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The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine -Collection, Part #2 Interview One – Champion



Interview with Champion from issue #3 of Start Today by Jeff Lasich.

 first met the guys in Champion during their summer 2002 tour.  Aram and I bonded instantly, almost like long lost brothers.  We would always have the best talks about life, hardcore, and everything in between.  Over the years, I would get excited when I knew they were going on tour and the east coast was in their plans.  Their first shows in Philly were at a frat house and the Funrama basement, and as they got more popular and played larger venues, they stayed the same guys.  Unfortunately the last few times they were supposed to play, they didn’t get a chance because of outside reasons.  I got a phone call in early January saying that Champion was breaking up and asking if I wanted to do the final interview.  I know they were in Start Today #3, but I screwed up the master tape and less than half the interview survived.  This is my chance to fix it.  The questions were answered by all 5 members of the final line-up of Champion.  I like getting five different perspectives on the same topic.  Champion is over, but their legacy will live on for years to come.

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