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The Eddie Leeway Show

By Mike


For those with a love of NYHC, the name Leeway is one you already know. Love em or hate em for their unique blend of hardcore, metal, thrash and more, there is no denying that they were one of the NY bands who broke down barriers and appealed to fans of so many different genres. Their front man Eddie was a madman. Flying into the crowd, climbing the rafters and going 100 MPH at all times. I was lucky enough to see them a few times back in the 80’s and it was always a wild show.

Eddie is back with a new project, The Eddie Leeway Show, and we were lucky enough to sit down with him to discuss it, Leeway’s history, his other band Truth and Rights, as well as Eddie’s life then and now. This is a long one so get comfortable and listen to Eddie’s tale. 

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Me, Myself & NYHC


by xjtx

I felt into hardcore punk fifteen years ago reading Chris Coppola’s columns in french skateboard magazine, SuGaR. At that time I had no Internet connexion, no big brother (and I still… I guess…), no older friends… Skateboarding was the only thing that was a crossroad between many “counter-cultures” such as punk rock, hip-hop, graffiti. To me it was also more political than just a “toy” for white rich kids. I remember staring at Henry Rollins’s pictures, mic in his mouth, wearing just underwears and Vans. This freaked me out! That was at that time I discovered bands like BLACK FLAG (that’s why I’m now “barred for life” even if I didn’t appeared in the book though), MINOR THREAT (probably the reason why I’m straight edge) and the BAD BRAINS (that explains my negroplasty).


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Another french skateboard magazine, called Tricks, was more into hip-hop and neo-metal. But it was while reading the first issue I had in my hands that I discovered bands who were already on the decline, such as BIOHAZARD and MADBALL, from NYC. The pictures of Evan Seinfeld’s huge spider tattoo, Freddy Cricien’s Yankees baseball cap or Hoya socks and sandals stoked me. I was like “Wuuuuut?! So-called gangsters and Hispanics playing punk, NO-WAY!!” Yes, as a matter of facts, that’s pretty much how my fascination for New York Hardcore scene did start!


Funny that while I’m writing these lines, Bazillion Points are doing a great job to assure Tony Rettman’s latest release promotion, the “NYHC 1980-1990” anthology book (pre-orders on 2014, Dec.3) – you can be sure that I’ll order this holy shit! I’m a bit bored with the 1995 NYHC documentary wich is IMHO a huge farce: Lord Ezec saying he doesn’t listen to hardcore (No?! You must be kidding!) but the Cramberries on sundays, No Redeeming Social Values making complete WTF stuffs (really funny anyway), Crown Of Thornz attendance’s mess and…well…Mr Healy! No, the NYHC scene definitly deserves a better tribute! The period covered by this book can much reveal the sensationnal “movement” it was.


Dealing with this, of course that there are some great traces of the NYHC scene. Bri Hurley’s “Making a scene” is such an amazing photobook and even actress Brooke Smith (Silence of the lambs, Grey’s Anatomy…) has some tales to tell about chilling on Lower East Side sidewalks, or in front of the CBGB. All-Mighty Internet is of course an intense source of pleasure if you want my opinion.




These different TV scenes really sum up what I just LOVE about NYHC, or more or less what fascinates me: these actors of the scene stand as “proud americans”. You have to understand that, as a young french lad, I do not really get the american patriotism. It’s a fact: when I stare at  french patriotism, I just think that’s crap. In my opinion, it is just about hiding a certain kind of hatred, probably not racism or fascism though, behind a sense of “pride” I just don’t get. But these young fellows are (originally) punks (even if Raybeez and Todd Youth do not consider themselves as “punks” but “skinheads” because of the druggy and artsy aspects of post 1977 punk rock era – and I personally do not blame them for that!) and they mostly got republican ideas! So I’m asking: how is it fucking possible that Amy and Roger had been married?? I’m also a bit dazed and confused that most fans of New York Hardcore subculture do not give a shit about NAUSEA or BORN AGAINST!


And what about MADBALL kicking some neo-nazi asses and these well known pictures of young Freddy Cricien sporting a SKREWDRIVER tee-shirt?

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It’s like watching some recent footage of a ONE LIFE CREW video interview a friend of mine posted on my Facebook profile a few months ago, or different song titles Al Quint (from Maximum Rock’N’Roll) and I used to make fun of on my Facebook profile: Antidote’s “Foreign job lot”, S.O.D.’s “Speak english or die”, AGNOSTIC FRONT’s “Public Assistance” just to name a few. I just LOVE the lyrics of that last song cuz it’s so freaking conservative whereas Al (who knew Roger Miret in 1986 when “Cause for alarm” was released) told me that Roger was living on welfare lines himself!


Mark my words: it don’t write this to start a fire on the Internet: if you wanna deal with how american hardcore scene glorifizes all forms of violence we also can talk about Boston hardcore or Hermosa Beach’s scene! That’s not the point here, it’s just really fantastic: finally NYHC was the best way to denounce different types of western society’s weakness: big business in subversive forms of arts, violence, machism, sexism, religion… Just look at how the Krishna devotee thing was a complete joke concerning the CRO-MAGS bio – even if I’m a complete fan of C-M entire discography – Parris Mayhew (guitars from 1982 to 1991 and 1999 to 2001) is making fun of John “Smoothie” Joseph (though I follow his Iron Man skills) and Harley Flanagan attacked the band after receiving a massive “No, you can’t join us on stage tonight.” before a CRO-MAGS show at Webster Hall in NYC on 2012, July 6th! That’s tabloids! That’s amazing!


Yeah, I’m totally aware that after reading that, some of you will wonder why I’m a complete weirdo for being fascinated by something which seems, according to the manner I’m dealing with it, to be totally childish. Be assured that every subdivision of hardcore and punk culture or subculture, once in a while, receives the satire of my sociological studies background! The leather & spikes of my crust punk friends know what I’m talking about! That’s why I’d like to conclude this topic about NYHC with a picture of my own NYHC collection. I’m still looking for LEEWAY’s “Born to expire”, AGNOSTIC FRONT’s “Cause for alarm” and “Liberty and justice”, some BOLD and JUDGE EPs, KRAUT’s “An adjustment to society”, MADBALL’s “Ball of destruction” EP and “Set it off, WARZONE’s “Don’t forget the struggle, don’t the streets”…the list goes on…


PS: If you are into NYHC, you must check the Blogged and Quartered blogspot!



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Interview With Dan S – King Nine.



King Nine is a hardcore band from New York

I sent some questions over to Dan S to see what’s up

DR.Hey man

First off tells us who’s in the band and what they do?

I’m Dan I sing, Gian and Lumpy play guitar. Rutter hits the drums and Nick plays the bass

DR. How long has King Nine been around and how many releases do you have out now?

We have been a band for a little over two years now and we have a song on The Extermination comp on Flatspot records and our LP Scared to Death that just came out on Mass Movement Records.

DR. How would you describe King Nine’s sound (I know NYHC),  but like where do you draw influence from?

To be honest with you we really try to focus on writing original music but of course we have influences. Musically our influences go from Everybody Gets Hurt, Terror Ave, Cold As Life. We also get a lot of influences from death metal and hip hop. Pull a little from everywhere


DR. A lot of people are really syked on KN,  do you guys get a good crowd wherever you play mostly?

I mean it varies. If one kid is going off for us I’m satisfied. It’s cool to play shows when a lot of people go nuts but we just like playing together. Since the record came out every show have played has been crazy which we couldn’t be happier about.


 DR. As for touring  in 2014, what’s in the pipeline and where?

We all have full time jobs and can’t really tour but we do get to do a little week or weekend here and there. This year were doing Europe for ten days and hopefully getting out to the west coast at the end of the year. Other than that we don’t really have any plans

DR. Where’s your home from home to play shows?

I think you mean “your home away from home” and if that is what you mean. It’s definitely Richmond and Virginia Beach. They have been supporting this band since we started and have always gone crazy when we play there.

DR. What hardcore bands do you miss and would like to see again?

Everybody gets hurt

DR. What are your top 5 NYHC bands?

Crown of thornz





DR. What other music tastes run through the band?

We all love death metal. Behemoth is one of my favorite bands ever. Hip hop too

DR. What record label are you currently with?

Mass Movement Records!

DR. How does the writing go down in the band? A group effort or solo?

It’s a group effort. Everyone comes up with their own things and then we all get together and mesh the pieces with each other.

DR. Do you have any funny or weird tour stories?

We don’t really tour but I can tell you that Gian really does not like fire. Just keep it away from him

DR. Do you or any of the band members have side projects- different bands and stuff?

We all were in other bands in the past but king nine is the only band we do at the moment

 Thanks for your time dude.

Thanks for the interview. DPN

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