very first band that got me into it was Minor Threat.


DR: do you ever cover any songs,what bands do you like to hear covered at shows?


We’ve been covering Cro Mags and Warzone. We’re gonna cover Floorpunch & early SOIA in the future.


DR: what do you think about reunion shows,and who do you want to see?

NG: I personally think it’s great as I was 6-7 years old when all the youth crew bands where playing, and I’m happy to watch bands that influenced tons of hc kids over the years. Thanks to reunions, I was lucky enough to see YOT, Insted, GB, COS, Judge… even Negative Approach! I’m happy that Minor Threat will never get back together though.


DR: ppl never used to really give euro bands any props what do you think about that, I think the stuff coming out of europe is as good as or better than American Hardcore at the moment.


NG: America’s still where it all started and there’s a particular feeling to it when you go to shows there. However there are great bands from all over the world. Just as there are much better punk bands outside the UK now.


DR: whats your favourite era of Hardcore?

NG: We’re all pretty open minded I guess. I’m into old school to new school. But only Ben’s the real metalhead of the band.


DR:  Tell us about what other bands you have been in?

NG: We’ve been into all kind of different bands over the years including Get Lost, Providence, First Failure, Black Spirals to name just a few.


DR: what do you look forward to from cut loose?

NG: Having fun together no matter what.

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