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Crucial Records #14 : Floorpunch – Division One Champs ON GOLD

By Tieuma

Internet is a great thing. It’s a really wonderful medium, for plenty of reasons. I’m actually part of what the reactionnary right winged frustrated people call the “Y generation”. I’m litteraly born into the internet, and it’s not a funny joke, it always has been part of my life somehow.

Funny is that internet is an infinite source of information, of laughable/useless dumb shit, of communication and of course, of insanely complexe drama, especially in our beloved hardcore scene. Internet is certainly the largest range of emotionnal content in the world.

But as we’re not here to write an essay on the multiple face of this wonderful media, let’s focus on the heavyweight champions of scandals and twisted stories, the undefeated leaders of heinous exactions, the king of affront, I’m talking about the legendary FLOORPUNCH.

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The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine – Collection, Part #5 Interview – 5- Mark Porter.

By Ed


Photography By Traci McMahon And Jeff Lasich.

Interview by Jeff Lasich.

I first heard the Floorpunch demo in early 1996.  Hearing it was a like a breath of fresh air.  This was the first really good straight edge hardcore band I had heard since the youth crew had grown up.  Obviously this was before the internet made punk and hardcore easy.  That being said, I knew nothing about this band except the demo was incredible.  Not coming as a surprise, Floorpunch never played Pittsburgh.  I remember wanting to see them twice in Buffalo and once at the Yuletide fest, but no one would go with me.  Lame.  They were supposed to play in Auburn, NY sometime during the summer of 1998 (I think that was the year.)  I remember pulling up to the venue to find some dude with long, greasy hair and a Nirvana shirt tell me “show’s cancelled, dude.”  That was the closest I got to seeing the mighty Floorpunch during their original existence.  In October, 2007, the guys played a show as a benefit for a friend.  I of course made the pilgrimage out to Philly to see one of those bands who were always on my list of bands to see.  The show was a blur and well worth the drive and the wait.  Summer 2009 brought a couple more shows.  I talked to Porter in July 2009 about doing an interview for Start Today #7.  He was totally down to do it.  We emailed a couple times about the interview, but nothing really came out of it.  They played their final, final, final mosh in Philly on June 26, 2010 as part of the Six Feet Under Records showcase to support the double 12” discography that was recently released.  After that show, I was ready to move forward with doing a new zine.  I dropped Porter another email in August and a few days later, I had some answers.  Without more delay, Floorpunch!

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By Ed 

And All Photographs by Mike.


Mike took a bunch of photos at Natefest which was a very cool event over two days for a very good cause.

Heres some pictures of Mouthpiece,Floorpunch and Killing Time!




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World War 4

By: Ed


I cant get enough of WW4  and i posted a full page of pictures given to me and taken by Jeff Lasich (Start Today)  of  front man Mark Porter in Droid Rage #1

I will also be working on something very cool with Jeff soon so watch this space.






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Vengeance -New Jersey Hardcore!

By: Ed


Vengeance are a relativity new band out of New Jersey, formed from members of Floorpunch,One Up and Reign Supreme. They played there first show with Slap Shot in February.

Bio by Jay Pepito

Vengeance was started about a year ago.  Mike Kingshott, Zev and I had been jamming with a few other dudes from the Jersey shore on a project that was kind of heavily Quicksand-influenced, more of a post-hardcore band.  Well, truth be told, I really can’t sing that kind of stuff, and we got sick of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


One day, Kingshott calls me and tells me that he and Zev began work on a second Floorpunch LP like ten years earlier, and that he just found the demos.  He wanted to finally put the songs out, and asked me to sing.  Since FP was one of my favorite bands growing up, I was thrilled, and we recorded the demo that same week.  We needed a second guitarist, and my friend Don was a huge fan of FP growing up, and he had played in a few bands, (One Up, Accident Prone, Quiet Arcs), so I asked him to play guitar for Vengeance, and he’s been writing and playing with us.  We got the name because we were brainstorming, and Mike said he wanted to call the band American Vengeance, and I kind of thought he was poking fun at my band Reign Supreme’s first EP, (entitled American Violence), and it turns out he had never heard it and was dead serious!  So we just kept the Vengeance, which is cool, because that’s one of the best Breakdown songs.


We released the demo via bandcamp, (www.vengeancemosh.bandcamp.com), and it got over 10,000 plays in just a few weeks.  We just played our first show with Slapshot in Philadelphia, and we are currently writing a ton of new stuff, and at least some of it will be on a 7” on Six Feet Under Records, courtesy of Blacklisted bassist Dave Sausage.




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Hardcore History Part #2. A Look Back At ‘Cut The Tension’ Fanzine, Part 1 of 2

By: Ed

photo (3)

CTT Fanzine was one of those zines that got my mouth watering in the early 2000’s.

Zines full of pictures and interviews of all my favorite bands of the time: Floorpunch, Count Me Out, Right Brigade Etc.

So i thought it only fitting to get in touch with Donny and hear the story behind one of the best Hardcore Zines ever put together.

Bio By Donny Mutt.

Cut The Tension Fanzine was a cut-and-paste fanzine that existed from 2000 to 2005. I used the zine as a way to chronicle one of my favorite eras of hardcore. Now I am not saying that 2000 to 20005 was the best era of hardcore; I am just saying that it was my favorite era. At that point in my life I would drive 2+ hours by myself just to see one band that I thought I would like. A core group of friends and I would drive everywhere and anywhere just to go to a show. Countless weekends were spent in a car driving to NJ, NY, MD or DC from Philadelphia with friends. I know how cliche it is, but those really were a time we’ll remember, and thankfully a lot of those memories were captured on film and later used in Cut The Tension Fanzine.

photo (6)

Before I dive into everything about Cut The Tension, I want to give you a little back story. Cut The Tension was not actually the first zine I attempted doing. Long before that my friend John Sharkey and I wanted to start a jokey wrestling-themed Straight Edge hardcore band in the vein of Ten Yard Fight called DDT.  We played one show, broke up and our natural progression from there was “we HAVE to do a zine.” He and I spent many a car ride to shows talking about all the bands we would interview (In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, Rain On The Parade etc), all the things we would talk about in the zine and how awesome it would be. I did a few layouts, but that was about as far off the ground as that ever got. Since our time as young edgemen show goers, Sharkey has moved on to play guitar in The FInal Plan, 9 Shocks Terror, Clockcleaner, Violent Students and Puerto Rico Flower over the years just to name a few bands he was in. He currently sings and plays guitar in the band Dark Blue. He is a solid dude and still a really good friend of mine even though he keeps moving back and forth between Australia and the US every few years.

photo (5)

After that attempt at doing a fanzine failed, I decided to strike out on my own to do a zine since that was something I have always wanted to do.  Around the beginning of 1999 I started taking pictures at all the shows I would go to so I would have plenty of photos for the zine I was planning on doing. After a while I realized I had a ton of great photos, but did not make any progress on either naming the zine or figuring out the bands I wanted to interview. The first and most important thing I needed to figure out was the name of the zine. I had a few possible names in mind. The first potential name was Sick Of Talk Fanzine which was the name of the zine me and Sharkey were going to do that never materialized. Since that was a zine he and I were suppose to do I decided against using our name. The next potential name was Murder Contest Fanzine. I didn’t wind up going with that name because it was too violent sounding and wouldn’t fit in with the whole ’97 era Youth Crew revival sound that I wanted to focus the zine on. After much deliberation I settled on Cut The Tension fanzine for no other reason than I just liked the way it sounded and it sounded more “posi” than the other names I was kicking around.

So at this point I had the name down, a lot of photos for layouts and tons of records to photo copy for cool backgrounds and what not. The last piece of the puzzle was to figure out which bands I wanted to interview. The first person I interviewed for the zine was Jessie Standhard who sang in Right Brigade. We did the interview outside of the 4040 on June 1st, 2000 before their first and only show in Philadelphia. The other bands that played this show were Earth Crisis, Reach The Sky and Fahrenheit 451.

The next band I interviewed was a local Upper Darby/Philadelphia band called I HATE YOU. They broke up in ’98, but were playing a reunion show so I contacted the singer Nick to set up an interview with them before their show on June 4th, 2000.  As it turned out they had rented a limo before the show so we drove around the block a bunch of times while I interviewed them and their two friends Robby Redcheeks and Steve Bush. Their whole set from the show is up on Vimeo here http://vimeo.com/17493542. The other bands that played the show were Time Flies, No Justice, Striking Distance and Damage. To fill out the rest of the zine I asked Matt Summers to do a story about his time playing bass in Floorpunch for their one and only US tour.

photo (4)

Matt also let me borrow a bunch of crucial zines that aided in the way I laid out Cut The Tension. Some of the zines he let me borrow were Hardware, Tension Building, Indecision and It’s Alive. It’s Alive Fanzine was the one that had the biggest impact on me when it came to laying out a fanzine.  All the photos were crystal clear, perfect replications and the cut-and-paste layout was superb.  In my opinion that is still to this day one of the nicest looking zines from start to finish I have ever seen.

photo (2)

Now after I had all this content collected it was time to start laying out the zine. The majority of my backgrounds for the zine have always been a photo. Sometimes I just photocopied a photo real big and used that as the background. Other times I would scan a photo in and use different filters in photoshop to pixelate or halftone the image. Every background image was unique for each issue.  Some background images that I used were great and make that page of the zine really stand out and others were kind of duds, but they still looked good, just not great. It was very important to me to do the zine 100% cut and paste and that is something I am still proud of creating all by myself.

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