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Face Aggression : Ace – Break Away

By Tieuma


One of the piece of merch I want the most might be the Youth Crew 88 shirt by YOUTH OF TODAY. Aside how critical I can be about this kind of hardcore I love so much, well I do love it a lot, and all the sketchy side linked to it too. Let’s face it, there’s something really conservative in this type of music, with the attitude and what’s linked to it, the fact it screams for changes but it still comeback to be the same things done by the same type of people, the violent mosh and the violence at shows that began somehow there, the collector factor, that made a JUDGE records the most expensive record of Discogs.

But I can’t deny all the positive sides it brung. First of all, The Straight Edge, and it’s already a huge thing. Even though I’m more close to a 90’s uber PC vision of it, FLOORPUNCH kept me focus all this time. Also, the naive and always too much positive way of thinking, which is more than important since in the world as we know it, you gotta find a way to get a grip, and listening to a good old INSTED records can’t be more motivating. The empowring feeling it can give. The way it shaped the sound of hardcore, and one can’t deny it matters since we’re still talking about music (more or less). And the list can go on.

With all this torn past, Youth Crew hardcore made its own way, still surviving the times and giving birth to another band every now and then. It’s not very perfect and neither changed its own defects, but at least it’s trying and it is still giving me chills when I’m listening to it, urging me to be the spark to lit the light of society. During the last few years, React! Records put out some really crucial records in the genre, so much that I can’t even pick one up. Amongst them, you can find BREAK AWAY last effort so far. Well, honestly, it took me time to be into it. I can’t really explain why but it bugged me for a moment. As time flew away, I decided to get back to it and there was it. I finally found what I wanted out of this records. So brace yourself, because we’re putting back FLOORPUNCH to the front. Do you remember hardcore ?

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