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Interview With Dan S – King Nine.



King Nine is a hardcore band from New York

I sent some questions over to Dan S to see what’s up

DR.Hey man

First off tells us who’s in the band and what they do?

I’m Dan I sing, Gian and Lumpy play guitar. Rutter hits the drums and Nick plays the bass

DR. How long has King Nine been around and how many releases do you have out now?

We have been a band for a little over two years now and we have a song on The Extermination comp on Flatspot records and our LP Scared to Death that just came out on Mass Movement Records.

DR. How would you describe King Nine’s sound (I know NYHC),  but like where do you draw influence from?

To be honest with you we really try to focus on writing original music but of course we have influences. Musically our influences go from Everybody Gets Hurt, Terror Ave, Cold As Life. We also get a lot of influences from death metal and hip hop. Pull a little from everywhere


DR. A lot of people are really syked on KN,  do you guys get a good crowd wherever you play mostly?

I mean it varies. If one kid is going off for us I’m satisfied. It’s cool to play shows when a lot of people go nuts but we just like playing together. Since the record came out every show have played has been crazy which we couldn’t be happier about.


 DR. As for touring  in 2014, what’s in the pipeline and where?

We all have full time jobs and can’t really tour but we do get to do a little week or weekend here and there. This year were doing Europe for ten days and hopefully getting out to the west coast at the end of the year. Other than that we don’t really have any plans

DR. Where’s your home from home to play shows?

I think you mean “your home away from home” and if that is what you mean. It’s definitely Richmond and Virginia Beach. They have been supporting this band since we started and have always gone crazy when we play there.

DR. What hardcore bands do you miss and would like to see again?

Everybody gets hurt

DR. What are your top 5 NYHC bands?

Crown of thornz





DR. What other music tastes run through the band?

We all love death metal. Behemoth is one of my favorite bands ever. Hip hop too

DR. What record label are you currently with?

Mass Movement Records!

DR. How does the writing go down in the band? A group effort or solo?

It’s a group effort. Everyone comes up with their own things and then we all get together and mesh the pieces with each other.

DR. Do you have any funny or weird tour stories?

We don’t really tour but I can tell you that Gian really does not like fire. Just keep it away from him

DR. Do you or any of the band members have side projects- different bands and stuff?

We all were in other bands in the past but king nine is the only band we do at the moment

 Thanks for your time dude.

Thanks for the interview. DPN

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