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PROTESTER/RED DEATH/SHOCK LIVE REPORTS (05/31 @La Scène Michelet, Nantes, France; 06/01 @VOID//BDX, Bordeaux, France)

I’m not used to write such things. I pretty much hate reading live reports on French webzines especially when they deal with hardcore/punk bands or shows because columnists always write bullshit like those you can read on “real” rock & roll magazines, and I’ve never red live reports written in English. The most important thing I want you to know even if I guess you’ve already red the new on Facebook: after the Barcelona gig, PROTESTER and RED DEATH’s tour bus has been robbed. This really sucks, passports and personal effets had been stolen and the bands had to stay one more night in Barcelona to fix things as much as they can. Thanks to MINDSET’s post on Facebook and people’s from all around the world donations they could replace almost everything that has been stolen and keep touring Europe.

by Jean


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Zineception #1 : Nab – Just Say Yo! fanzine

By Tieuma

Once again, I’m starting up a series of articles, and this time we will talk about fanzines everyone, and yes, I’m pretty proud of my tittle pun.

I believe fanzines are a huge part of the overall Hardcore punk spirit, because not only it used to be the only way to keep up with what happened in the hardcore punk world but it’s also the thing that carries the spirit of said subculture. I mean, the Internet is great and I’m not rejecting technologies at all (and let’s be honest: I’m writing on a fucking computer for a webzine) but I can’t find anything more satisfying than the pleasure of holding a weird piece of paper, printed who-knows-how with an enigmatic cut and paste background. It’s just an item that defines punk hardcore to me, a youth culture. Because there’s definitely something youthful in playing with glue and scissors to craft something. Believe me, even though I’m writing this on a computer.

Anyway, here’s the first installment and let’s start with Nab, the guy behind JUST SAY YO! Fanzine amongst other things.

Oh and last but not least, don’t be confused by this “review”-style interview, I mean we’re talking about fanzine writers, I wasn’t gonna write down another Q&A.

Coming from Nice, a city in the south of France, Nab is 27 and lives in Lyon, a pretty big city in the east side of the country, where I was for some days to visit friends. Since I had the idea of this series for a long time, way before even putting it out there, I thought this little trip could be a good starting point.

The first time I met Nab was in Toulouse, my hometown, when I was a young’un hangin’ out at shows and at that time, fanzines were a totally new thing to me. JUST SAY YO! was the first zine I bought, it was issue #3 featuring interviews with PULLING TEETH and TRAPPED UNDER ICE, or at least it was the one that I was interested in at the time; and I remember being amazed by the existence of a non-professional magazine.

Nab was playing in a band called A BRIDGE TO MANY, a punk hardcore band more or less sounding like CHAMPION, before that he played in MOMENTS, when he was living in Spain, an obscure noisy band, really cool and really underrated. Really unknown in fact. Apparently most of their shows were total mess and the last one they did was in their rehearsal room, as pictured below.

Then, before spending a year in Vancouver where he joined OUT OF SIGHT, for which he contributed to an unfinished LP , he started WOODWORK, a 90’s metallic hardcore band based in Toulouse for which he still fills in from time to time. Check it out, because my 90’s hardcore madness is highly satisfied by this band, and it clearly shows the love this guy gives to this style of hardcore!

The most recent zine he wrote was I LOVE/HATE IT HERE. A more personal zine with reviews of shows he attended his many travels on the globe. Now he is also playing guitar in Lyon’s ISRAEL REGARDIE, a Cold-Wave/Shoegaze band.

Nab discovered Hardcore Punk through skate videos, used to download songs off Purevolume at his mother’s workplace and burning them on CDs, old school stuff you know. He became Straight-Edge at age 15, mostly for the political aspects of it, and became a Vegetarian in 2007.

The first time he wrote a zine was after he came back from England in 2007, it was the first issue of I LOVE/HATE IT HERE with interview of CHASING PAPERBOY and SET YOUR GOALS among others. 8 years later he still thinks he can’t do a proper zine with a good layout. Regarding the influences of JUST SAY YO!, Nab confessed to me that the last zine that influenced him was a Belgian fanzine called TALES OF SHATOU, which he consider to be the zine with his favorite layouts and wanted to be close to this fanzine’s style, and his biggest influence are AT BOTH ENDS and REFELCTIONS MAGAZINE, he’s got a huge collection of zines, everyting can’t even fit in his flat actually. He also gave me a lot of scanned zine, from different eras. The golden age of fanzines for him is between 2005 and 2009 with French zines like THANX FOR NOTHING, HEY YOU!, CRUCIAL ACTION… and the Belgian and German zines talking about Justice, True Colors, Said And Done and all the scene of this time.

About the zine itself, it’s a sober cut and paste fanzine, with Q&A, records review and columns. The style is classic but not boring and funny thing, he states in one issue he didn’t want it to be “another Straight Edge Hardcore fanzine” but actually each one talks at least a bit of it.

Nab is a dude full of opinions and political view, and by political I mean we talked about Kathleen Hanna, religion or what he saw behind the P.C etiquette. As he stated in one of his zine, he said to me he’s seeing himself more of a “conscious” kind of kid, with social issues being important to him, but still likes “jock” hardcore punk bands too. We had a discussion about ENDPOINT and the suckerpunch incident, which led to a debate to decide which of the DUMPTRUCK or THE WRONG SIDE version of the song “Suckerpunch” was the best, and he still stands behind the DUMPTRUCK one. For him, punk hardcore is still a rebellious act.

We finished this interview after three hours of conversation and many records played, thank you Nab for your time and patience.

A new issue of JUST SAY YO! will be out in the next few months, keep your eyes peeled. And check the links below, help a brother up.


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Exclusive peek : Hard To Handle

By Tieuma
You have probably never heard of this band, and you probably won’t if you don’t go to shows in Paris in the next few weeks, but you propably know all the members by their previous bands, dear readers, I’m giving you the first exclusive interview of the next Paris’ finest humoristic hardcore band : HARD TO HANDLE.
And to add some fun, I won’t do it in this pretentious and failed romancized style, but in classic Q&A, just for your pleasure. Enjoy.
Disclaimer : This is a 100% serious interview, no joke inside.
First, introduce yourselves, who does what in the band, and your previous or running projects.

“Mile Bomb” :
I’m Emile a.k.a Mile Bomb, I’m the guitarist who do the dive bomb, even though I don’t have a Floyd Rose, so it’s coming soon.
Rémi : I play bass and also play in several bands like Jack Move, Cut Loose and Summer House (new Grunge rock project including Ben on drums)
Erwan : I’m Erwan also known as Stanishlass, I’m the singer of H2H and I previously sang in xD.I.Gx
Benoit : Introductions sucks.
E : There’s also Hugo in the band but he couldn’t answer for now on, he should be out of prison in a couple of weeks.
Where does the name come from ?

MB : From life, which is hard to handle.
R : Or from ourselves who are hard to handle.
E : From a Otis Redding’s song, I always thought it could be a cool band name, and I already gave the Mad At The World idea ( From a Outburst song) to the band of the same name, but those “Sheitans” always forget this information. So we’re Hard To Handle, not to mix up with “Passion Handball” (even in french this joke make no sens at all)
B : This name sucks.
Is this a joke to have a local band whenever you need it or is it something serious, that’ll tour and all ?
E : For me it’s serious business, more than xD.I.Gx actually, which started as a joke. I’m trying not to write down too much dumb shit (which is hard, because dumbinance is coming back hard on me when I’m writing, maybe I’m not made to be intelligent), I’m trying to be on schedule with the lyrics and I’m working on it on my own too. Musically I’m more confortable with this kind of hardcore because it’s what I’m listening to on a more regular basis (Less tough and metal than xD.I.Gx), so I’m more motivated.
R : Usually, when people start bands, they want it to be serious and going somewhere (except for hype americans as RZL DZL, What’s Good). But there, with the positive outcomes and the 7″ coming, it makes this project serious and we want it to last. Well, we’re all in bands of more or less different style, but there, it’s something we all like to play in. And it doesn’t sound like Jack Move, damn !
B : Local bands sucks, turning out well too.
Playing in so many bands aside, how will you manage to keep this one alive ? What is the futur of all these other bands ?

MB : It depends on life and priorities, I’m also playing in Mad At The World with Benoit, Backboned and another band with Hugo (a.k.a Mourad la castagne), and I’m also playing in a black metal project. All these bands/project will put out a EP or a LP. For me, the most difficult part is being there for shows, mostly abroad ones. Dealing with it, with all the bands, it’ll always be hard mostly because of jobs, studies and money, even though those are not excuses. We’ll do our best and we’ll see.
R : Cut Loose is about to be done, and it’s a shame because there were people asking news about the band. Jack Move is going on well, there will be shows and new stuff early 2015. With Benoit we’re also working on Summerhouse, a project that ask us a lot of time.
But to know how to deal with too many bands, ask Brendan Radigan or Doug Free. I don’t know how these guys are doing.
E : I think the others bands will fade away when we will put out our first songs and show the world how it’s done. Modesty is for weaklings.
B : Futur sucks.
A website categorised your sound as Youth Crew, do you agree ?

MB :Not that much. We’re more into NYHC ala Outburst, BHC ala Step Forward and mostly angry stuff like L.I.O.N Crew and Internal Affairs. I don’t know if it feels like it, but we don’t sound “Youth Crew” I think. We’re TOUGH alright ?
R : I think it’s a website for “people who dig Beatdown hardcore” and sadly, when a hardcore band play a little bit fast, for those guys it’s Youth Crew. I mean, did I said Nasty was playing Sludge ?!
E : Unlike “Mile Bomb” and Rémi, I’m ok to say there’s a Youth Crew feeling, since the project was like “let’s play ’97 Youth Crew (The agressive side : Knockdown, Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, Lights Out for exemple) but with more hard hitting badass motherfucking hard mosh parts”. But as we’re fan of old school NYHC, I do believe you can hear some Outburst, Altercation, Breakdown and all in our sound.
B : Youth Crew sucks, websites talking about us too. (Much love man, peace.)
On the pictures of your first live you seemed a bit tense, was it hard ? Was it the pressure to play before Jack Move ?

MB : I wasn’t in the band yet, I was moshing hard and throwing fire balls in the venue. #Souley (Rémi’s nickname as it seems) was beautiful on stage.
R : With Jack Move around, who know what could have happened, an unplugged jack in the middle of the show, a banana peel on the ground or a unfriendly trip, we had to stay alert.
E : I didn’t feel stressed at all, I’m more comfortable with ths style as above-said, and I think you can feel it on stage. And for Jack Move, we just had backstage fight with them and we wrecked them. Especially the bassist. Only hate for those people.
B : Shows sucks, so does Jack Move.
Did you had feedback of your shows ? What was the people reaction ? Are you happy with what you did on stage ?
MB : I only played one gig for now on, and I didn’t had feedback yet, and I don’t know how was the sounds because i couldn’t hear myself play. But it was cool, I shared stage with #Souley (you know, Rémi) and he was so beautiful.
R : My girlfriend loves Erwan’s voice, it pisses me off. (The first time I met this guy, I was wearing a Right Idea crewneck, and the first thing he said to me was “this band is cool, the only song of this band my girlfriend likes is Right Idea”)
E : The feedback we had were positive so far, so it’s cool, it seems like the way I sing is better than what I was doing in xD.I.Gx. Still, I think we have to work on the righteous side of our live performance, we’ve been too much of thugz for now on. Oh and “Mile Bomb” have to stop being horny when he is on stage with #Souley (you know the drill). We understand him, but he got to move himself, as he does in the pit (actually there was a joke here but I’m sorry, I’m unable to translate it correctly.)  For your information, Rémi’s girlfriend looks like the first girl I wanted to marry, thirty years ago.
B : Shows, people, live, all of those things sucks.
For those who know or knew Mortal Kombat, what would be your finishing move on a HARD TO HANDLE VS. JACK MOVE fight ?
MB : A ultimate strike made of “Mile Bomb”, Radmou-Attack (What is this ? Who knows ?), #SouleyStomp, HairStorm and an impersonation of Eli Sémoun.
R : Or an invocation of a big Handball player Skinhead who wraps you with big chains until your head burst out : “FLAWLESS VICTORY”
E : For Elie Sémoun, I don’t know what “Mile Bomb” is talking about but I’ll still beat him up. I would do a friendship move or a babality to Jack Move, because I love them. Seriously though, I think their demo is the best thing to have been put out in France, and I’m not saying this because I’m doing a frituring on the demo (This joke already sucks in french but is literraly worse in english.) Listen to it on their bandcamp or youtube if you can. For all of those who likez da real hardcore.
B : Mortal Kombat sucks.
With at least three Straight Edge band members, because I didn’t check out the edge break news this year, are you a Straight Edge band ?
MB : Well, there’s only two Straight Edge in the band, Benoit and Erwan. So no, this is not a Straight Edge band, but we all like Floorpunch.
E : Word.
B : Non-Straight Edge people sucks.
It’s been a while since the facebook page is online and you made your first show, but there’s no sound on the internet yet, is it a Mysterious Guys Hardcore stance but in the other way ? If you put something out, will it be on Straight And Alert Records too ? When ? We need Xclusiv intels please.

MB : We will records 6 songs for a E.P in January, and we don’t know who will put it out.
R : This Jam is gonna bust the house down man !
E : Yeah, it’ll probably be on Straight And Alert if everything’s clear and if Alex is still up to it when he’ll listen to our sound.
B : Records and all sucks.
Even though you didn’t put out anything yet, there’s already two tee shirt on preview, do you want to became a clothe company as Cruel Hand ?

MB : Of course ! A H2H x Supreme is coming soon.
R : Cruel Hand ? Never heard of ’em…
E : Originally, we should have recorded before putting out the t-shirt, so we started printing (There’s only one of them, don’t believe the crippled internet), and we finally couldn’t record so we’re looking like posers, so it’s cool. We don’t care, we just liked Karim’s design way too much, so we wanted to put it out whatever happened. Maximum big up ratatata to the guy.
B : T-shirts are like Cruel Hand, it sucks.
It’ll be aggressive and provocative as xD.I.Gx or movie inspired like Cut Loose ?

MB : It’ll be more like : pure quality ala better than Jack Move.
R : I think there’s a draw between the two bands, they both win. Now kiss.
E : It’ll be more like Floorpunch’s final mosh.
B : Not like those two shitty bands.
Why there’s a reference to B2O (Booba, a french rapper), you want to be the kings of the game ?

MB : We only want to fuck the nurse, craka.
E : Goodboy.
B : This sucks, we’re already the kings.
In an interview for this webzine, one the guys in Jack Move cited Kaaris as one of the things he was listening to the most those days, you french rap answer to that.

MB : Gradur.
R : Stormy Bugsy, Rocca, true people knows.
E : Cyril de Louhans of course, for ever. “Don’t mess with us faggot” this is some punchline.
B : French rap sucks.
What band would you cover ?

MB : Rage Against The Machine
R : Rock & Roll part II by Gary Glitters (A corean band called the geeks did it once, it was a great idea, it was really cool)
E : We already did some, Old News by Lights Out, Sick People by Breakdown, and on we couldn’t do because the band still exist, Can’t Get Ahead by Step Forward. We promise we won’t do it again. I just want to cover The Hard Way by Outburst and I can die in peace after that.
B : Covers sucks.
Does your goal is to turn Paris into the new Boston or Antwerp ?
MB : lolilol
R : It would be amazing, but trying to turn Paris into the new Boston, it’s like building an aqua splash in the middle of the desert.
E : You mean leveling down to be as good as Boston or Antwerp ? I don’t understand, Paris on top.
B : Boston, Antwerp or even NY, sucks.
Classic but solid : any last word, something intelligent (or not) to say ? A list of French bands to listen to ? The rarest piece of merch you own.
MB : Check out JACK MOVE (to see how unworthy it is), Mad At The World, Backboned, Mind Awake (coming soon), Raw Justice, Harm Done, Hightower.
R : Lodges.
E : What about Worst Doubt ? “Mile Bomb” you dumb you even forget your own band even though it rocks ! For the rarest merch I own I can’t chose between my Stop And Think, Step Forward, Floorpunch and World War 4.
B : Intelligence, french bands, merch, it … ?
MB : Like me on Tinder.
R: Done, I’m waiting for your answer Emile.
E : Like me on avecsonchien.com. Thug Life.
B : Come to my shows, and everything sucks.
If you want to get in touch with these lovelly lads, you can try their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/hard2handleparis and brace yourself for the futur, it’ll be mental.

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FRUSTATION… à la française

Among all the records I recently purchased features KICKBACK’s 2009 latest “interesting” LP, “No surrender”. The title says all… That’s important to me.

inconnu inconnu_2


I just HATE that sleeve – so upset the “Machete” version was only released in CD… But, nevermind, it sticks with the mentality of the band at that time…

“It shouts, but there is no hatred”

Ok, then it would had been nice not to shout homophobic stuffs like “Metalheads are just faggots disguised in tough guys.” (Can’t remember when this sentence was pronounced by their singer…)

Last year, in February, Rod Glacial published for VICE France a really cool interview of the band (the entire version is availiable on his own website FLUO GLACIAL) with awesome archive pictures which PERFECTLY sum up why I just love this band and why you need to read VICE instead of argueing they are just a fucking worldwide hipster morons organization especially when this same author Rod just published a excellent interview of STORMCORE’s singer David and global Rennes (Western France) glory days of metallic hardcore review (including the spirit, the mentality, the dancing, and probably all the shit they’ve been throught since…OH! And I just want to say to Rod that since I’m from Bordeaux, I can’t let him speak of my town with a HUGE mistake (just kidding): this is not “Stoneage” but “Stonehenge” – justice is done!) I invite you to read an english version of both interviews, otherwise what I want to deal with in this column will probably seem ridiculous…



Anyway, as I tried to explain you a few weeks ago in my NYHC article, France hardcore scene – IMHO (maybe what I’m about to write is total non-sense so I already apologize if an older french reader disagree with me) – was much more influenced By 90s NYHC scene, Cleveland’s Holy Terror shit, the emo stuff or Belgian H8000 than old school hardcore from DC or California. Mark my words, I do not speak for people who are 40 and more, but if I stare at an older generation than mine, the 30/35yo, it seems that they were more into the metallic side of hardcore than in the old school days, although they were bands like HEIMAT-LOS from “the outskirts from Paris” in the early 80s…


(my personal HEIMAT-LOS collection)

…or ASPRO 5000 from Bordeaux who, according to an old pal who plays drums in my band, were the very first local band who sounded like MOB 47 or even DISCHARGE!

I remember a few months ago this year, I was hanging in a pub with a friend, drinking soft drinks wearing a CRO-MAGS t-shirt and the owner of the pub (a 40/45 “casual dad”) came to me telling me that back in 1986(?) he attended to a MOTÖRHEAD show in Paris where the CRO-MAGS were opening for them but he’d NEVER listened to the band since or seek some informations about them. I try to introduce him to NYHC, the Krishna thing but a minute later he was already off the hook, dumbass!


I should have told him that if he is (or was at that time) into metal he must have been a SLAYER fan (I hope) and I should have told him about INTEGRITY and then STORMCORE…

In the itw of STORMCORE’s singer I’ve mentionned earlier, David points on a idea I respect a lot cuz even considering the fact we have between ten and fifteen years of difference, we both have felt the same thing considering the impact hardcore music had on us. I’ve been quickly bored to death with the “punk thing”: lousy fucked up kids with fucked up views on society’s weakness – and I still stand for this. I’ve always wanted to go further without being a hardline dickhead, but you have to understand that as a white privileged kid aware of all the injustice reigning in the world because – I have to admit it – I was lucky enough to have great parents who, because of their jobs, are still in touch with social prejudices and discrimination and told me what was REALLY wrong in our western world. When I realized the world wasn’t as marvellous as western society desparately tries to convince us, I felt sooo bad that the only thing which seemed “positive” to me has to be something really cathartic, something I should felt really enthusiastic about. At that time, I wasn’t into sports, but I was already into music. So the choice was really fast. I wasn’t old enough to attend to shows or focused on the TV shit (MCM, MTV, all that crap…) to be INTO the music but I was already able to feel the angst and frustration that other “thugs” were currently living at that time…

Yeah, I’m actually speaking of the impact of hip-hop culture at the very same time, that’s probably the reason why I’ve never been into the punk outfit but more into sneakers, hoodies, caps or (a few years back) the skinhead style…

I still think that, in France, hardcore is a 100% white kids scene and because I used to work with kids from the suburbs as a youth worker I’ve always try to motivate them to find their way listening to hardcore music more than r&b or shitty nowadays TV rap stuffs, but that’s hard!




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OUTREAU 7″ review

OUTREAU 7″ review


Un Vie Pour Rien Vinyles?
Crom Records

014, May

By xjtx

I have to admit that since 2009, only two bands deserve the credit for having a part of my attention focused on the Oi! thing. I’m of course dealing with CRIMINAL DAMAGE (from Portland, Oregon) and BATTLE RUINS (Boston, Massachusetts) whom 3rd and 1st LPs are definitly on top of my best LPs selection of this past years (BATTLE RUINS demo and demo-repress were ABOVE ALL my 2009/2010 favorite releses actually).

But, because I’m french, I’m aware that keeping an eye on Oi!/street punk music is almost like a commitment: does another nation in the entire world has known such famous bands like R.A.S., L’INFANTERIE SAUVAGE, CAMERA SILENS, KOMINTERN SECT or “sadly notorious” TOLBIAC’S TOADS and SNIX (because of their extreme nationalistic pride that made them well known famous bands for french boneheads attendance, but that’s not the point here) just to name a few? That’s why I was previously dealing with CRIMINAL DAMAGE because no matter this band is bonded by Portland crust punk scene, it’s definitly the biggest tribute to early french street punk! Like NO TIME (Pittsburgh) to UK street punk!

inconnu_4 inconnu

And, fortunately, France still counts in it ranks great acts such as (more or less) youngsters like SYNDROME 81 (Brest), MARABOOTS (RIP) or OUTREAU (Paris)* whom first 7″ had been released in May by UVPR vinyles and CROM records. I just bought a copy at the local record store yesterday and it appears that, waking up this morning, reviewing this record was one of the first important thing to do on a Sunday before chilling during the entire day in underwears.

I practically know nothing about the band name desicion. Does it refer to the Outreau trial which  was a judicial case that occured ten years ago in Northern France (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) and made us shaking over our foundations because of the gravity of facts…? I can’t assure that because I’ve never red any interview of the band and back when this 7″ just came out I was at the hospital for a ruptured aneurysm and I didn’t check any updated news since, so…! Anyway, nevermind! That name is like a trademark for what Oi!, street punk or hardcore punk must definitly reveal: society’s weakness.

OUTREAU consists in (ex)members of GONNA GET YOURS, HARDxTIMES, OL’CUNTS (that band was AWESOME but a few years ago while I needed money I sold the copy of a repressed LP I had…), TIED DOWN, CUT THROAT… And everywhere you can seek and find some opinions on OUTREAU’s sound you’ll read that they sound like OXBLOOD, IRON CROSS, 86 MENTALITY or NEGATIVE APPROACH and I rather agree with this idea. I just wanna thank SLAPSHOT for being originally inspired by SHAM 69!

inconnu_1 inconnu_2

I’ve been flipping this record for almost a hour, right now I’m pretty fed up with it so the last thing I wanna add is: go get this 7″. I can assure you that this will definitly deserve high levels of coolness for my final 2014 top releases (along with latest post PROTESTER 7″ and MARABOOTS “Ils ont tué la Oi!” 7″).

Now I just wanna do nothing for the rest of the day…


*Paris now counts a really new Oi! band whose name is RIXE. They do not have any material releases right now but you can listen to an exclusive song they sent to my friends from MANKIND PODCASSETTE during the summer.


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RAW JUSTICE – New 7″ announced!

RAW JUSTICE – New 7″ announced 

RAW JUSTICE new 7″ called “ARTIFICIAL PEACE” has been sent to the pressing plant and will be released on STRAIGHT & ALERT records around October.

Definitive artwork will be revealed later.
There will also be a repress of their first 7″ “WE DON’T NEED YOUR FRIENDS” limited to 200 copies.

You can already stream 2 songs on bandcamp.



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Jack Move

By: Ed

Toads cropped

band pic N&B

The Jack Move Demo is one of my favorites of 2014 so far and I find myself  being interested in all of Remi’s new projects.

I’d been following the progress  of JM  for some time and talking to Remi about doing a post about the band.


DR: first up when/ where did you start Jack Move?

We started Jack Move at the end of 2012, at that time we were jamming as a 5 pieces, but Chris, who also sings for Krigskade (shout-out to him) was finally not able to make it due to his busy schedule so the 4 of us continued that way.

DR: who’s in this band and what former bands was every one apart of?

Simon (Guitar) and I (Guillaume/Microphone) used to play in a band called Money Time with Alexis from Straight & alert/Raw Justice. Julien (Drums) used to play in the Paris Legends Get Lost and Last Quiet Time. Finally Remi (Bass) is currently playing in an obscure band no one gives a shit about, called Cut Loose.


DR: The demo tape is boss! Were you guys happy with it? I’m pretty sure it’s sold out now dude well done.

Glad you dig it man, it’s truly appreciated ! To be honest, it was not easy to get that specific kind of sound, I guess people (especially our sound engineer) are not used to that kind of Sound/Production. We sent him a few records we liked like the Justice Demo but he was not able to catch the exact sound we wanted. It was always too clean for us like a mix between Hatebreed and Korn.


Then we gave him the last Power Trip LP and told him: “Listen to the voice, that is something like that we need”, he just pushed the reverb to the max and here it is. I guess we are pretty happy with it, for a demo recorded in a little bit less than 2 days in a basement it sounds ok.


The Tapes are not sold out for now but we are close to it, I think we only have 6 or 7 left and Straight & Alert should have about the same amount, maybe less. So we will still have a few copies at the shows but not for long !


DR: How many shows have you played now and what bands have you been playing with?

We played only 4 shows until now. We played with the Mongoloids, Wrong Answer, Timeshares, DIG and few others locals bands, nothing too big at the moment.


DR: JM’s Style is my favourite kind of Hardcore,do the French kids really go off to that Crunch,Mosh style of Hardcore?

Not really, in France most of the bands play Beatdown or bad NYHC. If you play fast hardcore or do not play some kind of metal shit you’re a Punk (Something we are happy with !). But some people recently came to talk to us, telling us it’s cool to hear that kind of sound, it gives

us hope.


I am pretty sure we know almost every person in France who might be interested in that kind of sound, most of these people are “older” guys that were there when Youth Crew was hype (97/2000). Jack Move is more of a “by Friends and for the Friends” kind of band.


Kids don’t seems to get into hardcore by listening to punk or old school stuff nowadays (at least if they follow the same path as mine, but I am pretty sure I am not that far from the truth), they get into Hardcore by listening to Terror, Hatebreed and that kind of bands, so they need time to dig deep enough to check the bands we love and replace all the embittered old guys we are ! But we see more and more young faces at the shows, we see more and more people we used to see only at Metal or “Big” shows coming to smaller shows, singing along to Rotting Out and what not.


DR: Who came up with that Turtles Artwork For the Demo? It’s gnarly

Does it look like turtles to you ? If yes then Remi did it wrong ! (So now you know who came up with that stupid idea). It is supposed to be Toads ! Remi is a retro gaming nerd and came up with this idea to use this BattleToads visual. We thought it would be funny to put frogs on a shirt for a French band, but if it looks like Turtles then I guess the joke is a total failure…


DR: who would you say are big influences in JM’s Style?

Our main influence is the Boston Scene from the early 2000’s and everything that came out on Lockin’out Records at that time: Stop & Think, Righteous Jams, Mental, Crunch Time, Jaguarz… They really had their own sound ! Today, when you say “I want to play NYHC”, it means nothing and everything but when you say “I want to do some Boston 2K Jams”, everybody knows what you want to do.


We can also add Bands such as Lights Out, More To Pride (that is where our name comes from), and a bunch of 80’s Bands especially the NY Scene.

DR: are you guys thinking about doing an EP or anything for JM?


We’re planning to return to the studio before this summer, maybe for a EP, we already got some stuff ready but we still need some more materials, some people are searching for the light, we are searching for the perfect break ! Do not expect anything different than the demo, you would be disappointed !

DR: and any tour plans?


Not really, we all got full time jobs that make hard to set up a real tour for now. I guess it will be more “elongated week-end trips” than a proper tour. We would be more than happy to play anywhere, Promoters, if you dig the sound, get in touch !


DR: What are you personally listening to right on?

Guillaume: we all have various tastes in music beside hardcore, in my case these times I mostly spin old things like Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Indecision, Tear It Up, Mental, Zeke, Weezer… For the more recent things I got into I can name Inquisition (US black metal), Maraboots (100% french oi with a sax), Nails (todd jones is a genius), the Flatliners, and I really dig the demos of Nightrunners, Red Death and Freedom, they’re are fuckin’ rad.

Simon: I listen to almost anything I can get my hands (and hears) on (and most of the time really shitty stuffs..). The last Hardcore/Related stuffs I spent more than 10 minutes on were the Afflictive Nature 7” (they got some really ignorant breakdowns), the Machette EP (a French band of “older” guys, they play some metalic hardcore influenced by 90’s Death Metal/Hardcore and 80’s Horror Movies, give em a try, it is worth your time !), Ego Trip from England, if you are looking for a band that understood everything about Boston Hardcore, it is Ego Trip ! Then outside of hardcore I really liked the new Diamond Youth EP, I listened to the new Kaaris CD a little bit too much since it came out (THE French Rapper these past few weeks) and I am stuck on the new Schoolboy Q LP, the guy is high !

Remi : I stayed faithful to the Boston Scene, listening to old and current shits. Triple B stuffs such as Intent, Big Contest, Our Side (really digging this one). I often check Lockin Out Records, I am still expecting a possible LP of God (I mean Rampage). I can’t wait for the next World War 4 material too. In other styles, I regularly listen to Turnstile, Power Trip, Ancient Heads, Hounds of Hate. There are many more of them but that’s the bands that cross my mind right now.

 Photo 29-01-2014 19 48 43

Julien: Outburst, Foo Fighters, Anthrax, Ensign, Bitter End, No Warning, Killing Time, Know your Enemy, Lone Wolf, Cut Loose, Strike Back.

DR: Safe Man! Anything you might want to add?

Thank to you to give a shit about us and to let us speak our minds,

I know France is not the dreaming place for Hardcore fans (I am pretty sure if you ask people about France and Hardcore, 90% of them will answer: “Kickback” (and they are damn right) or Cordier Street).

Come to visit us and don’t be afraid to look out for shows in France (and not only Paris, a lot of people book shows here and there and most of the time they are more open minded and less jaded) and they will be more than happy to set up a show for you.

Finally, Here is a little name dropping to let the DroidxRage readers check those bands, we got some decent shits for everybody here so if you don’t know what to do for the next 5 minutes, try to google those names:

Cut Loose, Raw Justice, DIG, Hightower, Lion’s law, Lodges, Syndrome 81, Mad At The World, Wank For Peace, Backboned, Shock, Youth Avoiders, Short Days, Night Stalkers, Krigskade, Machette, Lasting Values.

 Photo 29-01-2014 19 46 12

peace JM

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Said And Done – Pre Order Now Live on S&A!!!!!



SAID AND DONE are not dead ! This dutch band highly influenced by the mid 80′s NYHC / Crossover scene with bands like Cro Mags or Leeway but also Only Living Witness or True Blue, started in 2006 with a 2 track digital demo that got their name out fast and got things started. Later the same year they released their first LP “Everyday” and everything got serious. Then followed countless shows all over Europe and a bunch of other records : “Endless Roads” (2008), “3 song promo tape” (2008), “Feel It E.P.” (2009), “Weight Of The World” 7″ (2010).

4 years after their last record they are now back with a brand new LP, where their sound evolved to something more sophisticated, somewhere between Supertouch, Wipers, Nirvana, Screaming Trees or Underdog.

We are really proud to team up with Cobra records (Germany) and White Russian records (The Netherlands) to release this new album.


Pre-Order Here!!!


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Clean Break – Pre-orders Now Up On www.Straightandalert.com

CLEAN BREAK preorders are up on our store for:
Clean Break – Demo 2013 7″
Clean Break – Face Value 7″
Clean Break – T Shirts

[CLEAN BREAK – DEMO 2013 7″]
Pressing infos :
100 red 7″
100 green 7″

BLUE COVER – Green Wax / 50
BLUE COVER – Red Wax / 50
GREEN COVER – Red Wax / 50
RED COVER – Green Wax / 50

Tracklist :
1. Cut And Run
2. Save Face
3. Thick As Thieves
4. Behind The Times


Pressing infos :
105 Black 7″ [Preorder]
155 Double Mint 7″
260 Halloween Orange 7″
50 handnumbered ”Spring Tour 2014″ covers (available at SHOWS ONLY)

Tracklist :
1. Face Value
2. Long Way To Go
3. Save Face
4. Seize The Day
5. Pass The Buck
6. Cut And Run


CLEAN BREAK is Faro’s new Straight Edge sensation, formed in the summer of 2013. After a handful of practices, David and Armando decided to record a demo at the band’s practice room with the 4 songs they’ve been working on. The demo was released in August on Tape through Salad Days Records. The band just released their 1st proper 7″ titled “Face Value”. Behind this new band are Faro / portuguese hardcore veterans who used to play in Broken Distance, Critical Point, Pointing Finger, The New Blood or Pressure.


We also have 20 CLEAN BREAK T-shirts available for preorder.

Clean Break - Straight Edge [Green] Clean Break - Straight Edge [Burgundy] Clean Break - Straight Edge [Purple]

3 Colorways available  from S to XL (a VERY few quantity available)
Get yours HERE

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Alexis Gautier Of Raw Justice Interview

By: Ed

Raw Justice is a Hardcore band from Nantes,Western France and is Fronted by Alexis Gautier who also owns And Runs Euro indie Label Straight And Alert.




DR: Hey Alexis,tell us a little bit about Raw justice?

 Hello Edward !

Raw Justice is a band we started with a couple friends around late 2012. Everyone already played in other bands before. I used to play the guitar in No Solution !, a Youth Crew band, with our bass player Batal and our drummer Regis. This same Batal was doing vocals in a band called Black Page (Terror meets Down To Nohting meets No Warning) with our two guitar players Antoine M. and Alexis M. (they are brothers).

So when both bands broke up, around the same time, we decided to start a new one all together.

We recorded a first EP “We Don’t Need Your Friends” in february 2013, released by my own label STRAIGHT & ALERT recs (France), Nikolay’s label UGLY & PROUD recs (Bulgaria) and Dan’s (from Truth Inside) label LIFE TO LIVE recs (USA).

Then we played a couple shows here in there in France and did a two weeks tour in july. We’ve been to France / Belgium and Spain.

For those who don’t know our sound let’s say our main influences are No Tolerance, Floorpunch, The Rival Mob and some mid 80’s NYHC.

tourrj 056


 DR: You also run Straight and alert records give us a bit of history on that a who’s on S&A at present?

I STRAIGHT & ALERT started almost 5 years ago, as a mailorder / distro. My friend Simon with whom I used to play in Money Time (he plays now in Jack Move) had a small distro in 2009 but he had to stop doing it because he was leaving to the UK to finish his studies. So I though “let’s get his records and start my own distro”, and everything started from there.

I started the label in 2013 with the Raw Justice 7″ as a first release. I wanted to do a label too since a long time but didn’t find the right band to start with. And I think releasing your own band is a good way to beging, if mistakes are done it’s less big of a deal than if you’re doing it for another band.

At the moment of  writtng these lines I’ve released two 7″s (Raw Justice / Clean Break), 1 tape (Cut Lose), an LP (Lodges) and i’m working on a new 7″ (Dogchains) and a tape (Jack move). I have many plans for 2014, and hopefully some other cool releases to come !

Here are the bands on S&A records so far :

Clean x Break : Portuguese straight edge youth crew band featuring guys of Pointing Finger, Broken Distance, Pressure and Critical Point. Somewhere between Righteous Jams, Mental or DYS.

Cut Loose : Youth Crew band from Paris somewhere between Step Forward, Youth Of Today and Minority Unit.

Dogchains : Dogchains are german and got a lot of attention lately. They are straight edge, they love sports and they deliver fresh boston 2k influenced hardcore that could be described as a mix between Mental, Iron Boots and (early) Justice.

Jack Move : Another young parisian band featuring my old bandmates Simon and Guigui, and also Cut Loose’s bass player. They are playing some kind of Boston 2K / Stop & Think / The Rival Mob influenced hardcore.

Lodges : Here we’re dealing with some “chaotic” / heavy hardcore music. They started under the name “Donkey Punch” but then switched for Lodges around late 2013. If you are into Converge, Trap Them, Kickback, Catharsis or Trap Them you should love them. Oh and they are from Paris as well.

Raw Justice : I already talked about it, it’s the band I sing in.

Harms Way VS Raw Justice


DR: how does the Hardcore Scene Differ in France in your opinion like to the rest of the world is there a unique style or trend there?

Unfortunately the way it differs is not in the “good way” (well, in my opinion). We don’t have a huge / strong scene, it’s more a bunch of people here and there in “big cities”. At the moment the biggest scene is probably located in Paris, but yet not the best one. Since a couple years it seems most of the kids only focus on beatdown / metalcore bands and shows. Unfortunately Youth Crew / Boston hardcore influence hardcore and that kind of stuff isn’t popular in our country (and I don’t know if it has ever been).

You can have Sectarian Violence or No Tolerance playing in front of 30 kids and the week after Death Before Dishonor, Walls Of Jericho or even shitty beatdown bands will play and 150 kids will show up. I know i’m talking about two different kinds of bands and they don’t have the same fame but still. It’s sad to see kids around are just into who’s gonna be the strongest in the pit or who’s gonna be the drunkest after the show.

At the moment I don’t have a big “faith” in the french hardcore scene, I hope it’ll change but I have serious doubts.



DR: is there a lot of Straight edge Bands/Scene there?

Unfortunately not either. I’m not even sure there is only one full straight edge band left in France.

Around early 2000’s there was a few ( Get Lost, 21xEnemy, Last Quiet Time, Value Driven(?) …).

People get older, drop straight edge but it seems there no new straight edge kids to balance.


I don’t know if it’s because our whole “french culture and traditions” about wine and stuff. It’s the same about veganism. There is such a few vegan / vegetarian people here compared to other countries around us (Belgium, Germany, UK).



DR: What are your music tastes apart from hardcore?

Four or five years ago I would say “none” ahha . But now I really love a lot of other music genres.

I really dig old school hip hop, but I only know the classics ( Dre / Snoop / NWA / Wu Tang / Nas..). I love some good Soul records too. Some old metal / thrash / death and also some punk rock classics.

Thanks to my dad I’m into 70’s rock too like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd , Black Sabbath… which led me to some current bands playing that kind of music like Graveyard from Sweden or Magic Circle ( featuring The Rival Mob singer ! ) that released one of my favorite record of 2013.

I really enjoy what I call “acoustic” music with a sad / dark vibe (or however you call it), like Eddie Vedder, Agnes Obel, Timber Timbre, City & Color, Leonard Cohen and tons of other artists.

Post Hardcore / Sludge and Doom as well ( I never know which style is which) with bands like Pallbearer, Cult Of Luna and stuff like this.

Oh and last but not least, thanks to my two guitar players i’m starting to be into Depressive Black Metal like Drudkh, Watain or Forgotten Tomb. Perfect soundtrack for rainy sundays.

There is just so many good stuff ! And to be honnest, my latest favorite records are not hardcore ones.



DR:  is Raw Justice a touring band, what plans do you have for RJ?

I wish ! Actually we all wanted to start touring as much as we could. But things have moved a lot around fall of 2013 for some of us. In fact our two guitar players had to move to Paris in a rush because of their work, so since that time we probably didn’t practice more than twice and played only one or two shows.

We are trying to keep going with the band but it’s harder when you can’t see each others everyday and practice once a week. Our drummer lives far away too, so it makes the things even more difficult.
We have new songs though, we want to record a new 7″, tour Europe and do some weekenders here and there. It will just take more time than we wish.

Also Antoine M. and Batal are playing in a Metal / Sludge band called Regarde Les Hommes Tomber that got A LOT of attention last year. They played at the Hellfest in France, will play at the famous Roadburn festival in Holland next summer and have tons of cool shows coming soon, sometime to open for big bands like Kylesa and stuff like that. They are now writting a new LP so they are pretty busy with that band too.



DR: what other interests do you have do you Skateboard or anything?

I used to skate A LOT when I was younger, since I was 12 to 18 / 19 years old, then I stopped for a while and now I start again around springtime every year, I really miss these big skateboard sessions with my old buddies.
Then nothing special, I like to cook (vegan) meals, go to the cinema, chill with my friends and talk stupid shit, I really enjoy going to see street art stuff / exhibitions. I’m also starting to learn the drums but I struggle to find time to practice.

Oh yeah, I LOVE running. I try to run at least 3 times a week, there is nothing better to clear your head… or just maybe beeing on stage.

tourrj 008

DR: what else do you do you guys do for work,or is anybody studying?

None of us is studying anymore. Our drummer Regis is a French teacher, Batal is working in accounting stuff, Antoine M. is working in marketing, his brother Alexis M. is half time being a model half time chilling and I’m running STRAIGHT & ALERT full time. I also used to rent my van to touring bands and drive them across Europe (I did that for a year in 2013) but I quit. I had great times on the road but it was getting too hard to deal with the label / mail order work when I was away from home.

 Photo 040

DR: where have you enjoyed Traveling to with or without bands and where do you like spending time other than home?

During the last two years I’ve had the luck to see so many great places. I’ve traveled to Central America (El Salvador) in 2012 and had a great time there, I really wish to go back to Latin America. People are so welcoming there.

And as I said before i’ve been touring a lot last year through France / Belgium / Spain / Switzerland / The Netherlands / Poland / Czech Republic.

Warsaw and Krakow in Poland are beautiful cities. Berlin is a city I want to go back to and discover again.

But the best was definitely Spain. Not just because I was with my best friends (Raw Justice) but it was just so much fun, so many cool places and people, the beach… it was great !

Apart from being in other countries I really love to go to the seaside. I’ve spent my entire childhood living some kilometers away from the sea, so I like to go around the beach from time to time, no matter if it’s summer or winter. Another great way to clear your head and recharge your batteries.

DR: Who should we be listening to in the hardcore world?


[Self Promotion] First of all, you should check out all the STRAIGHT & ALERT bands, especially Dogchains and Clean Break, these bands are gonna blow I’m sure.[/Self Promotion]

To be more serious here is a short list of bands you should check out if it’s not done yet (but i’m sure most of you did already ) : Turnstile, Twitching Tongues, The Rival Mob, No Tolerance, World War 4, Boston Strangler, Caught In A Crowd, The Flex, Obstruct, Free Spirit, Nails, Not Afraid, Sex Prisonner, Short Days, Youth Avoiders, Black Mask … there is too many !


 DR: Top 5 in your opinion  haha 

Youth of Today,Judge,Chain of strength,Bold,Gorilla Biscuits?


You wrote it good in my opinion haha !

1 – Youth Of Today ( my favorite band ever with True Colors, they mean A LOT to me, not just about music but on a personal level too)

2 – Judge

3 – Chain Of Strength
4 – Bold ( or maybe I would switch with Chain…)

5 – Gorilla Biscuits ( I would put Side By Side or Turning Point instead ! )

LOGO goth


Thanks for taking the time out for a couple of questions bro, anything you want to add personally?

Thanks to you for offering me an opportunity to express myself and introduce Raw Justice and Straight & Alert records to all your readers.

As usual I will end  with the classic / cliché talk I always have when I’m interviewed, even if it sounds cheesy or too posi but :

Kids, do something to keep hardcore alive. Start a band, write a fanzine, put out records, book shows, support bands, do whatever you want / can to stay active.

We are lucky enough to be in a scene that isn’t ran by big companies / labels / whatever. It belongs to us/ you so make it they way you want it to be.

And start running !

Thanks !

Alexis / Straight & Alert

RAW JUSTICE anniv steph

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