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Crucial Records #10 : Turning Point – Its Always Darkest … Before The Dawn

By Tieuma


Another great record that carries a passed out name. Even though I never met nor knew Skip, but I got to say that TURNING POINT, GODSPEED and the other bands that he sung in are huge influences for me, and for this reason, I want to dedicate this issue to his memory.

 It was hard to pick something from their discography, their sound evolved a lot in a short period of time, and each record has something special. I even considered reviewing the discography released on Jade Tree to get through everything this band has brought to me, and obviously, as they helped shaping the 90’s hardcore sound.

But I’m still skeptical about that BULLDOZE review I did, and the point of those reviews are not to speak about how a band was crucial, but which of their records struck me the most, and in a sens of coherence, I finally picked up this LP. One of the first argument is that it was released on New Age Records, no need to extend myself on this point, but it’s already meaningful and one day, maybe you’ll see an article about New Age Records here or somewhere else. Continue reading

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