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INTERVIEW w/ Joel (MILES AHEAD, Norrköping SWE 90s Youth Crew)

by xjtx


Having a nice chat with a cool lad 10 years younger than me and already REALLY involved in local hardcore and stuff is just a great source of joy!


(yeah: “nice boys don’t play rock’n’roll” ( (c)ROSE TATTOO), THE PLAY HARDCORE PUNK)

Hi Joel, thanks a lot for according your time. Hope you’re doing good. Let start with you, can you introduce you: how old are you, where do you live and what do you for a living (maybe you’re actually a student if I’m right?)?

Hi, I’m glad we could do this interview. I’m 17 years old and live in a small town called Finspång. It’s located about 20 minutes west of Norrköping. I’m currently studying music production and sound engnineering at a school in Norrköping. Otherwise, I play guitar in Miles Ahead, put up shows with Norrköping Hardcore and collect records.

How did you get into hardcore?
What about the vegan/straight edge lifestyle?

I actually listened to d-beat punk and oi before I found hardcore. Discharge and Blitz were my favourite bands. I googled around and found bands like Youth of Today and Warzone. They were far more interesting than some punk band screaming about nuclear wars and stuff. When I was 15 I found Norrköping Hardcore and went to one of their shows. The first band started, I got kicked in the face and I was instantly hooked.

I became straight edge when i was 15, around the same time as I discovered hardcore. I drank some shitty alcohol like 2 times before i claimed edge. It’s now a major part of my life and I’m really happy that I made the choice of going edge. I went vegetarian 2 years ago and became vegan 5 months ago. Veganism is something that everyone should consider and that potentially could save human and animal lifes.

Now, can you introduce MILES AHEAD: when did you guys form and why? How many members are playing in the band? Can you introduce the other members? What are you approaching in your lyrics? What about the band name – just a coincidence with the upcoming biopic about Miles Davis or you guys are just crazy about soul music? (Personally, listening to Miles while driving with friends to the mountains in South-West France during holydays is like having a bath with Naomi Watts and Laura Haring…and discussing about french philosophers of course.)

We formed our first band that later became Miles Ahead about 2 years ago. We wanted to start a straight edge band but our drummer dropped edge and instead we changed our name to Miles Ahead and also decided to change what kind of hardcore we played. We started out as just a 4-piece but we were later joined by another guitarist. Emma sings, Jens plays bass, Kalle plays the drums and Kristoffer and I play the guitar. We are all more or less involved in Norrköping Hardcore

I don’t think we really have a lyrical theme planned out. Emma writes all the lyrics and she sometimes write about politics and sometimes about personal stuff. We try to move away from the cliché youth crew lyrics about getting “stabbed in the back” or whatever.

We got our name from the Uniform Choice song with the same name.

How’s the hardcore scene in Norrköping? It seems Youth Crew and 90s HxC have a strong impact on the kids there, tell me more about this place please…

The scene in Norrköping is OK. We have a few bands, but there aren’t that many people from Norrköping that attends our shows or listens to hardcore, but a lot of people travel to our shows. I wouldn’t say that a certain type of hardcore has had any special influence here. It’s just us that really like the 90’s.

How many shows/tours (per haps?) to your credits since the band started?

I can’t really tell how many shows we’ve played since we first started and we haven’t played a tour yet.

On your Facebook page, MILES AHEAD describes itself as a “90s youth crew”, taking bands like TURNING POINT, MOUTHPIECE, BOLD, OUTSPOKEN, EMBER, SHIELD, ELEVEN THIRTY-FOUR and AGAINST THE WALL as examples. It’s funny because when I asked you earlier this morning for an interview I was actually listening to your demo for the first time and I was like: Gosh, it’s like listening to these really emotional 90s band who inspired bands like HAVE HEART/VERSE such as BOLD but in a modern way, with cool musical skills. Are you guys nostalgic about that time?

We all really like bands from the 90’s and I myself would say that Turning Point is one of my favourite hardcore bands. When we first started Miles Ahead,no other band was playing that kind of hardcore in Sweden. We decided to go with it and stand out by playing that certain type of hardcore.

I can’t help thinking of TURNING POINT’s intro on “Behind This Wall” while listening to your demo’s outro featuring on your 2014 demo, with the acoustic guitar ending part of “Tomorrow”, is that an obvious reference to this band or just a “cathartic cliché” like acting as the Great Old Ones? (What a nerd question, I’m sorry)

We came up with the idea of having an acoustic outro when we were in the studio recording the demo. I knew how to play the open chords like Turning Point used to, and we thought that it worked well as an ending. It’s quite obvious that we got the idea from Turning Point, but I can’t say that it’s a direct reference.

Speaking of how the band sounds, I have to admit I have to salute the fact that MILES AHEAD is a female-fronted band: I think there is a lack of female representation in the hardcore scene where I live – I’m not dealing with feminist themes here, males can refer to it – but sometimes, I feel disapointed by the fact that people in the worldwide hardcore scene refers too much to bands like WALLS OF JERICHO or WOLFxDOWN (which I dislike, even if WxD’s singer have interesting views about animal liberation) speaking of female-fronted hardcore bands whereas we once had a band like GATHER who had demonstrated how a girl can show her guts… What’s your opinion about that?

The representation of females and LGBT*Q people are definitely too low. I never thought of Miles Ahead as being different in any way just because we have a female vocalist. It’s not really an issue that I feel that comfortable adressing in my second language haha.

Can you tell me more about this upcoming demo you told me this morning?
What’s the near future of MILES AHEAD?

We just finished recording our new demo which will be available on tape later on. I’m really proud of it and I hope that it shows a much more skilled and better Miles Ahead. I can’t really tell what’s to become of Miles Ahead in the future. We will announce something soon.

Thanks again for your time Joel, if you wanna add something, make us discover your friends bands or the latest record(s) you purchased it’s your turn!

Thanks again! You should all check out Ferocious, a relatively new band from Gävle. Great sound, great songs, great friends.

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