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Mindset farewell tour @ Juz Mannheim 13/02/2016

By Tieuma

It’s weird how the only other live report I did was for a gone band. And this one is certainly outdated, but I wasn’t sure if I had to do it or not. But honestly, for all the good reasons I had not to do it, I only needed a better one to finally right it down.

There’s not many shows I kept clear memories of, as I’m going to a lot of them, but all of those I can remember as I just saw it are all Hardcore Punk shows. Among them you got HAVE HEART farewell tour, CATHARSIS reunion at Fluff Fest, BURN in London or JUSTICE & TRUE COLORS in Antwerp (and believe this one will remain as it was a pain in the ass to get there and to comeback.), and some more, but just so you can get how I got a kink for gone bands/farewell shows.

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