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Crucial Records #11 : Minutemen – What Makes a Man Start Fires ?

By Tieuma

A week ago, BURN landed in London for their first European show. Honestly, I was so thrilled about it, I listened to their records again and again for days, until the show, and I can’t even describe how amazing it was;  Thanks again to Adam Malik for organizing it, I think I saw my favorite show of 2015.

Despite my undeniable obsession with the nineties, I would have loved to witness how the band was welcomed by the kids at their time. Let’s face it, their sound is quite unique, and if afterward many people in New York took that groovy path, it’s nothing compared to BURN. As far as I’m when I first listened to them, I was quite puzzled.

If I’m talking about BURN right now, it’s because when I cameback home from London, after a discussion with my flatemate about how great HÜSKER DÜ and SST bands were, I ended up listening to my old MINUTEMEN records, and I got struck about how crazy it was, especially this “progressive” feeling in the sound, exactly what I found amazing in BURN’s sound. I’m not sure there’s any link between those bands, except for the sound, and I wouldn’t say the Los Angeles band influenced the New York one, but I can say for sure there’s similarities in their approach of music, trying to change the standards in the punk sound, adding new ideas in compositions and taking influence in everything around them.

First, I wanted to review Double Nickels On The Dime, their most recognized release so far, but then I listened to What Makes A Man Start Fires.

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