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Anything can happen : Kaila Stone – Self Defense Family and many more.

By Tieuma


Amongst the most prolific bands of our times, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY is also the weirdest one. I don’t know how many names they went through, nor why they change that much. Made as a collective of many members, they’ve released tons of records and toured a bunch worldwide. Honestly, they’re quite a mystery.  And as much as I’d love to pierce through it, the work that it implies affraid me a bit. But one day, I’ll do it.

Anyway, the first time I saw them, it was at Fluff 3 years ago more or less. A great show indeed and I’m still impressed by their singer, who’s stage presence was crazy. Kaila was also playing bass in the band and I remember them covering a bunch of old school hardcore tunes on the free stage tent, where they played a unexpected show.

Last year, she played at Fluff again, but with GOODTIMES BOYS and was doing the merch for MEAN SEASON. It’s the first time that we spoke, and where this interview started kind of. Most of this was done through e-mail though, because at that time I wasn’t taking my voice recorder everywhere. She was on tour with Self Defense Family in the United State when she answered those questions. Continue reading

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