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Corey Williams – Piece By Piece

By Ed


Band name

This an Interview from Droid X Rage issue 1  with Corey Williams of Piece By Piece.

Piece By Piece

All Photography by Dan Rawe

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Backtrack: Ricky Singh Interview!

By: Ed


Backtrack are without a doubt one of my favorite bands right now.

They are also constantly touring at the moment but I sent a few questions over to Ricky (guitar) and he hooked me up.

DR: Hey how’s it going,

First off How long have BT been around for now and where did it all start?

RS: Backtrack has been a band for 6 Years now.  We started in early 2008 with 2 groups of friends coming together to form a Hardcore band.  Backtrack is from Long Island, NY.


 DR: Do you still have the OG Line up?

RS: Over the years we’ve had some line-up changes but the core of the band (John, James, and myself) are still intact.


DR: You have a New Record Out (Lost in Life), Which is a banger by the way, do you think you did anything Different here style wise or anything compared to your past releases?


RS: Thanks for the compliment.  I think all in all Lost In Life is very much so a NYHC LP which is what we will always be.  I think we did open our minds a bit since Darker Half and it can be shown in the Songwriting and Production of the record.  Since our last LP, we’ve all learned about songwriting and what we like/don’t like in our songs.  Also we knew what we were in for a bit more coming into writing a Sophmore LP.


DR: How is it being on Bridge Nine They are a pretty big label now?

RS: Bridge Nine is cool.  They have a great staff who is helpful when it’s needed and have been pushing out record well.  I’ve been seeing the record in places I haven’t seen our stuff before which is great.


 DR: what have you guys been up to tour wise and with who?

RS: We just got off a US Tour with Comeback Kid, Xibalba, Downpresser, and To The Wind a week ago.  The shows were awesome and i’m stoked we could be a part of that line-up.  In about a week we leave for a European Tour where we’re supporting Stick To Your Guns on a few shows and then doing a couple Headlining shows with Redemption Denied, an awesome band from Europe.


 DR: what Hardcore bands and or other types of music/Bands influence BT?

RS: Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Outburst, Breakdown, Kill Your Idols…the list goes on, we like a lot of stuff.  We all listen to different types of music from Rap to Pop to whatever…

11942030284_40ce7586ca_c (1)

 DR: you guys were in AUS recently right? how does playing shows differ from the states?

RS: We were in Australia a few months ago and it was great.  The turnouts were better then expected and the weather was beautiful.  Playing Australia is kind of similar to playing the states to be honest.  Just a similar vibe at the shows pretty much from what i’ve noticed.


DR:  Do you think you will be coming to Europe in 2014?

RS: Yeah we’ll be there in a week and then again in the summer of 2014.


DR.: What bands are you really enjoying at present?

RS: There’s a new band out of California called MIZERY that is really good…very talented musicians playing a style of hardcore that I like a lot.  Also Cross Me from Milwaukee is sick and i’m putting out there new 7″ in a few months.  Check them out!!!!


DR:  You’re down on paper as one of the most important Bands in modern Hardcore. What do you think about that?

RS: That’s a pretty bold statement that I don’t know if I agree with but thank you for the kind words.  If a person were to think that i’d be very flattered and stoked that we were able to write music that they would feel that way about.


DR:  How do you think the Hardcore scene is changing since you got into it?

RS: Since i’ve got into the Hardcore scene I think there’s a lot of extra unnecessary drama at shows sometimes that doesn’t need to be there.  People coming into shows with something to prove or a chip on their shoulder.  Just have a good time and leave your ego at the door or get out ya dork.

DR:  As Far as NYC Goes whats the best Era to go to shows there?

I was actually lucky enough to see 2 of my favourite  Hardcore bands at

CBGB before it closed its doors.

RS: I think this question is easily answered by just saying any era that you go to shows should be your favorite.  Some of my favorite bands broke up years ago but i’m not going to go worship the past and spend all my money trying to re-live it off ebay.  I would’ve loved to see The Bad Brains play The Ritz in 1986 but the truth is I was still in my fathers testicles for another 2 years.


 DR:  Are Any of you Fight Fans? Boxing MMA or something else,

And who do you like at the moment?

RS: I used to like watching boxing a lot when I was younger but I haven’t watched anything in a while.  I’ll turn on ESPN Classic and watch an old fight from time to time which is cool.  Old Mike Tyson and De La Hoya fights are awesome…those were my two favorites growing up.

 DR: who do you like better: Chain Or Judge?

RS: Judge, absolutely.


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Born Annoying: Brett James


Brett James sings in a Band Called Born annoying. 
They are a Hardcore band from the Jersey Shore and they are one of the best bands in Hardcore right now. Brett is also one of the nicest dude’s in Hardcore.
hi copy
DR : So how things? How’s the winter treating you?

winter stinks, i mean its kinda cool, like doing spin outs in the snow with your car or throwing snowballs and things,  skiing and wearing cool jackets.  but I’m over it. bring me some sun burn

DR: Tell us a bit about BA. How and when did you start out?

we started out like 3 years ago, as friends we hang out a bunch and decided to transform our friendships energy into musical sound and it came out sounding like a garbage truck driven down a mountain

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.18.32 PM

DR: How many records do you have out?

 just one 7″ on reaper. got a demo tape and cd too for fun

DR:  Reaper Seems like a cool Label are they looking after you?

they are the best.  shit runs so smooth and sexy, they take care of us boys

DR:  What Bands have you played with recently and where do you play a lot?

we play a bunch around the jersey shore, our area, we will play any show with any band,  we just like rocking places.  we are lucky to have played with bands like bouncing souls, cro mags, sick of it all, the adolescents  we toured break away form richmond va, awesome guys


DR:  What kind of style do you go for? Who would you liken yourself to?

shore style, its something of an unknown nature that is felt , its like if you put an alien into the micro wave for 15 minutes but instead of getting all worked its just even more outrageous to the point that its not then going to space but bring all of outer space to your front door so you step out but really your walking into a vortex of intergalactic magic, your pants are on fire and your girlfriend is pregnant with our next record.  that’s our style

DR:  Are you a fan of any Euro Hardcore bands right now?

we played with violent reaction and they ripped

DR:  What’s your favourite year/era in Hardcore

man, i can’t say for sure, but def before the internet took it over

DR:  What bands local to your area are good right now?

blind justice, they rip,

 some young ass hood rats doing something called Krust.   its dirt as fuck. like it

DR:  How and when did you really get into Hardcore?

i was a youngster little annoying kid goofing off with skateboards around 98, and my buddys older sisters boyfriend thought we were funny, gave us minor threat and judge tapes and we would play them and fuck up his parents living room, eventually started bumming rides to local punk gigs around the shore and getting really into new bands,  seeing live music that you can slam dance with smelly weird kids was so cool to me,   actually being involved, then we started buying records, tapes and jamming them.  older kids around the shore would hook us up, because thats how it goes around here.

DR:  Who would you like to go on tour with?

 anybody.  we like to play. would play your cousins high school grad party.

DR:  Are you a fan of Punk or Hip Hop or both?

i like both, i like music that makes you think differently, question things, rebel music, challenge authority and make a difference


DR:  You’re a Contractor  day to day right? How is that?

its cool sometimes,  sometimes I’m over it, i don’t know what i want to be when i bro up yet.

DR:  Is there much to do where you live in your spare time?

hell yeah. fishing for food, seeing bands, fucking about with mates out side of shitty clubs and curing at normal looking dorky people, playing sports, play cards, experiment with sex, feel the ocean, making fires and buying whatever you want. get tattooed by cool ass dudes, curse off red neck hill billlys, throw stuff off the bridge , jump in a bush, touch women’s legs, break bottles behind wawa, eat crunchy snacks at night on the floor during a movie with fiends, dance , ride a skateboard through the alleys, piss on the grass while going middle finger to the sky hahahah

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