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Twisted Vision : Jimmy Wizard – Higher Power

By Tieuma

Since I got into hardcore, I always had a problem with the nineties era. From the Youth Crew revival, to the chug chug metalcore, groovy NYHC or emo, I can’t find something that I despise or find lame, neither the bad taste, the imagery, the sound nor the political awarness in the scene. As you may know, I really want to built a time travel machine, just to live this era a little bit. Maybe it’ll disgust me,  but you can’t be sure if you didn’t try.

For the last few years, it seems my need of this said machine is compromised by the wave of new bands playing this brand of hardcore, but an enhanced version. Like they stutied how amazing it was and decided to improve how good it was. And believe me, in most case it’s really well done.

Higher Power is one of those bands nailing the nineties sound, by mixing the best of LEEWAY and DISTRICT 9.  Just this once, they’re coming from the UK, where every of those killer bands are coming, and they share members just to show you how you don’t need many people to create an army of great bands.

Check out the review made by my co-autor NathanxBean on this site, then here’s a short interview with Jimmy Wizard about his new tricks.

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