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Here’s an interview with Sam, Austin, Texas THE REAL COST’s singer, a young lad which seems to be pretty enthusiast to answer to the following questions and that’s pretty much why I enjoy writing interviews: realizing bands love playing music and chatting with ease about their bands and lifestyles! THE REAL COST is a youth crew band with a fucking old-school vibe and that’s really cool!

By Jean


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2015 UKHC

by Jean


During the early 2000s, Belgium and Netherlands were kind like a Mecca for Euro hardcore. Bands like NO TURNING BACK or TRUE COLORS, just to name a few, were at their peak and, althought I guess that spirit still exists in all-time NTB audience considering their latest LP “Never Give Up” (released a few months ago on Take Control Records and Kick Out The Jams) and Gert Jacobs (TC) latest band NOT AFRAID, it seems in 2015, England has turned into the epicentre of European conscious punk music especially if, like your (French) servant, you’re into the whole current “concept” of UK Hardcore.
(NB: I’m not a geography teacher so forgive me if these bands do not actually cover the entire United Kingdom map like former punk bands in 1980s Finland for example).

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