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I’d like to thank Klas from GIVE TODAY for sending over TIME TO HEAL bandcamp!
This is some really ORIGINAL YOUTH CREW from Stockholm, Sweden. I was really happy to discover them and I wish to listen to a lot of bands like this one in a near future!


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COMBATANT 2015 demo came out fall 2015 and I wasn’t able to cop one of these awesome tapes back at the time, to be honest I just ordered a copy from S&A because I got in touch with Tyler who sings in the band and it reminds me that I did not own a copy yet. This is a tape I really like. This is definitly some kind of straightforward hardcore punk for those who share the same tastes than me, these six songs are sharpened as fuck and without compromise, with an old school vibe. I was pretty curious about what Tyler could tell me about his band because there’s not much info on the Internet, hope you’ll like this!

by Jean


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@chrisxcreations interview!

Here’s another interview for this column inspired by the people I follow on Instagram. Meet Chris X, you probably have already listened to (BURST OF RAGE, NYC VELOCITY, LIBERTY, COUNTDOWN…) but he’s also a very talented graphic/visual artist, and that’s the main reason why I decided to ask him a few questions about his work and lifestyle.


By Jean

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