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in-depth With Espen Follestad For Pete’s Sake.

By Ed



FPS Are back with a new record North Atlantic on React Records with as much energy, heart and power as ever after the untimley passing of singer and Hardcore legend Peter Amdam. Being a friend of the band and having met the guys in Oslo not long after peter’s passing I couldn’t imagine id ever be writing about a new record. But its here and its incredible, what follows is a watts app conversation me and Espen had over a couple of weeks on and off when we had time away from work,  Almost totally unedited.

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Rest In Power – Peter J Amdam.

By Ed


Not going to post a bunch of stuff its all been said already.

But I wanted to say that Peter Amdam and his bands have been a great inspiration for me and I’m sure we would all agree in the Hardcore scene in general.

Looks like we will have to save our planned hang out in the next life dude take it easy on your journey bro.


Here is a link to Words Carved Into My Head a Zine by Peter.


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The Power To Change – The Peter J. Amdam Interview Part two – Sportswear & For Pete’s Sake.

By Ed


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