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The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine – Collection, Part #5 Interview – 5- Mark Porter.

By Ed


Photography By Traci McMahon And Jeff Lasich.

Interview by Jeff Lasich.

I first heard the Floorpunch demo in early 1996.  Hearing it was a like a breath of fresh air.  This was the first really good straight edge hardcore band I had heard since the youth crew had grown up.  Obviously this was before the internet made punk and hardcore easy.  That being said, I knew nothing about this band except the demo was incredible.  Not coming as a surprise, Floorpunch never played Pittsburgh.  I remember wanting to see them twice in Buffalo and once at the Yuletide fest, but no one would go with me.  Lame.  They were supposed to play in Auburn, NY sometime during the summer of 1998 (I think that was the year.)  I remember pulling up to the venue to find some dude with long, greasy hair and a Nirvana shirt tell me “show’s cancelled, dude.”  That was the closest I got to seeing the mighty Floorpunch during their original existence.  In October, 2007, the guys played a show as a benefit for a friend.  I of course made the pilgrimage out to Philly to see one of those bands who were always on my list of bands to see.  The show was a blur and well worth the drive and the wait.  Summer 2009 brought a couple more shows.  I talked to Porter in July 2009 about doing an interview for Start Today #7.  He was totally down to do it.  We emailed a couple times about the interview, but nothing really came out of it.  They played their final, final, final mosh in Philly on June 26, 2010 as part of the Six Feet Under Records showcase to support the double 12” discography that was recently released.  After that show, I was ready to move forward with doing a new zine.  I dropped Porter another email in August and a few days later, I had some answers.  Without more delay, Floorpunch!

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Start Today Fanzine – The Scans Vol #1

By Ed


Obviously with doing a huge piece on Start Today Fanzine I have a lot of pictures and snippets etc.

I was originally going to do another bit on Jeff himself and use all the other pictures and media.

But he’s not been able to do the questions as he has a lot going on now.

So I’m going to do a few posts containing photos and other media by Jeff from Start Today.








Have Heart


One Up1





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The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine – Collection, Part #3 Interview Three – Davey Havok – AFI.

By Ed


I’d say I’ve been a fan of AFI since 1998.

I only got to see them once, as i found myself losing interest pretty rapidly in the early 2000’s.

There was just too much other music that I was getting syked on.

But in the past 3 or 4 years I’ve kind of got this new love for early AFI,

and I remember this interview well (ST Issue #2). I loved how it was just randomly mixed in there.

So I knew I wanted to post this one up- I’ve actually been looking forward to it.

It is not the full interview though, i think there are a couple of questions missing.

Interview and most images courtesy of  Jeff Lasich.

AFI, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em.  I think they’re pretty

stinkin’ good.  I caught up with Davey at the Warped

Tour, after dealing with the idiots that run everything there

and this is what went down.

ST: How are you guys doing?
Davey: Great. This tour’s been wonderful. The responses that we’ve

 gotten from the crowds, considering we have to play in the middle

of the day, in the sun, is great. We get to hang out with all our friends;

do stuff like sing with H2O, watch good bands all day. We have so

many close friends on this tour with us; it’s like summer camp.


ST: What do you do all day? Are you able to go out and do “normal” things, like go to the movies?
Davey: No, by no means. This is like a micro cosmos. It’s a traveling little world. We associate with ourselves and no one else. There are like 5 days off on the whole tour. On those days off, where we’ve been forced to go into the world, it’s kinda like a culture shock. Rich and I have been talking about how it’s going to stress us out to go home and have to go back into some sort of world where we have to associate with people who aren’t on this tour. It’s kinda stressful.

ST: When this tour is over, what is the first thing you’re going to do when you get back?
Davey: The very first thing, I’m probably going to walk down the street and get a tapioca pearl drink. You probably don’t know what those are. They’re these, I think they’re Thai. They’re these fruit drinks with these little chewy, gummy beads in them.


ST: You like Thai?
Davey: I love Thai. My favorite is a dish called Pat Pe King Ja at the place that I eat that is a tofu and red spicy curry, string beans, and coconut milk. I really like lemon grass coconut milk soup.

ST: On a normal kinda tour, not the Warped Tour, do you see a big difference between east coast kids and west coast kids, the way they act at shows.
Davey: Not really. Our fans across the country are all very, very energetic. They all sing along. They take part of the show experience for the most part. A slight difference that can be seen is the circle pit is more prevalent over there (west coast) and kickboxing is more prevalent over here. There is more head walking and stage diving over here. There are some of both on both coasts. Both are rad, I don’t have a problem with any of that. It’s all great. Any form of physical expression during our shows that doesn’t hurt anybody else, is fine with me.


ST: I ask that because Fields of Fire and In Control just played here, and it seems that west coast kids are totally different. It seems that there are a lot of cliques here and Cali bands just seem to have the punk rock aspect, late 80’s kinda thing, no segregation.
Davey: Everything is that way. There is segregation within the scene, and little sub-sects and cliques everywhere. I don’t really see it too much because with a band like us, most of the shows I go to are ones we’re playing and we’re a band that doesn’t fit anywhere, so kids have to ignore whatever clique they associate with to come to our shows because we have no clique. We’re not anything. We’re not punk. We’re not hardcore. We’re not death rock, not a metal band. We’re none of those things, and we’re all those things.
ST: That seems like it would be hard to do. Not to mold yourself after any one band or genre.
Davey: It’s a risk. You risk people not coming to see you because they can’t pin point exactly what you’re doing. We’re very lucky in that people have appreciated us for what we are, not what they expected us to be, or what they think we should be.


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The Definitive – Start Today Fanzine -Collection, Part #2 Interview One – Champion



Interview with Champion from issue #3 of Start Today by Jeff Lasich.

 first met the guys in Champion during their summer 2002 tour.  Aram and I bonded instantly, almost like long lost brothers.  We would always have the best talks about life, hardcore, and everything in between.  Over the years, I would get excited when I knew they were going on tour and the east coast was in their plans.  Their first shows in Philly were at a frat house and the Funrama basement, and as they got more popular and played larger venues, they stayed the same guys.  Unfortunately the last few times they were supposed to play, they didn’t get a chance because of outside reasons.  I got a phone call in early January saying that Champion was breaking up and asking if I wanted to do the final interview.  I know they were in Start Today #3, but I screwed up the master tape and less than half the interview survived.  This is my chance to fix it.  The questions were answered by all 5 members of the final line-up of Champion.  I like getting five different perspectives on the same topic.  Champion is over, but their legacy will live on for years to come.

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