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Nicholas Worthington – Public Domain

By Ed



I have been wanting to post this for a while now.

It’s another interview from the first print issue of Droid Rage and one of the first I did when starting it up.

Public Domain are based out of Austria but fronted by Englishman Nick Worthington,

who, as it happens, was the singer in the mind blowingly awesome UK band, Dead Swans.

DR. Hey nick how’s it going?

Tell us a bit about public domain,who’s in the band where it all started  what you sound like?

Hey, I’m all good just on my lunch break. PD started in the winter of 2012, I mean we were talking about doing a band for some time before then but it all started around that time, I was first hanging out with our guitarist paulo in vienna and we went along to a party where i met mickey for the first time ‘bassist’, We just talked about skateboarding and the music we were into etc, it just seemed like a good idea to get something going, Ive started a lot of bands at 3 in the morning at house parties but this one seemed to work out,  paulo has another band called Lorraine in which Willem played drums in, so we got things together quite quickly, coincidently Robbie from dead swans also moved over here too to be with his girlfriend, so it was a no brainer to have him in the band. As far as sound goes, The bands fast with hard breaks, there has been quite a lot of progression since the demo, structurally its still the same we just take more time with the new material. i don’t know what to say as far as comparing to other bands, I will attach a download to link to this interview and people can make there own judgments.

DR. Where does PD  Draw influence from then?

PD Flyer

We all come from different backgrounds of the hardcore punk scene but i’d say the main influence on this band is skateboarding, it’s something we all grew up with and still do everyday, well i can definitely say thats why we’re a band. musically for me i always like stuff like Striking distance, Tear it up, LIfe’s halt, No justice. but that’s just me.

Public Domain

Public Domain

DR. I’ve seen a couple of mini vids on the web of live PD shows it looks like kids are feeling you guys how have the first live shows been?

Well so far we have only played two shows, a lot of our friends come out and support us which is rad, but yeah its too soon to say, we’re just having fun with it. At our first show with the Flex we played the five songs on the demo and we covered right brigade by bad brains, the set was probably less than ten minutes long. we have more songs now so its a little longer, but yeah people seem to dig it.

DR. I know you work in a skate shop but is there any plans for future tours?

Yeah i do, to be honest i don’t really think we will tour with this band, we will do weekenders and small strings of shows for now and see how things go, but that’s good enough for me. we’re all working and don’t have that much free time between us right now, but who knows, things could change.


DR. How is working in a Skate shop while being a very active Skateboarder and singing in a active Band while keeping it real at home etc?

I just dont have time for so much stuff I want to with work and stuff.

It sounds like a lot more than it is, I’m only in the skate store/warehouse between 3 and 4 days a week i skate whenever i get the chance if I’m not hurt, although this time of year its too cold and there are only 2 or 3 places you can go and which are only open at limited times, so if it does not fit in my schedule then i just don’t skate…it sucks. and with the band we try to practice at least once a week, it does not take up a lot of time at all. I probably spend at least half of my time at home with my girlfriend cooking, chilling out and forcing her to watch movies she hates.


DR. How is the skate scene in Austria along with the punk/hardcore scene?

I used to live/work in Austria and I know tons more bands play shows there now there wasn’t much going on when I lived there apart from snowboarding and a big party scene

I personally think it’s really great, compared to what i was used to back in England. I’m not putting it down i’d be skateboarding regardless of whatever state the ‘skateboard scene’ was in or where ever i was living. I just get super pumped leaving the flat each time to smooth streets throughout all of vienna, tons of spots and parks. I have been here for around 2 years and i still haven’t seen all the spots, there is always stuff to find, that’s what i love about it. Some locals will always say how things suck and compare what we have to what they see in videos, you will always have a couple of those types in your city, I just think the’re not looking close enough at what they have.

The punk and hardcore scene here is ok, quite a few people putting on shows at the moment, vienna has some cool bands too check out Demonwomb and Black books if you get the chance. The party scene is still the same i guess, ridiculous drinking hours, and shitty music, I don’t really go out much anymore, its just not worth it


DR. I know it’s old news but let’s talk about the last Dead Swans  last Shows in LDN I never got to go to either one but a few friends did and I also saw loads of pics how was the vibe for you? Was it kind of sad to say goodbye to dead swans as they were a popular and killer band? Also was it sheep who set those shows up?

He’s like the busiest man on earth 

It was a good way to end it all. We put on both of the last shows ourselves, well Pid sorted most of it out actually. Sheep was there though, we got his old band ‘honor among thieves’ to do a reunion and play both the shows, The first night was in the old blue last in london. That one felt like old shows in London, I’m glad we did it. Then we played the garage the next night, it was sold out. All of our friends and families came out for us, it was really overwhelming. I had spent a lot of time before dwelling on the past and everything we went through over the seven years being a band together, so on the night i was in a bit of an odd mindset, but as soon as we were on stage and i heard the feedback i snapped out of it and it just felt like how it always did. Despite having busted ribs from a skate slam a week before it felt fucking good playing, although there was a slight sadness in the room. I guess we were having too much of a good time to take any of it in. After we played i was looking for my girlfriend and my family at this point i could barely stand straight because of my ribs and a busted eye ‘thanks sheep’. By this point the night had really settled in on me, i remember  people coming up and talking to me after when i was completely speechless and just trying to catch my breath. I was just so happy to see all my old friends nothing else really mattered, i know a ton of people travelled for that night and i don’t ever remember saying thank you, so anyone maybe picking this up, thank you, it meant the world to us.

DR. How was it being on Bridge 9 For Dead Swans  was it just business as usual? It’s just some bands now on certain labels can just do there bands with selling merch and playing shows and not even have to have jobs.

It was cool being a part of bridge 9, they helped us a lot over the time we were on it. they take good care of the bands they work with.

When we were touring full time with DS none of us really worked we just did what we could when we were home, scrape together what money we could for the next tour. Some bands make far too much merch, i guess if you can pull it off, then why not, huh? its just not my bag.

Dead Swans (2)

Dead Swans

DR. What’s Regularly played on your IPod Pre/mid skate . What kind of stuff do you play while at the shop?

I usually leave it on shuffle all the time, when I’m skating i listen to a lot of chilled stuff like Cat power, Mazzy star, if I’m listening to hard stuff i always hurt myself. Depends on the session, but recently i have had the new Russian circles record on a lot, it’s great. When I’m at work its usually stuff like Seaweed, Pegboy, Face to face…

DR. Is there any bands your really feeling at the moment and want to see play a show in your area ? I know for  me there’s tons but no one really plays shows near here  a little in the summer but I don’t think any in winter. 

I’d like to see over here: Beware, The rival mob, Nothing, My mind has literally gone blank…hmmm With reunions popping up all over the place i’d like to hope the Nerve agents get convinced into playing some shows…someone sort that out.

Dead Swans last show

Dead Swans

DR. What other general stuff are you up to at the moment? Hobbies etc? 

Other than skateboarding, the band and work… I guess i spend quite a lot of time in the gym. I was originally going there for my ankle after i destroyed it a couple of years ago and now i just like going, it helps me sleep and when i can’t skate as much in winter it’s cool to be doing something physical. Other than that, just living life.

DR. So you guess just released a demo right?

Yeah pick it up here http://publicdomainskatepunks.bandcamp.com/album/demo It should be free, just click buy and type in 0.

we’re writing at the moment for our next recording. We have about half of it done, we are aiming to get it out by early 2014 so keep your eyes open.

Dead Swans

Dead Swans

DR. Any last words?

Don’t compare yourself with others, you have no idea what their journey is about. Stop thinking too much it’s alright not to know…Go skateboarding

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