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Give June 20, 2015 Downtown Arts Wilkes-Barre, PA

By Ed

Really Looking forward to seeing Give again next month.

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Connor Jones – Direct Impact

By Ed

DI Logo

Im really feeling the Direct Impact demo but then I’m a fan of most of the Moshers Delight stuff.

Dropped Conner a line to see what was up and get to know a bit more about DI.

Simple as that really … don’t sleep on this!


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Pave Your Way : Joshua Morris – Free At Last

By Tieuma


As a french dude, Springfield only rings out for me as the city of the Simpsons, even though every state may have a town named like this. Now, Springfield, Missouri is the homeland of Free At Last a band that put out an EP on Dog Years record in 2013 and a tape on Mosher’s Delight in 2014, which I dig a lot.

Putting this interview all together was kind of tricky, because we did it through Skype, missed each other a few times and finally, when it was like 4a.m for me and 10p.m for him, I suppose, we caught each other while we were up. I got to say, I still prefer this kind of interviews than e-mail exchanges, and I’m glad how this one went on.

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By Ed


If you haven’t checked out Zoom yet you are missing out on some rad shit!

I sent some questions over to Chad and this is what he had to say. 


DR: Hi ,do you want to introduce your band and tell us who’s in it, Where you’re from and when it all started?


-Yo im Chad i play guitar. Gene drums, Ritter sings and Dan plays bass. I’m from southern California where the demo and most the LP was written but it truly started when i moved to DC.

DR: The Zoom demo is rad is it souly a  MDR release?  you have a pretty unique sound in my opinion- do you want to tell us about the recording process and who you guys are influenced by as a band?

– Thanks man! We are actually NOT a MDR band but we are def affiliated. Zack distros the tape and John made the insert for me(thanks Johnny) plus they are both huge supporters of the band. The demo was releases on Trash King Productions and the LP will be a split release with Youngblood Records. Recording process was real simple for us. Gene tracked drums in my basement then me and Ritter did our parts at Joint Custody. We are influenced by whole grips of shit man. Anything from Death Side to Bach to The Damned to Cliff Burton to Void its all across the board man. People will understand once the LP drops.


DR: Where did the name Zoom come from?

– The name comes from an unreleased Clash song called “Kill Time”.

DR: Where were some of Zoom’s early shows and who with?

– First few shows were with TUI, Mindset, Stab, Mob Mentality Disengage and our gig buddies Barge among others. Not bad for a start.

DR: What was the main reason behind starting Zoom?


– I just wanted to do a band that perfectly represented myself and stood out from all the other cookie cutter bullcrap out there. No rip off shirts no down tuning no wannabe hard riffs no politricks no ass kissing. Just fast as fuck ripping punk that the kids can vibe on.

DR: Have you had the response you were expecting for the Demo so far?

– Response has def been cool! I never expected anyone to hear Zoom so its cool to know that people dig it. We obviously still prob havent been heard or people dont get it but thats why i like it.


DR: What are your goals with Zoom, and what do you want people to get from the band?

– My goal is to just do whatever the fuck i want musically and give people something to be stoked on and give them something no one else is delivering.

DR: What do you guys do, just hang out?

-Def. Dan and Ritter work together and hang at work eating cool snacks. Ritters got a baby he hangs with her. Gene does Give and he and Ritter own Joint Custody so they always hanging. Im always hanging no matter when i am man im permanent hangout.

DR: I ask every body this but who are you into personally in Hardcore right now?

– Ill just give you my top 5 fav bands right now: Give, Turnstile, The Flex, Fury, Power Trip and fuck it i cant not mention No Tolerance. Also i really vibe on this band from California called Blazing Eye check out their new promo tape it rocks. Also peep the whole NWODCHC all the DC bands they all rock and there is just too many to mention its a huge unstoppable army.

DR: thanks for your time.

anything else you’d like to add?

– Thank you for hittin me up man. To all the people out there: be kind and be yourselves. Zoom 8 song LP will be out in 2015 peace and love to everyone good or bad yall bad mamma jammas need some lovin also 🙂


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Interview with: Jeremy – Fury

By Ed

image (6)

Sticking with the modern theme of recent weeks i interviewed Jeremy (Vocals) from Cali band Fury.

Another banging MDR band.


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Shrapnel – UKHC

By Ed


I spoke to Tom (Drums) from Shrapnel earlier this week.

If you haven’t  heard them yet you need to check this shit out!

The UK scene is on fire at the moment there’s so many good bands out there right now so im pretty excited to be going back to the homeland permanently at the end of September.

DR: Hey man, so where are you guys from?

Tom: I’m from near Leeds, Cal from the Manchester area, Oldy from Sheffield, Jimmy from near London and Connor from Birmingham


DR: How did shrapnel  come about? And who’s in the band?

Tom: Cal originally suggested the idea of starting a nyhc style band to me at some point last year as he’d written a few tunes. I said I’d play drums and get Jimmy (abolition/violent reaction) on bass. Our other band Obstruct were on our way to Brighton to play CTW fest and Oldy said he wanted to do a band called Shrapnel. Then he became the singer and eventually Connor joined on second guitar pretty recently. It all fell into place pretty quickly and we had a demo written and recorded in 2 practices.

DR: What would you say shrapnel sound is?who would you liken it to?

Tom: I think it’s safe to say we wanted it to sound like the breakdown 87 demo but it ended up being a bit of a mash up of that with some outburst influence. The new stuff we’ve written is more raw deal/altercation- covering all bases ha. We all worship that kinda stuff in one way or another and felt like it came through pretty well on our demo. We’re recording a 7″ in a studio next time though.

 image (6)

DR: Who’s responsible for writing the Lyrics etc in shrapnel ?

Tom: Oldy writes all the lyrics.

DR: How’s it being on Moshers Delight? I think it’s a really interesting label plus I’m a big fan of Crucial John bands.

Tom: Our housemate/band mate/full time mate/part time lad Tom Pimlott sorted us out with Mosher’s Delight. He passed our email onto Zack who said he loved the demo and wanted to release it over in the US. We were really excited at the reception of the demo and are eternally grateful for everything MD have done for us. Really good fucking label run by good people. Me + Cal had a constant supply of Shrapnel tapes on the Violent Reaction/The Flex US tour and to my surprise they flew out the door- I could eat every day! Cheers boys.

DR: Where have you been playing out recently and what are your summer tour plans?

Tom: Mainly up North. We played London a few months back on the Boston Strangler shows which was a good laugh too. I think apart from that our only shows have been in Leeds and Sheffield. No plans for this summer but we have some pretty cool plans for December- keep your eyes peeled!

DR: Anywhere you would really like to play?

image (7)

Tom: Leeds every day, and probably all over the world

DR: How have some of your first sows been? And has the demo been well received in your eyes?

Tom: Yeah sick shows and even better reception of the demo. Never thought it would blow up like it has but wouldn’t have without the help of MD and New Instinct records over here in the UK.

DR: What are some of your favourite bands right now?

Tom: For me it would have to be DIE, Fury, Arm’s Race, and Oasis always. The insist demo is sick too.

DR: What do you guys do work wise?

Tom: I work night shifts at a supermarket, cal works in care, oldy in a call centre, Connor fixes showers and jimmy gives us sick tattoos.

DR: what cool shit do you get up to out side of the band?

Tom: We play in some other bands too which is sick and then just working and hanging out. I’m between Edinburgh and Leeds most of the time.

DR: Thanks bro- anything else you wanna say?

Tom: Mongrel takeover 2014. Cheers for the interview mate. XXX


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Nick Tape: Red Death

By Ed

image (16)

Red Death is a New band out of DC do not sleep on them!

I sent a few questions to Nick to see whats up.

DR:  Whats up Nick, where you at? What you been up to?

NC: Hey Ed! What’s up? I’m currently at my house in Northeast DC, where everyone in Red Death currently lives. I just got back from 6 months of touring a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to get re acclimated with normal life and find a new job, but instead I’ve been busy with punk shit!

DR: So how was Red Death born?

NC: Like I said, everyone in Red Death lives together in a huge group house. The idea was spawned by our mutual love for COC, Discharge, The Accused, and The Cro Mags. We started jamming in the dining room and then we later took it down to the basement. From there we practiced alot, recorded the demo, and played our first show back in April.

DR: The Demo is killer, are you guys happy with it? How/s it been received?

image (12)

NC: Thanks! Yeah, we’re happy with it. There are always things that you wish you could change after the fact and wish that you played a little differently, but overall I’m really pumped on how it all happened and came out. I think people have dug it, which is really cool. We didn’t expect anything.

DR: Didn’t you play with Chain recently? That’s pretty fucking rad. How was that?

NC: That show was cool! We had an even better time hanging out with Chris, the drummer of Chain, who stayed at our house for three days before the gig. He’s a wild guy with insane stories. What a bad ass. Show was cool though, yeah.

 image (14)

DR: How have some of your other shows been? Who have you been playing with?

NC: Our other shows have been rad. We’re trying to make it a point as a band to play a good cross-section of gigs… punk, hardcore, metal, everything. Our first show was with INFEST so we’re a little spoiled, hah. I’m really excited to play with REPLICA from California in three days. That’ll be cool.

 image (18)

DR: What sound is Red Death going for? What inspirations run though the band?

NC: I would sum it up with COC, ACCUSED, CRO MAGS, DISCHARGE. There are som other influences, but those are the big four for us.

DR: You’re in Coke Bust and Sectarian violence too, right? What other bands do you play in? What do you do for work outside of the bands?

NC: I play drums in a new band from DC called “Sem Hastro.” I play bass in a band called Correction and a band from Uppsala, Sweden called “Smartsam Utlosning.” Right now I’m between jobs but I’ve worked as a freelance writer in the past.

 image (13)

DR: How far do you think you will go with Red Death as in tours, records etc?

NC: Red Death will do an LP early next year. It’s actually already mostly written and ready to go. Once we do that we are going to step our touring game up, we’ll hit the west coast, and then we’ll go to Europe.

DR: Is Red Death a Straight Edge band?

NC: No. Half the members of Red Death are straight edge: me and Connor (drums).

DR: What are your top 3 personal favourite HC records?

NC: Bad Brains – Rock For Light, Minor Threat – S/t, Accused – Revenge of Martha Splatterhead

 image (15)

DR: You wrote to me in Swedish in one email, how come you know Svensk? you also mentioned that you love Sweden, what do you like about it and where does this stem from?

NC: I am in the process of learning Swedish. I love the culture, the music, the people and the language. Staffan from Sectarian Violence/Correction was the first Swede I ever really met and he was super cool. We later went on to form the band (SXV) together. This led to me hanging out in Sweden, meeting other Swedes, etc. Eventually I got around to traveling within the country a bit. I’ve just always had a blast up there.

DR: Will Red Death be coming to Sweden and Europe any time soon?

NC: Yes! Catch us there in the summer of 2015!

NC: Thanks for the interview!

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Red Death: Demo 2014

By Ed



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