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COWARDS interview

by Jean

I guess I can use the band’s own description on FB to introduce it…


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BEAST AS GOD (itw w/ singer Jérémie)

by Jean (xjtx)

Jérémie left our hometown almost more than a decade ago for Nottingham, England. We start writting to each other on social networks a couple of years ago because we actually share a lot of mutual friends and we met during summer 2014 – he brought me ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS and DEAD IN THE WOODS records and BOSTON STRANGLER promo tape because he’d just seen them in England.

We also share common music tastes, from d-beat to metalcore through other stuffs like space rock. It seemed natural to me to show an interest in his own band BEAST AS GOD – which is a great crossover of various inspirations, from japanese hardcore (DEATH SIDE, JUDGEMENT, GISM…) to 90s metallic hardcore and crust punk (THE SWARM, MÖRSER, HIS HERO IS GONE, UNRÜH, CATHARSIS…). Once, Jérémie told me you definitly need to listen to bands who show a “metallic approach” only if they’re punx… Picture this, folks!

(NB: there is actually another excellent BEAST AS GOD interview on the Internet herehttp://destroyedhuman.blogspot.fr/2014/08/an-interview-with-beast-as-god.html, that’s why this interview will probably look more like a friendly chat than a “professional” interview!)

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Interview w/ Adrian – FOURTH CRUSADE (Gießen/Siegen,Germany)

by xjtx

Asking several questions to Adrian (singer for FOURTH CRUSADE) was something really interesting. First of all because of all the same bands we do like together and which in one way or another have inspired FOURTH CRUSADE’s spirit, that concept of negativity inherent to a whole section of hardcore culture, which slightly differs from the posi/straight edge global identity of the webzine we contribute to! Anyway, no needs to go into it, better read that interview…!

1/ Hey Adrian, thanks for sharing your time. FOURTH CRUSADE’s actually the latest band I’ve been listening to – I discovered the band yesterday on a UKHC dedicated Facebook private group. Someone posted your bandcamp profile on it and I directly noticed several details – KICKBACK, ARKANGEL and H8000 references for example… What can you tell me about these different mentions? Is FOURTH CRUSADE a dedicated band, a tribute to that 90s/early 00s metallic hardcore spirit?

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WAR NERVE INTERVIEW (Stockholm, Sweden)

by xjtx Seems usual to me to add some new Swedish band to DROIDxRAGE contents. WAR NERVE has a largely different sound than most Swedish recent bands I’ve already dealt with – you’ll discover their approach is actually oppened to more “extreme” musical means of expression than current Swedish Youth Crew. I’d like to thank guitar player Gabe for answering to my questions. Here’s another WAR NERVE interview http://www.nerepanoll.se/nyheter/intervju-war-nerve/ – hope you understand Swedish!

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