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X LAIR X (Melbourne, Australia)

by Jean

Behind the masks, you’ll find in particular interesting twin brothers hailing from Melbourne, Australia, running Life Lair Regrets Records, collecting 90s hella records which share most of the time the same ideas about straight edge, animal and earth liberation. Each of them are singing in X LAIR X, the rest of the band is anonymous.


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More Than Ever : Interview of Michael from Life.Lair.Regret. Records

By Tieuma


Did you know there’s approximatively 16.400 kilometers between Strasbourg and Clayton ? And the most famous (and maybe “dangerous”) spiders in the world lives in Australia? And there’s a legend of a tooth-less vampire, called YARA-MA-YHA-WHO, who’s supposed to suck on your blood thourgh it’s hands and feets (Add correction if I made any mistakes here.) But the most amazing thing is those giant trucks crossing the country coasts to coasts in order to deliver suplies, called Road Trains. It’s a man made thing that is tearing up the wild nature, and it might be a huge source of pollution, no doubt, but I can’t help it, I’m amazed as a child about it. Shame on me.

Unfortunatly, I never visited the country. I know I’m young and it could change sooner or later but, but if there’s something I know for sure from there is their Hardcore punk bands. One of the early shows I attempted was a CARPATHIAN one, on their tour for the Isolation records. Last year, I was pretty stocked by the demo of THE UPPERGROUND, that still spin a lot to be honest. And I really enjoyed doing an interview with Dave from VIGILANTE.

And guest for today is also from Australia. Michael is one of the two genius behind Life.Lair.Regret (The other one being his twin brother Robert), the label that released some of my favorite records from this part of the world, xLAIRx, a direct tribute to nineties Edge Metal to mosh harder than hell and the prolific It’s Still Ok Not To Drink zine. We did this interview through e-mail (well, we used Messenger but whatever) and I got super interesting answers. Expect some heavy 90’s references, as you might have guessed it.

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