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Uriah Thomas – Dead End Path

By: Ed

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I recently bought some records from Uriah, so i thought i’d take the opportunity to ask him a few things about his band Dead End Path.

The pictures are from a tour DEP did with Daylight and Basement.

DR: So what’s up? Tell us a bit about yourself and the current line up of DEP and when you got started?

UT: What’s up man. I’m currently working the graveshift at my job. It’s 5:30 and I’m answering these questions.
Anyway the current line up of Dead End Path is pretty much the same line up we started with and toured with for the majority of our time together. Jason, Ryan, Foose, Maddog and Myself. Frank plays with us when we can. We started because we all wanted to play shows and maybe travel and put out a record or two. It’s surreal.

DR: You’ve just been on tour with Title Fight, right? How was that, what did you get up to?

UT: Yeah, Dead End Path has done two full tours with Title Fight. We did the “Shed” tour in 2011 and we did the “Floral Green” European tour in 2013. Not to mention countless shows with them and all of their affiliate bands. They’re very close personal friends of ours and have supported our band from day one. They also happen to be one of my favorite bands so being able to see them soo many times it’s really cool to me. Conflict of interest but I also (occasionally) am employed by them but that’s boring.

DR: How many releases do you have out now? And who’s putting your stuff out at present?

UT: We have a demo, a 7″, an LP and a soon to be released 2nd LP. BBB records has put out everything we’ve done up and including our first LP.

DR: Who writes the music for DEP?

UT: Ryan and I do most of the writing but it really is a collaborative process. I’m an idea man, I have a lot of ideas and like to explore them fully when it comes to dep. Ryan is an incredible musician and can take any half-realized idea I have and turn it into a part for a song. From there, everyone else adds their own touch. Everyone contributes riffs, ideas and parts. There is no sole song writer in the band.

DR: What Bands really influenced DEP, past and present?

On the demo it was what you probably would expect: Outburst and Breakdown but also All Out War and obviously Merauder. Cold World also had an influence early on.

For the 7″ it was Alice In Chains, Crowbar, Burn, Cro-Mags. We started to expand our sound slightly but it really wasn’t that much of a departure.

On “Blind Faith” we took all the influences above and started adding elements of Japanese hardcore, Metallica, Helmet, Leeway and Crumbsuckers.

For our new LP we completely started over from scratch. Everything is darker: lyrics, music, vibe. Everything. It’s very very dark and morose. Musically, it’s heavily influenced by Bastard, Discharge, Bathory, Death, Carcass, New Order, The Chameleons UK and Hum. Very dark and spacious. Skitsystem, Napalm Death, Sabbath and Smashing Pumpkins sneak their way in there. We took Integrity’s approach by mixing Japanese hardcore with metal and dark imagery.

DR: What made you start a band and
what keeps you interested in Hardcore to keep doing it/being involved?

UT: I knew I had to see the world through a different perspective. I don’t even mean that in a travel sense. More like I wanted to see how different life could be outside of Wilkes-Barre, PA. The timing was just perfect and we got lucky. As far as being involved goes, at this point it’s just second nature. Going to shows and being a part of that community is a part of who I am.

DR: What really bums you out about the Hardcore scene?

No comment. Lots and lots. But I’m also thankful I made the discovery and got to experience all that I did.

UT: What have been some of your most memorable shows so far?

I was just talking to Foose before about this. We only played a small handful of shows in 2013 and none yet as of 2014 so the ones most recent are the clearest in my mind. Our first hometown show in over year at the TF 10 year shows comes immediately to mind. Playing in front of 800 people, on the same show as Justice and Title Fight was surreal. That and the “Blind Faith” record release show. Unreal line up and a perfect experience. I hope the best shows are yet to come though.

DR: What kind of thing do you do for a job and how does that effect touring?

UT: I work the graveyard shift at a casino as a valet. As far as it’s affect on touring, we decided awhile ago to take time off and focus on being human for awhile so it doesn’t really have an impact on the band. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

DR: Black Flag Or Misfits?

UT: The Misfits. Perfect hardcore punk music played by demons. Still one of my favorite bands.

DR: Ok dude thanks for the interview. Anything you would like to add that we haven’t talked about?

UT: Thanks for doing this man. And for reading if you read it. We have a new LP coming out the late Spring of 2014. Shout out to Nails and Bad Seed and War Hungry.

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