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Zoo Party : Peet – Primitive Life

By Tieuma

New bands are an exciting thing for me. Everytime there’s a new bunch of people playing hardcore, I’m always super thrilled. It might not appeal to me nor be the my kind of stuff (which is rare but it happens), I’m glad that there’s still someone caring and trying to keep the flame burning. And as naive as it sounds, for me it’s important. Hardcore is something made by you and me, made of the little things we all bring together, and each effort is worth acknowledgment. And I can be disappointed by all the sourness around me, I don’t clearly understand it and it ruins what this kind of music and “sub-culture” means to me. But in anyways, I encourage anyone to start a band, even though it sounds like shit because you can’t play your instrument, do it, at least you tried, and if you have some skills, well it can only help it.

What cheers me the most these days, is how many great European bands form here and there. No jingoism of any sort here, but let’s face it, it cost some big money to have bands from overseas coming in our lands, so when they hail from somewhere near, it’s a little bit easier to catch them, right ? Anyway, our guest for today is a bunch of Straight Edge kids from Berlin who freshly formed a new killer band, PRIMITIVE LIFE.

I authorized myself some redundant and classic questions here, but I think it’s legit since they are a new band and well, you don’t know anything about them, neither do I, so let’s get to it will you ? I did this interview with Peet, the guitarist, through e-mail.

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