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Burn – Gavin Van Vlack

By Ed



We all Like Burn here at Droid Rage HQ so I thought it would be cool to check in with Gavin and see whats up.

As you know Burn have a new record out so we had a chat about this and that.


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We all live in this caste system……..


About a week before they were going to announce this year’s lineup for Black N Blue Bowl, I started to hear a rumor that of all the possible reunions this year, it was actually Burn who was going to be reforming. Hoping it was true but expecting the ever infamous rumor mill that is the interweb to once again play tricks on me, I was floored when BNB announced that it was indeed going to be happening. Then the disappointment of living 2200 miles away set in and the realization that I wouldn’t be there to witness one of the best bands of its era reunite. So I did what any zine dude would do…I hit up Gavin and hoped he would take time out of his busy day to day life and talk about this milestone in NYHC. Lucky for me he did, and now I have this to share with you. For those of you lucky enough to be going this year all I can say is, take some pics I can use in the next issue! For the rest of you I give you the results of that interview. Photos by Todd Pollock (Thanks for saving the day)

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