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Real Talk With Nick Woj.

By Ed





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Conversation With Death : Jacob Henderson – Bitter End

By Tieuma
Climate Of Fear by BITTER END might be one of my key records. Despite it’s one of the few tough-souding records that doesn’t sound that tough, it has also a lot to say, in an really smart way. I think I went through it a lot of times and I still enjoy it a lot. For a while, I didn’t heard much news of the bands, playing shows here and there and posting a picture from time to time. At some point I even thought it was over.
And then they announced they were hitting studio to record some new songs, and damn I couldn’t wait for this record to see the light. At the same time, I was a bit worried, because I loved their previous work so much I was expecting a lot out of this new release. Well, I got to say I wasn’t disapointed. It might not be on the same level as Climate Of Fear, it’s one of my favorite record of this year, and without hesitation.
For me it was an opportunity that they released this new records, so it gave me a good reason to interview them, since I wanted to do it for a while but wasn’t very inspired to be honest. But now this problem is solved and I made the step forward to do it. I just want to raise a point though, that suprised me frankly, is when I tried to get in touch with them, someone from Deathwish.Inc answered to me (Stephanie Marlow, shout out to you if you scroll through this). I’m not a journalist or so and dealing with a third party for an interview is kind of unusual to me, in fact I never experienced it, and I don’t know what to think about it but at least I can say I did it the “pro way”.
Aside Stephanie, Jacob, one of the band’s guitarist, is the one who answered the proper interview. Enjoy and if you haven’t yet, listen to this record because it’s a damn blast, period.

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Crucial Records #6 : Cold World – Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First

By Tieuma

Since I grew up during the 00’s, COLD WORLD is a band that I saw coming to life, even though I wasn’t prepared for it in 2004 and couldn’t really appreciate it, as young as I was. The split with STRENGHT FOR A REASON was actually the album that made me discover how awesome the Wilkes-Barre band is. Since that time I started writing zines, or at least trying, and I wanted to do a COLD WORLD review, an interview or anything I could relate to this band.

I think this serie is the perfect place to do it. And I know many of you will get confused considering the records I did previously and how alive is this band. I’m saying that because some people believe if a band hadn’t split, you can cover them or consider them crucial yet, like you have to wait for it to be gone to praise them. Well, I’m gonna serve you with a band that’s alive and well and still kick the shit out many bands and surely deserve to be what I consider to be a crucial band with crucial records.

Now the band have put out a new release, on Deathwish Inc. Already a great records but still the best album they did is, for me, Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First. Let’s figure out why.

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