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Crucial Records #9 : Unity – Blood Days

By Tieuma

As far as I remember, the topic of unity always been a huge matter in the hardcore community. How many songs been written on that matter ? And even though, no one seems to have the same vision about it. Personnaly, I won’t extend myself on that item, but I got to say, I quiet agree with the way the band we’ll talk about today think this through.

In fact, with a name like that, they had to think about it at least a little bit.  Being known as the first band being put out by Wishingwell records and a spearheader of the Orange County Hardcore sound, it’s also, at least for me, one of the bands that helped to shape the Youth Crew sound, alongside UNIFORM CHOICE.

You might disagree, but I’m not sure YOUTH OF TODAY, or even the whole 88′ NYHC wave for that matter, would have sounded the same without the You Are One EP. Indeed, they were a shortliving band, and I’m not sure how many show they played, but they weren’t the most active of that area. Still, for me, it’s hard not to recognize how influential they were.

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