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BARGE – interview w/ Jean-Pierre

by xjtx

BARGE first 7″ on Vinyl Conflict Label is amazing (so is their demo). That band sums up everything I ever like concerning 1982/90 era of hardcore punk: the fury, the frustration, sharped lyrics (“Fuck you and your guilty pleasures that you never will admit You’re doing it all fucking wrong How can you just look at me and say you support this shit?”, “We as humans live for shit We can’t get enough of it Live for pain”, “You think that I don’t know the truth Don’t open your mouth, there is no use […] God fucks you…”)… BARGE sounds like a lovely INFEST/SSD crossover if you want my opinion, a band full of anger. It seems weird when you realize singer Jean-Pierre is actually a really nice human being!

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