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Not Of This Earth : Mark McEwen – Fire And Ice


By Tieuma

I can’t count how many times I’ve said I’ll write down this interview I did with Mark next monday, since I recorded it four month ago. Not that I didn’t want to do it, but sometime when I take a look at my schedule, I just feel like I’m the most unorganized person ever. Which was also confirmed in this interview because, for an obscure reason, it’s in two parts and one of them parts is half recorded, so for the forty minutes we talked, I only got twenty five minutes.

At first I thought about not posting it, because it seemed useless to have only half of an interview, but after listen through it a couple of times, I realised it wasn’t that bad, since the part I lost was only about shirts and whatnot so maybe for one time we can squeeze through without talking about merchandising. Crap, after reading this I also feel predictable.

Last two things : thanks to Overreact for taking me with them, and a thought to Carl Edward Demola, because Fire And Ice owe The Icemen their name, rest in peace. And now let’s get to it.

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