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Unified Right

 By Edimage (6)


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Jeremy – Fury 2

Interview by Max Philpott Layout by Ed.


Thanks to Jeremy for the pics.


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Drum Sound An Interview With Daniel Fang.

By Ed


Thanks to my buddy Tats Toku for the pics from Turnstiles Japan tour.

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Alec Faber- True Love,Freedom & One By One

By Ed


An Interview I did A few Weeks back with Alec From True Love,Freedom  and One By One enough said.



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Braden Sinclair – Corrective Measure.

By Ed


Corrective Measure ….Ive said it before and I will say it again are my kind of gear!

I have been speaking to Braden since he sent me over the CM EP which I love.

But I did want to Interview CM right after hearing the Demo anyhow..

 There are Lots of bands coming out right now that draw influences from my favourite bands ..YOT,TP,COS,Straight Ahead .. etc and Corrective Measure are one of them,so for me its a great time for Straight Edge Hardcore.


Thanks To Angela Owens for providing most of the photography.


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Droid Rage #3 In The Rev Store Now!

By Ed



 We are happy to announce that Droid Rage Issue #3 is in the Rev Store to order right now.

A split effort this time round by me (Ed) and fellow DR Crew member Tieuma.

This issue is a Moshers Delight special edition with

Give,Freedom,Unified Right,Free At Last and Demolition.


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By Ed


I Had an email from ‘Crucial’ John Scharbach about four weeks ago about a new band on Mosher’s Delight called Might. They hadn’t recorded anything yet but I think he knew it would be my gear….and it is.

Interview Conducted with Mir (Vocals)



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Miracle Drug Demo 2015 & Corrective Measure Demo 2015.

By Ed





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An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 1.

By Ed


I don’t really think anybody that listens to modern Hardcore hasn’t heard of either Soul Search, Fury Or Forced Order, even Whats Good. So here’s an interview with a dude heavily involved in the Hardcore scene, who’s in two bands that are signed to Rev and with numerous tours under his belt in Europe and beyond…






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Jack Daut – Burst Of Rage

By Ed


DR: What’s up Jack, how’s things bro?

JD: Things could always be better.

DR: Tell us a bit about Burst Of Rage, where did you start and where did the idea for this band come from?

JD: We started off by Nick and I wanting to a do band that was energetic and fun. John S dubbed us our name, I still dislike it, but it could be much worse. We started in the summer of 2014.

tumblr_ntaw279BzB1t6xntmo1_1280 (1)

DR: What do you guys currently have out?

JD: Two demo tapes.


DR: Are you pleased with the Demo and feedback from it so far?

JD: I am very pleased, keeping in mind it’s a demo. The first one that we actually practiced for and wrote songs weeks ahead. For the first demo we essentially wrote those songs in the during the recording.


DR: One of your dudes does the Rad Youth Core fanzine right? Tell us a bit about that.

JD: Nick the bassist. It features cool stuff, if you like good interviews and interesting designs pick one up. Issue #2 coming soon, shirts out now.

unnamed (2)

DR: What were some of your early shows like and who did you play with?

JD: We played with Take Control,  Stick Together, Disengage. For a first show it was great. We played at Gallery X in New Bedford Massachusetts. We all had a pact to be the most energetic band, me and nick tried our hardest.


DR: You did a US Tour recently with Free At Last… How was that and where were some of your best shows?

JD: It was fucking sick! They have this new song called ‘Undying Lies’ or something like that. They’re really good dudes and potentially the best tour I will ever do. Nothing bad happened until Houston/Dallas. The best shows were Miami, Massachusetts, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago kicked ass too.


DR Do you have any funny or cool stores from that tour?

JD: We’re sworn to never tell.

DR: Are any of you in other bands?

JD: Yes, Chris is in a new band that he plays guitar in based out of NYC, and does the vocals for a band were doing together. Connor does Direct Impact, Mass Movement and maybe one other that I’m forgetting. Nick sings in Stand Off. Chandler plays guitar in Free At Last and sings in Headrush.

unnamed (1)

DR: Where would you most like to tour with Burst Of Rage?

JD: Hawaii and Japan

DR: What Hardcore bands influence you the most?

JD: Bands with front women or frontmen that are burning on the inside, too many to name but you ought to know what I mean


DR: Who is on your playlist right now, like current bands?

JD: I been listening to Sweet Jesus, Living Laser, Sheer Mag, Red Death, Pure Disgust, Deflect and Rick Ross

DR: What’s next for Burst Of Rage?

JD: Writing the 7″ is already in full effect, it’s gonna be out in physical form on Advanced Perspective. Then a 12″ EP which is set in stone. Hopefully the 7″ will be out before 2016.


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