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Unified Right

 By Edimage (6)


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Alec Faber- True Love,Freedom & One By One

By Ed


An Interview I did A few Weeks back with Alec From True Love,Freedom  and One By One enough said.



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Braden Sinclair – Corrective Measure.

By Ed


Corrective Measure ….Ive said it before and I will say it again are my kind of gear!

I have been speaking to Braden since he sent me over the CM EP which I love.

But I did want to Interview CM right after hearing the Demo anyhow..

 There are Lots of bands coming out right now that draw influences from my favourite bands ..YOT,TP,COS,Straight Ahead .. etc and Corrective Measure are one of them,so for me its a great time for Straight Edge Hardcore.


Thanks To Angela Owens for providing most of the photography.


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Zachary Wuerthner: Intent.

By Ed

INTENT Superman Logo

Sticking again with the recent ( Moshers Delight Records) spotlight .

I couldn’t carry on without interviewing Zack, who along with (Crucial John) and some other friends is behind MDR.

As well as that, he’s the front man in Intent who are pretty well established in the Hardcore community. 

image (9)

DR: How’s things bro? Give us a bit of Intent’s back story?

ZW: Hey Ed, things are going really well in my life right now. Intent was an idea formed by Gil and Alex in late summer 2011. They wanted to start a band that was completely influenced by the New Breed tape compilation. I had been good friends with those guys for some time at that point through Free Spirit and traveling to shows in the Boston area. We all bonded over our deep appreciation for NYHC and anything centered around that type of music so one day Gil hit me up asking if I wanted to sing and things just took off from there. I would travel back and forth to practice with them and after some months we got the first demo called “No Rules” recorded and self-released in fall 2012.


DR: Who’s in the permanent line up? Are any of you in any other bands?

ZW: The permanent lineup is me on vocals, Gil on guitar, Chad on bass, Alex on second guitar, and Kenny on drums. We all have other bands that we do, but Intent is certainly our most active project. Chad plays guitar in Zoom and sings in Red Death, both of which will have full-length LPs out in early 2015. Gil, Alex, and Kenny are in Big Contest, which will have a 12″ EP out on Moshers Delight Records this fall. Kenny sings in Step Forward and drums in Clear who are both playing this year’s Triple B fest. Kenny is also singing in a new band with Gil and Ned Russin called Independence, and they have a debut song coming out on the America’s Hardcore, Volume 3 compilation LP on Triple B records. I play guitar in a band called Mob Mentality, but we aren’t very active anymore.


DR: The new Demo is great.What was the writing and recording process like?

ZW: Thanks man, glad you dig it. Writing of the first demo was all handled by Gil, Alex, Gary, and Justin during practice sessions at the Pain Cave in fall 2011. I only heard the final product when it was time for me to lay down vocals. Being a first-time vocalist, it was certainly a struggle for me to get accustomed to holding a mic as opposed to a guitar. After a lot of practice in Boston and DC, I finally found my footing and was able to lay down vocals in summer 2012 in Baltimore, MD. We self-released the “No Rules” demo in October 2012.

The second demo was written entirely by Gil and Chad in a few practice sessions in February/March 2013. I was very involved in that process and was able to help structure some of those songs. The music was recorded with Ned Russin in June 2013 and I laid down vocals over a few sessions in August/September 2013. We put out the “All of Nothing” demo as the first release on Moshers Delight Records in October 2013.


DR: What’s your Favourite track from both demos?

ZW: “Set It Straight” from the No Rules demo and “All or Nothing” from the demo of the same name.

DR: What was your personal channel in Hardcore? What go you in to?

ZW: I got into punk and hardcore through skateboarding in the year 2000. I become an avid subscriber to skate magazines like Thrasher, Skateboarder, Transworld, Big Brother, etc and always loved reading through their music review columns. I also remember being so stoked on checking out new skate videos and taking notes on which songs I liked the most. I would wait until the credits to see who the band was and go out and buy whichever album featured that particular song.


DR: You have just been on tour right? How was that and who was killing it at Not just talk fest?

ZW: Our summer tour was nothing short of incredible. We were on the road for 3 weeks with our favorite band Demolition who are from Canada. I love touring with those guys because they’re all on the same wavelength as us about hardcore and life in general, and in my opinion they wrote the best 7″ of 2013. We just vibe really well together and its a very good time for everyone involved. We also met up with our other friends’ bands like Freedom for a few days and Unified Right for the last half of the tour. Playing with Fury out in California was the best time – those guys are always so much fun and extremely hospitable. Every show was awesome and constantly being surrounded by a group of people that you can truly call your friends made the tour that much better.

DR: What kind of things are Tour essentials for you?

ZW: Sharing a van with another band that we really love and playing shows with all our friends’ bands across America are very essential things for me and integral to a successful tour.

DR: Do you think you will get over to Europe with Intent?

ZW: That’s certainly a main goal of the band. We got invited to play Mongrel fest in March 2015 so right now we are trying to coordinate around that to see what we can do. We’d really like to do 2 weeks with our friends in Shrapnel – hit the UK and the main parts of Europe. I think it’s safe to say you can plan on seeing us over there sometime in 2015 though.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 3.23.23 PM

DR: What are the Top 3 influences for Intent?

ZW: I’m not sure that I can easily pinpoint it to 3 bands or ideas, but I think we would all agree that some of the main bands we draw influence from are Breakdown, Warzone, and Wide Awake. Really just late 80s NYHC in general.

DR: How far do you want to go with Intent.

ZW: I’d like to tour Europe, tour the USA a few more times, re-record both of our demos for a “Both Demos” LP on Triple B Records, and do a 12″ EP of all new songs on Lockin’ Out Records.

DR: Your a Vintage shirt collector right? How many do you have at present,what are your top 5 in your collection and also what’s 3 Grail pieces for you?

ZW: I have a few vintage hardcore shirts in my closet. I like all of my shirts so it’s hard to choose favorites sometimes, but I think these are consistently in my top 5:

-YOUTH OF TODAY 4-sided BDTW Wishingwell shirt

-JUDGE Schism longsleeve

-WARZONE Superbowl of Hardcore ’89 shirt

-BREAKDOWN Alien ringer shirt

-TURNING POINT Hi-Impact shirt

I’m really looking for any Youth of Today shirts I don’t already have, but the 3 holy grail pieces I’d love to own are:

-YOUTH OF TODAY BDTW 1987 Tour shirt

-CRO-MAGS DBNO ’89 Tour shirt

-Any BAD BRAINS 80s tour shirts

I love trading so consider this an open invitation to hit me up if you’re interested! (@zizzack on Instagram)

DR: Tell us a bit about Moshers Delight,how did it come about? Also what’s new on the label and what do we have to look forward in 2014 from the label?

ZW: Moshers Delight is an idea that was formed by me and Crucial John from GIVE along with a few other friends from Boston, Texas, and Canada. The idea was to do a one-page fanzine that featured some demo reviews of new bands we think are cool on one side and an interview with a current band we like on the other side. After about a year we decided to start releasing demo tapes for all the upcoming bands that we like so then the label side was born, and it really felt like the next logical step for us. I guess you could consider it a collective in a way since we are fortunate to have so many friends around the country that are willing to contribute demo reviews and art. Chris Wilson really helped us out with our vision of the zine by drawing up the logo for the zine and label, and we certainly appreciate that and everything else’s he done for MD.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 3.25.07 PM

Here are some releases you can look forward to in the last bit of 2014:

-FREE AT LAST “What’s Inside Four Walls” Cassette

-FREEDOM Promo Tape for their upcoming LP on Triple B Records

-MINDSET and POWER TRIP tapes as part of our live series featuring their set from TIHC 2014 on the A-side and an exclusive audio interview with the band on the B-side

-BIG CONTEST “Time Will Tell” 12″ EP


DR: Last up, What bands are good right now?

ZW: I’m really into Unified Right, Fury, Shrapnel, and Freedom – all 4 bands have a new vinyl releases coming out on Triple B Records later this year and early next year. I think Red Death and Zoom are awesome and they both have LPs coming out on Grave Mistake Records and Youngblood Records, respectively. Big Contest has a 12″ EP coming out later this year and Demolition will have one out sometime in 2015, both on Moshers Delight Records and are two of my current favorite bands.


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