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Harder They Fall #3

Frontcoverhtf3 2

Much as I hate to use DroidxRage as a platform to whore my own wares, here comes another one! During my Summer break from University I have tried to stay creative and  put together a third issue of my zine Harder They Fall. HTF has been on hiatus since 2005. The first issue had interviews with Rise & Fall, My Luck and Down To Nothing whilst the second issue was a much slimmer volume and featured Abandon Ship. Ten years later I decided to resurrect HTF’s corpse and breathe some new life and a fresh perspective into the project. UKHC is more exciting and vibrant in 2015 than I can remember at any other time during my  involvement. There’s a wealth of brilliant bands and smart, creative people doing shows and zines and I wanted be involved and to get my hands dirty again after a few fallow years.

Harder They fall #3 is 40 pages of hardcore & Star Wars obsession and is available to order now and will start shipping August 1st. It features in depth interviews with Patrick Hassan of Digress/Repentance/CTW Records, Jeremy Smith of Modern Problems/Halfmast, Jase Fox of Rebel Legion UK, tattoo artist Adam Chandler, John Olley of Repentance and Ben Saker of Breaking Point. There’s also features on two of my favourite bands Integrity and Blood Runs Black and Celebration 2015. If any of that sounds remotely interesting  you can grab a copy from me HERE

Wholesale rate is available for five copies or more. Get in touch!

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The Modern Problems of Jeremy Smith….


Modern Problems are a relatively new Straight Edge Hardcore band out of Buffalo, New York with an obvious boner for No For An Answer/ Uniform Choice and boy do they NAIL that sound. 100 mph hard as fuck  hardcore punk  that still  manages to sound fresh and aggressive despite the bands obvious affection for a specific style & sound. Frontman Jeremy Smith’s melodic vocals lend the whole thing a sense of urgent optimism whilst still sounding hard as fuck, definitely a case of the iron fist concealed within a velvet glove. I recently started putting together a fanzine called Harder They Fall ( an extended version of this interview is also featured there) and I decided to hit Jeremy up to talk about Modern Problems, Buffalo Hardcore, Straight Edge, Star Wars and everything in between. Here’s what the man had to say…

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