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by Jean

(part 2 of my personal 2015 top releases)

Here’s part 2 of my 2015 top releases.
I decided to articulate the remaing parts of this classification in no specific order, but three different rankings including:
1): hardcore/punk/metal (the one you’re about to read)
2): 90s indie/post-punk/garage,
3): the outsiders (I will publish these columns in several weeks I guess. First because I think the entire subject would be too “massive” otherwise, and also because I have a pretty busy schedule these days!)

Although it’s early 2016 and I’m sure you’ve already dug into 90% of these releases I wanted to share these words with you, especially these lines dealing with non-hardcore releases because some of the bands/artists involved in this column agreed to tell me their thoughts about their production and their connexions with hardcore punk. I’d like to thank them for their contribution to this column. Thanks to all the other bands mentionned here for the great work they did.

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by Jean If you’re into Belgium metallic hardcore and H8000, then you must listen to “Worship. Regret”, SKIN CRAWLER’s first full-length release – CD and limited colored “Chaos AD” tape on Kick Out The Jams (very limited) . I received mine a week ago, the same day I received “No Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” limited tape re-issue on Rising Nemesis Records Vinyl & Tape. Perfect soundtrack of the evening; thrash/death metal good vibes melted with hardcore fury. No needs to ramble on that record – you’ll read great stuffs further. I guess if, like me, 2015 is the year you decided to make it up with the 90s metalcore style – because of records like XREPENTANCEX first LP (and pretty much every Carry The Weigth release), GUIDANCE LP, DIGRESS demo or that ARKANGEL re-release (just to name a few) – you must listen to SKIN CRAWLER. It’s not like this record was just a good tribute to some kind of old-fashioned trend now updated: I guess this record is actually brilliant cuz I listened to it like dozens of time in a row on bandcamp the day someone posted it on a Facebook forum, had a break during several weeks and the next time I listened to it again I could’nt help ordering the tape…

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