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Nerds Records,Shibuya,Tokyo

by Ed


So I just took a trip to Tokyo and while I was there I took a trip to Nerds Records.

It’s an awesome store right in the heart of Shibuya. I’d go as far as saying they pretty much have anything you want there in regards to punk and hardcore. While I was there a delivery came with records from Iron To Gold ,Iron Curtain and some other Euro bangers.


My dude Hiro from Deacon was working and was real cool and mad helpful.

Heres a little back ground on the store by Hiro.

Nerds opened April, 2014 by RETRIBUTION NETWORK / ICE GRILL$.
Owner is me(God168) and Mizuki.
Im distribting hardcore music and mizuki is spreading pop punk music at here. We share both music at nerds and spread each other.
I would say that anyone looking for some real music while in Tokyo should check out Nerds!

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Otus: Spring/Summer Tour Dates – Japan

By: Ed


Otus are playing some shows May,June,July if your in Japan go check them! 

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Otus: Tokyo -Negative Hardcore!

By: Ed



Otus is another one of those gnarly Tokyo HC bands I find myself being drawn to.

So Takashi was good enough to send me over a ton of pics and some history.

words by: Takashi @XTakashiX


Otus formed in the summer of 2012 with Takashi from Inside(Tokyo Straight Edge) as the leader, along with members from For A Reason, Fake Count and Will You Remember.


Their music shows influences from bands like Cursed, Disembodied, Tragedy and 90’s hardcore in general, in a updated modern and heavy way, and has been praised by many listeners.


 Soon after their formation, Otus put out a demo cassette tape “Demo 2013” limited to 100 copies, which sold out instantly.


They have also been playing shows mainly in Tokyo enthusiastically, and have shared stages with many overseas bands such as Terror, Blacklisted, Nails, Twitching Tongues, Xibalba, Soul Search, Suburban Scum, World Of Pain and Culture.


They are very close with the Tokyo hardcore scene as well, and often plays shows with Loyal To The Grave, Numb, Blindside, Deacon and such. Also, part of designs for their demo tape and merchandise has been done by YOYO-T(Soul Vice, Bowlhead Inc).


In February of 2014, Otus released a 3 way split tape “Caucasus” with Tragic Film and Young Lizard, both also from Tokyo, and will go on a Japan tour for the release.

Release of an EP and following tours are planned ahead.


Bandcamp: http://otushc.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otushc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtusHC

Contact: otushc@gmail.com












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