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HELLO 2016, BYE 2015 (part 1)

by Jean

Happy new year folks! Wish you all the best for 2016, especially tons of great new records, shows, new bands…whatever! So far this year has been pretty tough for me but, honestly, it has also been one of the most important years of my 28 years of existence on this planet. I’d like to thank all my friends and family for their support, all the DROIDxRAGE crew for being cooler than cool, and all the people I’ve met working on this website: Swedes – don’t forget /!\ FREE LINUS /!\, Gabriel, Leo, Joel, Emelie, Filil, Tor, Klas; UK – Paolo, Connor, Tom, MERCY, Ben, Jérémie, Sam, Rodney, Luke; Americans, Balaram Shakti Das (AKA Gjared), Lucas, Jean-Pierre, Connor; Canada: Karl; Brazil: Athos; Belgium: Jens; Bulgaria: Nikolay;  Australia: the Fitzsimmons twin brothers; Germany: Adrian; France: Alexis and Alexis(!) Elyas, Antoine… (sorry for those I forgot!)

Here is my 2015 top releases (photo credits (c)myself)

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double interview w/ Ben GUIDANCE and Nikolay UGLY & PROUD RECORDS

by Jean.

GUIDANCE first & only LP, posted on bandcamp last year, was one of my favorite 2014 releases. Unfortunately, the London based band broke up before putting out a material release of “Path Of Grace” LP. A few months ago, Nikolay who runs Sofia (Bulgaria) based record label made the right choice deciding to release the LP version of “Path Of Grace”, that’s why I got in touch with both Nikolay and Ben who played the bass (he also plays in DIGRESS and COURTYARD) to pay homage to that 90s vibe and great short-life band.


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Guidance – Path Of Grace


London based Straight Edge band Guidance put out a great 7” last year through Anger Battery Records entitled Age Of Vice. Drawing very obvious inspiration from the New Age Records bands of the early 90’s, it was equal parts Strife circa My Fire Burns On and A Light In The Dark era Outspoken. Age Of Vice really impressed me at the time with it’s solid songwriting and accomplished musicianship but most importantly because it had some fucking soul and I was excited to see how the band developed. Fast forward 18 months and Guidance have sadly packed it in despite recording what I consider to be the BEST 90’s influenced straight edge record of the past decade, Path Of Grace. Currently this record is unreleased, but is available to listen to for free HERE
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