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Zoo Party : Peet – Primitive Life

By Tieuma

New bands are an exciting thing for me. Everytime there’s a new bunch of people playing hardcore, I’m always super thrilled. It might not appeal to me nor be the my kind of stuff (which is rare but it happens), I’m glad that there’s still someone caring and trying to keep the flame burning. And as naive as it sounds, for me it’s important. Hardcore is something made by you and me, made of the little things we all bring together, and each effort is worth acknowledgment. And I can be disappointed by all the sourness around me, I don’t clearly understand it and it ruins what this kind of music and “sub-culture” means to me. But in anyways, I encourage anyone to start a band, even though it sounds like shit because you can’t play your instrument, do it, at least you tried, and if you have some skills, well it can only help it.

What cheers me the most these days, is how many great European bands form here and there. No jingoism of any sort here, but let’s face it, it cost some big money to have bands from overseas coming in our lands, so when they hail from somewhere near, it’s a little bit easier to catch them, right ? Anyway, our guest for today is a bunch of Straight Edge kids from Berlin who freshly formed a new killer band, PRIMITIVE LIFE.

I authorized myself some redundant and classic questions here, but I think it’s legit since they are a new band and well, you don’t know anything about them, neither do I, so let’s get to it will you ? I did this interview with Peet, the guitarist, through e-mail.

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Crucial Records #7 : Articles Of Faith – In This Life

By Tieuma

Here we go again. New month, new crucial records. As always, I didn’t know what to do for this new issue. There’s a lot of records I want to review, and the more I review, the more bands there are. Maybe I could organise myself and try to do a schedule. But hey, it would be too easy !

Maybe you saw it on your facebook feed, but REFUSED put out a new song. And honestly I won’t extend myself on that issue because I don’t want this to turn out into a hateful post about the Swedish band. But if I’m telling you this, it’s because I had to chose between ARTICLES OF FAITH and REFUSED to review. Yes it is, because I still think Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent is a great piece of a records. But it’ll wait, I might be too hateful and sour for now and it is totally not the point of those reviews.

You may ask yourself why I tortured myself to decide between those bands, which are damn far from each others in a lot of aspect frankly. Well, because I wanted to review a “politicised” band, as THE PROLETARIAT were for example (That being said, they both appear on the P.E.A.C.E compilation), and those came up in my mind instantaneously. And specifically ARTICLES OF FAITH because we can all agree Vic Bondi was a genius guitarist, but he also could wrote some in depth lyrics and sometime I found myself reading them without the music and still find it awesome.

Even if the discography of the band isn’t that huge, it wasn’t hard for me to choose the records to review. I basically love this records, but it’s also a cornerstone for everyone into bands like SWEET JESUS or GIVE.

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Pave Your Way : Joshua Morris – Free At Last

By Tieuma


As a french dude, Springfield only rings out for me as the city of the Simpsons, even though every state may have a town named like this. Now, Springfield, Missouri is the homeland of Free At Last a band that put out an EP on Dog Years record in 2013 and a tape on Mosher’s Delight in 2014, which I dig a lot.

Putting this interview all together was kind of tricky, because we did it through Skype, missed each other a few times and finally, when it was like 4a.m for me and 10p.m for him, I suppose, we caught each other while we were up. I got to say, I still prefer this kind of interviews than e-mail exchanges, and I’m glad how this one went on.

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Door Bolted Shut : In memory of Sarah Kirsch (1970 – December 5, 2012)

By Tieuma

One of my favorite era of hardcore are the nineties for sure, and maybe I’m saying this all over again but be prepared to read this, a lot, because I’ll write it down again. Aside from the fact there was the most variety of sounds, it was also the most prolific era both politicaly and ideologically, leading to a lot of things, sometime a bit weird but some others really great. And you’ll know I prefer my jam with deeper thoughts.

If I’m telling you this, it’s because two years ago, the hardcore community lost Bay Area’s Sarah Kirsch (formerly known as Mike Kirsch) and this individual sure belonged to the second category. She wrote and played most of my favorite songs in hardcore punk and was active until the end in a scene she sure loved, carrying positive and constructive ideas through her music.

She played in numerous bands, mostly Ebullition style jam or early Lookout! punk rock oriented, all great bands. I won’t review them all, I’ll just pick a few of my favorites one, but be sure to check out the list of all her bands I’ll put at the end of this article it’s totally worth it, even if you’re not into this kind of sound, we’re talking history right here.

Fuel – Monuments To Excess LP (1990) | Cargo Recs & Ebullition Recs

This right here is actually one of my favorite LP she was involved in. Out in 1990 on Cargo Records and repressed by Ebullition records, I do think it’s a milestone for nineties emo, with heartfelt guitar playing and rough vocals on enligtened lyrics. Some people say it sounds a lot like early Hot Water Music, personnally I can’t make this kind of connection, important emo release nonetheless.

Sawhorse – S/T EP (1991) | Ebullition Recs

I think this band is the direct evolution of Fuel, both sound and lyrics. Also released on Ebullition records, they had a short lifetime, do not mistake with the 2008 band, there no link between those two. Sarah played guitar and sung, I assume she also wrote the lyrics by the look of it, but i’m not certain. There’s also the two Give Me Back comp. track on the youtube video. Which is propably their whole discography.

Navio Forge – As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into LP (1993) | Shadow Catcher Recs.

A very short lived band, only one release, and what a very intense one. Sarah only played guitar in this band, messier riffs than the previous bands but still piercing right through the heart. This time, Sean Linwood was on the lyrics duty and it’s really deep, there’s even a legend as he was crying during the recording of Yellow And Fed, I don’t hear it but it’s possibly true.

Torches To Rome – S/T LP (1999) | Ebullition Recs

 More noisy punk rock oriented, as if Sarah grew a love for weird riffs and arangements through the years. Powerfull stuff , the more I listen to it the better it gets. This time I think she wrote everything, even the lyrics, which are in the same direction than her previous band : passionate and involved  So called best Kirsch band, almost true though, 8 of the greatest songs out at the time.

John Henry West – S/T EP (1994) | Gravity Recs.

Last but not least, Gravity Records n°8, the harsher band of the genre, and released on this precise label, you know what it means. What a great piece of work, the best band she played in period, way over Torches To Rome. This is actually some intense product, with a more aggressive sound and more straight to the point lyrics. Well it’s not a youth crew records but it’s a little more hardhitting. For me, this EP is insane and shows how much Sarah can go for melodic punk rock to more violent and aggressive sound.

(Love that Verbal Assault shirt.)

 As said above, she played in a handful of other bands, be sure to check it out at least one time.

The Skinflutes (guitar and backing vocals, 1988–89)
Fifteen (second guitar on s/t 7”, 1990)
Silver Bearing (vocals on split LP with Moss Icon, 1990)
Pinhead Gunpowder (guitar and vocals, 1990–1994)
Sixteen Bullets (guitar and vocals, 1994)
Bread and Circuits (guitar and vocals, 1998–1999)
Please Inform the Captain This Is a Hijack (guitar/vocals/samples/beats, 2000–2003)
Colbom (guitar and backing vocals, 2001)
Baader Brains (guitar and backing vocals, 2005–2010)
Mothercountry Motherfuckers (guitar and vocals, 2010–2012)

I’ll throw there my favorite live footage of her bands, but there’s plenty on Youtube if you’re curious.

(Baader Brains and Mothercountry Motherfucker were weird bands, but I’d really wanted to witness them live once, because it looks awesome from this footage. Sorry for the shitty sound quality.)

This is more or less the musical story of an individual that inspires me through hardcore. Among ohers of course, but she got a huge impact both musically and ideologically. She also wrote down some articles for Maximum Rock’n’Roll back then, if you can find them it’s worth reading it.

R.I.P Sarah Kirsch.

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Straight Outta Pittsburgh – No Time

By Tieuma

No Time cover art


Around the end of October, when I was back on my hometown for holidays and medical whatnot, I had the pleaure to retrun to this venue I used to see my first hardcore shows. What’s good in this city is that there’s always plenty of shows, becaue the people out there, the kids because their dedicated to the “core” even if for me they are old chap, work their asses off to maintain a somehow decent amount shows, some better than others, but still shows.

So that night there was a really weirdly mixed gig with Hounds Of Hate playing with Sworn Enemy, plus this local metalcore band, Stride Against Lies and a totally unknown band to me that suprised me a lot, No Time, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. A blend of melodic Oï and late 80’s hardcore/early Agnostic Front, angry as they can.

Huge shout out to my man Raphaël though, being there and everything.

No Time band

Formed out of the ashes of Heartless, a Powerviolence outfit, and some other bands, the pack went on their first tour with their pals of Hounds Of Hate, which are basically their best friends or roomates for some of them. I have to say, I rarely do face to face interview but it was just great to talk with those people.

We werre sitting at this bar, the waitress told us to move quite a few times because we didn’t order anything, just after the Hounds Of Hate set.

“Flynn [Hounds Of Hate] : I see it’s a No Time thing ! Braddock rules, fuck Pittsbrugh [Everyone’s laughing]

Garret [Guitar] : I’m a auto-mechanic, and I’m working in Dave’s [Hounds Of Hate’s bassist] garage, he is loaning it to me, I have my own customer and all but it’s his place aha”

Adam [Sings] : Tour so far been great, you know, touring with your friends, leaving everything behind for weeks to play shows.

Tom [Drum] : And for a first tour, we get along pretty well. Usually it’s some sort of a test and we’re doing great.

Nick : I’m sure everyone knows my little twist now, but it thightens relationship, so it’s really cool.”

Some of the members, Rick [Bass] for examples, had to quit their job to do this tour, but just enjoyed the fact of being on the other side of the ocean. Like being broke doesn’t frighten them.

“Tom : You have to be ready to eat bread for some times to do such things.

Adam : we basically work for that, it’s a privilege to be able to quit everything and go on tour and many people are not ready to do so, to lose their own security and comfort. My familly think I’m nuts.

DroidxRage : You look nuts on stage though.

Adam : I’ll take that as a compliment.”

If you witnessed it, you know what I’m talking about. He is a short dude but looks so aggressive and crazy when he sings, like a trance, and this give a quite good contrast with the band sound, which bugged me at first. It’s an interesting mix between melodic Oï and a harsh punishing voice. For me it sounds really uncommon and fresh.

“Adam : The idea been kicked around for a long time, when our previous band was still active, to do a Oï band and whatever. Our other band was slowing down a bit so we discussed about that seriously. One day we tried it, with some riffs here and there, and it sounded really shitty at first, I thought no one would continue with thi project but with time and practices it got better and became fun we just kept on doing it.

Garret : I’m definitly inspired by Propaghandi but I’m playing more heavy metal melodies or solos in this band, but I can’t deny I’m inspired a lot by this band.

Nick [Plays guitar in the band too] : My favorite band of all time is the Misfit, definitely. Danzig out of Misfit though.”

So for the first time in my entire life, for now at least, I asked myself on purpose what kind of bands does guys listened to or loved the most to come up with this kind of music and I was pretty surprise that [guitarist and bassist] told me Propaghandi and Majority Rules respectively, even though I pay more repsect for the late one. It dosen’t affect their sound for nothing, but it’s still amazing, considering their totally different influences how they came to do something like this. Oh and you have to take a look at his bass guitar, it’s so scary. (It’s the guy on the left.)

A I didn’t knew the band a couple hours before seeing them, I just read the lyrics when I got the 7″ on my hands, and it’s pretty cool, a lot of word tricks, of rhymes, it’s well written and it deals with society the way I like it. It’s a bit gloomy though, but it goes just right with the sound of the band, again a good contrast. They also have this shirt with “Hate a man in uniform” written down on it, which i just great.

“Adam : It’s hard for me to explain this, I rewrite a song like fifteen times before coming with the finish product. I try to write down something anybody can relate too, it’s not over political, I just want people to relate to.

Rick : It got a stance.

Adam : Party politic is shit, politic shape the world around me but not the game they’re playing. I just want to live a descent life outside of it, I consider myself more anarchist than anything else. We’re not into right wing shit and all.

Rick : We don’t want to be associated with racist and homophobic bands and people in general.

Tom : It’s definitly a big fuck you to society in general and we don’t to be part of their shit.”

Considering that, and the fact they covered two Agnostic Front songs from Victim In Pain and me thinking about my first issue of Crucial Records being Don’t Forget The Struggle Don’t Forget The Streets, I had to ak what they think about it. It’ pretty dumb down considering the answer is obvious, but isn’t there a contradiction between not being into “right wing shit” and the Lower East Side crew ? Sometime I think

“Adam : In the context, they were fucking street kids, it’s not a excuse, but punk was a relatively new thing, with people like Cid Vicious wearing swatikas and shit, what kind of exemples this bands had ? They were people living on the streets, they were young, with no or not a lot of education and of course along the way there will be a lot of fuck ups.

Nick : There’s a difference between band of this time and Screwdriver for exemple, and I think if nowadays a band would do that, they would be blamed, but those band shaped hardcore punk, mostly the positive sides of it.

Rick : We’re not excusing that, but it’s not the same time, not the same context. Now we have exemples of what we shouldn’t do, and why, and in general it’s not what we remember of those bands.

Tom : Black Flag or The Descendents did weird shit too, but it’s a trial and error thing, and then you learn.”

During the conversation, skateboarding popped out, and how it connected them to hardcore punk :

“Adam : It’s how I got into hardcore punk, through Skate and BMX videos. I first listened to Minor Threat and I wa like “it’s awesome !”. I injured myself a lot on BMX, I had several concusions, one time I pissed blood. I hurt my head really bad couples of time.

Nick : I also discovered hardcore punk through skateboarding.

Adam : This guy can skate like a motherfucker !

Tom : I started skateboarding at the end of sixth grade, my sister who’s older than me was really into pop punk and we had a venue in our city, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, a shitty venue but I was there all the time, I was twelve you know. I had skateboarder friends too, which we shared bands with.”

At this point, there was another waitress telling us to move, so we decided to cut it there. Anyway, thank you guys for the interview, for your time and patience. If you never listened to them, just check this link out, it’s really worth it, and try to catch them live, it was a blast for me. Also, I didn’t find many pictures of them through the internet, so I gathered what I could here and there.

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