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by Jean If you’re into Belgium metallic hardcore and H8000, then you must listen to “Worship. Regret”, SKIN CRAWLER’s first full-length release – CD and limited colored “Chaos AD” tape on Kick Out The Jams (very limited) . I received mine a week ago, the same day I received “No Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” limited tape re-issue on Rising Nemesis Records Vinyl & Tape. Perfect soundtrack of the evening; thrash/death metal good vibes melted with hardcore fury. No needs to ramble on that record – you’ll read great stuffs further. I guess if, like me, 2015 is the year you decided to make it up with the 90s metalcore style – because of records like XREPENTANCEX first LP (and pretty much every Carry The Weigth release), GUIDANCE LP, DIGRESS demo or that ARKANGEL re-release (just to name a few) – you must listen to SKIN CRAWLER. It’s not like this record was just a good tribute to some kind of old-fashioned trend now updated: I guess this record is actually brilliant cuz I listened to it like dozens of time in a row on bandcamp the day someone posted it on a Facebook forum, had a break during several weeks and the next time I listened to it again I could’nt help ordering the tape…

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